Wednesday 5 October 2011

Lord Fraud - A Freud-ian Slip

We hereby give notice that the Lord previously known as "Freud" shall henceforth be known as "Fraud"


A million thanks to Doc Hackenbush (@DocHackenbush on twitter) for this wonderful image
**For blind supporters, it is a mosaic image of Lord Freud made entirely of the word "Fraud"


  1. Never let us forget people (arms outstreached ) we are all in this together.

  2. He has always been regarded as a deceptive person and it is quite alarming on how he has ever got involved with the sick and disabled ?

    Personally i find him very chilling worse then David Cameron
    Most of the lords are deaf so I'm told "deaf" blind much more like it as you must be having this type of character speak on our behalf

  3. He is actually a descendant of Sigmund who must be turning in his grave

  4. Freud got involved when Tony Blair who is very friendly with Freud fraud call him what you like was asked as a Banker who to cut welfare, ok they did not say cut but that is what it is.

    He was told to get people back to work, Blunkett did noit get on with him and so was removed anyway in the end it ended up with Freud and Purnell to great socialist who more or less left us like we are to day.

    A banker being naughty here remove the B replace it with a W and you have my view on him,

    Sadly Freud has gone home and is now happy with a lot of ()ankers sorry replace it with a W


  5. I find his tone of voice not quite right when he is talking about the sick or disabled he seams to have a Vendetta about us a chilling coldness

  6. Freud was educated at Whitgift School, an independent school in Croydon in south London, followed by Merton College at the University of Oxford.

    [Life and career

    Freud first worked for the Financial Times as a journalist, where he spent four years writing the Lex column. In 1983 he was hired by the firm then known as Rowe & Pitman. He worked on more than 50 deals, raising more than £50bn in 19 countries. Many were high profile, including the flotations of Eurotunnel and EuroDisney, while he orchestrated the rescue of the Channel Tunnel railway link and National Air Traffic Services. His role in the deals, earned him a great deal of publicity and occasionally criticism. By 2003, Freud had become the vice-chairman of investing banking at the firm, now known as UBS AG. He retired early at the age 53, claiming boredom with the City. He later served as the chief executive of the Portland Trust, which aims to promote the peace process through economic means in Palestine and Israel.

    In late 2006, Freud was appointed by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to provide an independent review of the British welfare to work system. His recommendations called for expanded private sector involvement in the welfare system for substantial resources to be found to help those on Incapacity Benefit back into economic activity and for single parents to be required to work earlier. While his recommendations on single parents were immediately adopted and speeded up, when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister in June 2007, other restructuring measures were soft-pedalled. He was later rehired as an adviser to the government when James Purnell was appointed Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in 2008. He worked to produce a white paper, published in December 2008, which would require most people receiving benefits either to participate in some form of employment or prepare formally to find work later.

    In February 2009, Freud joined the opposition Conservative Party. He was given a life peerage as Baron Freud, of Eastry in the county of Kent, and became a shadow minister for welfare in the House of Lords.

  7. Kate Rigby said...

    He is actually a descendant of Sigmund who must be turning in his grave

    If he carries on the way he is he'll be sending the likes of me to my grave i can tell you

  8. Well look you have to remember what this is about and what labour had failed to do, here is the first report on it.

    I met Professor Mansell Alyward the chap who actually formulated the ESA, WCA .

    But if you look at the report it's interesting to see who was invited to this meeting, DWP, and then you had ATOS and then you had a giant Insurance company from the USA who had some of the biggest fines in America, who then left to turn up here UNUM Provident.

    You can see what Blair wanted to do was take people off National Insurance and all new workers starting out should take out insurance for loss of work or injury or sickness, of course UNUM Provident failed to pay out people saying they either knew they were disabled or should have known.

    But in the end ESA WCA was ill thought out with a number of issues which so far have failed but the Tories say they will be looking to see if Insurance can help cut cost.

    The red and white stars and stripes will fly over the UK do not worry.

  9. Lol, Robert, I just logged in to link the Jonathan Rutherford article to round out your comment, then saw you already had.

    Anyone reading, if you haven't read it yet, it is probably the most important article I ever read on this subject.

  10. Insurance companies by law cannot sell to members of the public who are sick any forms of insurance where health is involved
    As it stands at the present time the public have to state there illnesses for insurance purposes in which the insurance company will charge you a high premium for the pleasure or not at all