Sunday 23 October 2011

Corruption - A Modern Allegory

And the people were poor and frightened.

Verily they could not make the loaves and fishes stretch until payday. They could not afford to make sacrifice to the mighty money lenders. Corruption held mighty sway. Those who wrote the scriptures of tabloid were not true. Those who owned the machines of greed caused only harm and the Kings of the day were cruel.

And so the people went to the temple. In peace and love they formed a mighty crowd. Preaching to the people to open their weary eyes and share their vision.

For 5 days and 5 nights there was calm. The good priest offered comfort and welcomed the people unto him.

But lo! On the 6th day there was darkness. The owners of His Father's House, the guardians of His name did side with the money lenders. They did count the shekels of the daily trade and found them wanting. They did look out over the loving throng, yet saw only balance sheets.

And so, the men of God issued a decree : "Leave this place, and take your love and compassion to a less lucrative sanctuary.

But the people saw the eyes of men who were not true.

They looked into corruption and saw only empty souls.

They looked to their protectors and saw only violence.

And verily, they stayed.


  1. "shekels"
    Although "shackles" might work better!
    (please delete this correction Tnx)

  2. Thanks, I changed it, but the correction can stay? I don't mind if you don't ;)

  3. who is a genuine case that needs to be answred

  4. sick of the systamatic abuse of disabled by media, papers more on the motabillity in daily fail, sick sick sick it has to stop. is there not a champion out there who will fight the good fight

  5. And lo it came to pass that the thirteen tribes and a thousand pressure and lobby groups stopped fighting each other and united as one. Peace is the new war was the cry and in a quiet corner of the Net Radio Sick and Disabled was born…

  6. Sue, this is an excellent piece of writing and deserves a wide readership. Have you considered a Facebook page as well as this blog? Just a thought.

    I am sure that managing this blog takes time and energy and you clearly have writing talent. Using our gifts even when cast aside by this uncaring administration takes stamina and fortitude - but we must. It is the only way to get the messages across.

    We will never change the minds of the rich MPs but we have to believe the people of our nation will once more realise how little they have done for any of us. Even the press barons might hear our cry...

  7. Why can’t we have this?
    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — President Cristina Fernandez was re-elected in a landslide Sunday, winning with the widest victory margin in Argentina’s history after her government spread the wealth of a booming economy.