Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Murdochalypse Theme Tunes

I know you shouldn't laugh at your own jokes, but after much twitter based hilarity, here the theme tunes we think the main protagonists should enter the phone hacking select committee to later. Do listen to all the lyrics, I'm still wiping my eyes....

Rupert Murdoch enters to My Way in a curmudgeon of defiance......

Tom Watson and Chris Bryant enter to The Rocky Theme.....

And last but not least, tomorrow, when Dave makes his statement to the house, we suggest......



  1. How about this one, Sue?

  2. I dedicate this one to all right-wingers.


  3. Good things often happen when I meet up with certain family members in a certain seaside resort known for its rock, piers (not Piers Morgan type piers), veggie food and gay pride. I associate these news stories with those holidays. One year, a woman turned up alive after being missing for 8 years. The next year, another woman was found alive after 18 years. Once a baby that doctors had declared dead turned out to be alive (the story was not run until the baby was well enough to leave hospital). This year brought us people really hating Rupert Murdoch.

    We should go there more often ...