Tuesday 4 October 2011

A Plague on Both Your Houses

"And the Lord (Freud) said "Part a sea of sick and disabled people to move them unto the Moses Room". 

But we will plague you Lord Freud. 

We will watch the Committee stage today (Now confirmed in fact as committee room 4a)
3.30pm onwards on www.parliament.uk If you want to help with live tweeting the event, just show up on twitter and use #wrb with every tweet. (We believe that the welfare meeting follows an education meeting and therefore starts at 5pm)

Several Lords have contacted us to congratulate us. After making our opinions so strongly known, this committee WILL have plenty of room for wheelchair users (including an overspill room) and their WILL be a live feed to both rooms so that we can follow the meeting. A huge congratulations to all who wrote, emailed, tweeted and shared. 

Or, if you have any problems, go to www.parliament.co.uk
Click on "MPs Lords and Offices" at the top
Scroll down and click on "Watch parliament TV" on the right hand side
Then, scroll down and click on "What's On"
Finally, scroll down to "Committees" and click on the link

Finally, if you can possibly be there physically today, please do try and go. Especially today as any access problems will need to be sorted out at this first reading. 


  1. As you know sue i am not well enough to attend and even if i could make it just seeing their evil faces would probably kill me so very regrettably as peter Jones would say "I'm out"

  2. thank you for posting, can't be there - the more public scrutiny the better


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