Thursday 24 March 2011

Winter Fuel Payments Cut

How many times can I write that a Tory announcement beggars belief? How many times can I highlight the total lack of regard or honesty they show? Seriously, I'm running out of adjectives.

Remember this?

Please note the indignant rage, the spluttering denial and the total commitment to a promise.

Yesterday, it "slipped George Osborne's mind" to mention that he would be cutting Winter Fuel Payments.

"George Osborne secretly cut the winter fuel allowance, paid to most people who are 60 or older, in yesterday's Budget. The information did not form part of the 100+-page Budget document."

Pensioners will now receive £200 instead of £250 if they are aged between 60 and 79. Older, more vulnerable pensioners will lose £100, seeing payments fall from £400 to £300.

And the Baby-Chancellor wasn't even man enough to tell us. He left it out. Is that even legal? 


  1. It's just typical. And STILL the stupid Lib Dem ministers try to excuse such filthy behaviour - that's what REALLY makes me depressed about the whole thing. I mean you expect nastiness from the Tories, it's what they are about....

  2. where is the info that they've cut it if its not in the budget red book?

  3. I said he didn't announce it, not that it wasn't in the red book.

  4. Sue, you quoted someone as saying: "The information did not form part of the 100+-page Budget document." i.e. the red budget book so where is the information coming from.

  5. This sneaky (effective) cut contrasts with this statement
    "We also keep the universal benefits for pensioners, in recognition of the fact many have worked hard and saved all their lives. [...] and Winter Fuel Payments will remain exactly as budgeted for by the previous Government – as promised."
    Spending Review statement, George Osborne MP , 20 October 2010
    I guess that the shifty Baronet acted by omission!

  6. @ Nic - have a look here

  7. We're all in it together except the people who've died from hypothermia...

    My sense of humour-in-the-face-of-adversity has fled now :-(


  8. The Fuel payment should be for the over 60s providing they have retired from their work.
    Bus passes should be for people over 60 who have retired from their full time employment.
    Free NH Prescriptions should be for children and people on benefits or low incomes and for people over 60 and retired from work.
    This way the Government could save a fortune and not cut the Winter Fuel payment for people over 60 who are retired or have an illness.

    I feel strongly about this. I am ashamed to say I voted for this Government, but it is the 'same old same old' lies. I shan't be doing again.