Friday, 8 July 2011

Osborne's Deep in it Too

Obviously this is a fantastic time to "bury bad news"

Even if unintentional, the News of the World/Murdoch/BSKYB scandal will certainly mean other news is not fully scrutinised at the moment..

Of all the stories however, I don't think we should miss this from

According to NIESR,

"The economic growth slowed to just 0.1 percent in the second quarter of this year, a leading thinktank said on Thursday, suggesting the recovery has all but ground to a halt."

Now, these are not yet the official figures - they will come later in the month. But they are a projection and if they are anywhere close to reality we are in very big trouble indeed.

That would be 3 quarters of flat growth and the deficit reduction figures will be in terrible trouble.

Q22011 is really the first quarter where we can begin to judge Osborne independently, on decisions he, rather than Alistair Darling, made. It will be incredibly hard for Osborne to bluff through with the wrong kind of snow or Easter boosts.

Whatever we miss in the next few weeks, we must not miss this. It is crucial to everything we do in this country over the next few years and if growth remains this weak, I believe we will start to see calls for more cuts from Osborne - just as we have in other austerity nations such as Portugal, Greece and Ireland.

They don't work and they haven't worked in any of those countries, they've just made things worse. We must be clearly aware that any call for more cuts from Osborne are an admission that his plan is failing. We must seriously question his judgement if the NIESR figure is even close to the truth in the way we are now challenging our media.

If we don't, the phone hacking scandal will start to look like tea party compared to our economic scandal.


  1. He lined up his lame excuse a couple of months back when he got his poodle Nick Boles to tour the broadcast studios and drop into the discussion the unusual amount of bank holidays in Q2.

  2. Bill Clinton warns against UK's austerity measures.
    From the Telegraph

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  5. [QUOTE]Anonymous said...

    Fourbanks, its getting everyone involved which is going to be an issue, can we think of a way so everyone has a chance to read blog[/QUOTE]
    All you can personally do my friend is as i have said above if you know of anyone who is sick or disabled then let them know of this blog

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