Monday, 18 July 2011

Dave's gone where?

In the middle of, well, what do we call it?

The Fall of Corruption? Murdochalypse?

Cameron has gone to Africa! Yes really, Africa!

Almost as soon as Sir Paul Stephenson, Chief Commissioner of the Met stepped down yesterday, the heat seemed to switch to Dave. Where was he? No-one had heard from him for too long it seemed. Was he hiding in a wardrobe with Osborne asked some? Had they actually fled the country some days ago, knowing the game was up, with fake passports and suitcases stuffed with cash? Did the new resignation and the arrest of Rebekah Brooks mean Dave could be in real trouble? The Telegraph, the Mail, both ran devastating stories on Dave and for a few hours everything was about Cameron. For the first time, people seemed to be really questioning his leadership.

This morning however, in the middle of this great battle between David and Goliath, right bang in the middle of the greatest challenge to power & corruption for a generation, as the most senior linchpins of our ruling class fall like nine-pins, Dave's gone to Africa! On a trade mission. With 25 wealthy businessmen. To bring a little more noble, selfless capitalism to a continent ravaged by famine.

If he wants to make things worse, all I can think of is that he actually takes Murdoch with him and tries to set up a new branch of the News of the World in Abuja.

Whoever's advising him needs a nice lie down in a dark room. It's obviously all been too much. I can already hear Miliband asking oh-so-earnestly whether it might have been a better response to stay and clean up the mess in his own backyard before taking 25 businessmen on a trade jolly.


  1. i know he should be here shows him up to the coward he is

  2. Avoiding the questions, re-grouping. call it what you like, my guess the people upstairs are not happy with their man.

  3. Unbelievable! Leadership qualities? As my Jewish gt grandma would have probably said: 'Feh!'

  4. Mr C says Mp's may have to postpone holiday plans!!. Not sure if im having a holiday this year may be due to fact that i aint got no money to have one either. But at least our Mp's will get a well earned rest sooner or later.

  5. David Cameron if I were you I would do the honourable thing and resign and get out while the going's good

  6. How many arms dealers has he taken?

  7. Er, he was already on the trip before Sir Paul Stephenson resigned.
    So he's not gifted with prescience, and nor his trade missions adviser.