Monday, 18 July 2011

Could YOU unlock Futures?

I wouldn't dream of making any comment about this at all.......

Whose future could you unlock?

Doctors/UK wide

(including Brighton, Canterbury, Chatham, Portsmouth, Southampton and Truro)

Mon-Fri, 37 hours or part-time.

Up to £60k pa depending on experience and location.

Disability assessment is changing. As part of the UK’s leading disability assessment team, you could make the difference that gives someone on incapacity benefit a brighter future.
At Atos Healthcare, we’re seeking full-time, part-time and sessional doctors to carry out independent medical assessment services on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions.
Using your strong clinical and people skills, you’ll carry out medical assessments that help the DWP make informed decisions about disability benefit claims. It’s a vitally important role that aims to change lives for the better.
You’ll need full GMC registration*, a valid ‘Licence to Practise’ and, ideally, at least 3 years’ post-registration general medical experience.
In return, you’ll receive excellent training plus highly competitive benefits. What’s more, you can work regular hours without the inconvenience of shifts, nights or compulsory weekends.

To find out how you could make a real difference, visit

Find out more at Call us on 020 7830 4660 or

Open Day: Birmingham 14th July – 3:00pm-8:00pm

Please call or email the recruitment team to register your interest in attending the event.
Atos Healthcare does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, sex, age, disability or sexual orientation. All recruitment decisions are made on the basis of qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience and relevant business requirements. Successful candidates will undergo a Criminal Record Bureau check and a Security Clearance check. *We cannot accept applications from individuals with conditions, restrictions and/or undertakings imposed by the GMC. However, this requirement will not apply if related to health or disability. Candidates with a minimum of 2 years general medical experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Another way to work


  1. It doesn't mention being dragged up in front of an ethics committee at some point if it appears you have neglected your duty to an patient by enabling them to be forced into work they cannot do by virtue of their sickness or disability. Perhaps it should.

  2. I am thinking of writing a letter to the assessor who made a real difference to my life when he declared me fit for work, the nervous breakdown that followed because I wasn't helped me deal with deeper layers of not feeling good enough about myself and as I didn't end up committing suicide like I seriously considered and fought it and won I am stronger...he put my recovery back quite a long way. I feel more uncomfortable thinking of being in the same room as the man who assessed me than the man who raped me years ago....must be a great feeling to make such a difference in people's thanks Ian whatever your last name is for pushing me to the brink of despair, I won't let another abuser break me luck would have it you didn't break me either.

  3. Dear Sir /Madam

    I would like to apply for the position of HCP i have had no previous experience regarding patients but i am totally commited to earning lots of money.

  4. Makes no mention of computerised checklist-ticking skills . . .

    It's clear they're not taking this seriously - three years experience is a joke - they're still learning, and simply will not have encountered most of the conditions they'll be called upon to assess.

    Hell, my GP is in his 40s, and he mostly hasn't got a clue about my assorted conditions, so how some oik with the ink still wet on his sheepskin, and who's never seen me before in his life, is going to be expected to figure it out is beyond me.

    Not that the DWP or Atos care, of course - Cameron just wants 640,000 people taking out of DLA/PIP, and cares not at all how it's done.

    The only consolation is that I'm unlikely to be here to see it.

  5. This so called scheme is just another scam. Your either fit for work as outlined by your own doctor or your not and anything in between must be a scam theres no if's or buts about it because if the government don't trust a doctors opinion then that doctor should be sacked pure and simple

    All these other types of people with fancy names atos do not have the experience of your doctor and never could have and to think otherwise is just plain daft

    Peace Artist Lainey so sorry to hear of your plight but i do know how you feel an absolutely dreadful experience if ever their was one

  6. Excellent blog, some really great thought-provoking stuff.

    There, now I've been suitably crawly, can I respectfully ask if I can spam my own health-related blog here?

  7. Whats the brighter future? And the very best you get to keep your incapacity that your on now... and we know only 7% of people qualify. I think I read for the precious few its like £5 week more hardly a brighter future with all prices hikes its bearly standing still.

    And we all know the brighter future is only till your next re assement which will come as soon as you draw breath

  8. If you would like to watch how an assessor is expected to act, please take a look at this -

  9. " Disability assessment is changing. As part of the UK’s leading disability assessment team, you could make the difference that gives someone on incapacity benefit a brighter future."

    The change of the criteria assessments for sick and disabled that already perceive the benefits is abusive according to the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg because violates the article 1 of Protocol No. 1of the European Convention on Human Rights .

    Publication: 2004-IX
    Title: Kjartan √Āsmundsson v. Iceland
    Application No: 60669/00
    Respondent: Iceland

    " It was significant that the applicant lost his pension on 1 July 1997, not in relation to a change in his personal circumstances but following changes in the law altering the criteria for disability assessment. Although he was still considered 25% incapacitated to perform work in general, he was deprived of the entirety of his disability pension entitlements.
    Against that background, the Court found that the applicant was made to bear an excessive and disproportionate burden which could not be justified by the legitimate community interests relied on by the authorities. It would have been otherwise had the applicant been obliged to endure a reasonable and commensurate reduction rather than the total deprivation of his entitlements. Accordingly the Court held, unanimously, that there had there had been a violation of Article 1 of Protocol No. 1. "

  10. In the same way is abusive also the change of any requirement, condition or the introduction of new restrictions, etc. for sick and disabled that already perceive any kind of benefits.
    Consequently this category,above mentioned, of sick and disabled people can not be transferred from the system of the Incapacity Benefits to the ESA system and from the system of DLA to the system of the personal independence payment (PIP).
    The government that takes care only for the interests of Atos, banks and wants to create a competitive labor market in the interest of big companies is kindly requested to consult an EXPERT lawyer or the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

    United Kingdom Equality and Human Rights Commission
    Address 3 More London Riverside
    Tooley Street

    London SE1 2RG
    United Kingdom
    Phone +44 (0) 203117 0235
    Fax +44 (0) 203117 0237

  11. We need to come up with more creative ways at hitting back at ATOS and marking the card of medics who do their dirty work.

    ATOS also provides IT infrastructure and services to the Welsh Assembly and it seems to me a company so associated with fraud , generating human misery and pushing people towards suicide should be more openly challenged in Wales where the disabled and unemployed have been all too often down the years the victims of ruthless bullying schemes orchestrated by the various political parties up in London.

    Lets Drive ATOS out of Wales.

  12. I have no qualification as a doctor, but i feel i could do this role and do it well. How you may ask ? everyone who is claiming is guilty and they have to prove themselves innocent not me proving them innocent. So i guess I could write a note telling people they aaare fit eventhough they really aren't

  13. What is the 'General Medical Council' doing about this scandalous firm of biased, money grabbing bunch, they call medical assessors? Atos need sacking!

  14. Well we had a doctor visit my husband at home for an assessment and I must say he was very good. Polite, kind and apparently quite thorough. However, we've heard nothing of the renewal claim and are still awaiting a decision some 13 weeks on! I just hope and pray it's the right decision...