Wednesday 9 March 2011

Advice for Sickies Watching Welfare Reform Bill

Morning spoonie warriors.

Nice day for the second reading of the Welfare Reform Bill.

You can watch it on the Parliament Channel shortly after PMQs.

Obviously, we can't watch all those politicians discussing OUR futures without some fairly hardcore support, so here's my special spoonie guide to political debates.

1) Time to get your meds together. Anything analgesic (to stop pain), anti-psychotic (to stop fury) , anti-emetic (to stop vomiting) and anti-anxiety (to stop sheer incredulous horror) a will help

2) Nice, hot, sweet tea will give a little comfort. This is especially good taken with Toblerone.

3) Have the following tracks on your ipod, ready to drown out particularly obnoxious and ignorant fools : I'm Still Standing (no pun intended) I Will Survive - Singalong version!! High Hopes Tomorrow

4) Remember that the party you DON'T support will say things that make you want to shoot the TV, but it's their job. Cheer extra loud when your guys say something you like.

5) Finally, remember that nothing will happen today. This is just to make sure that there are plenty of jobs for politicians at this difficult time. We MUST keep them active or morale will drop. They will obfuscate, lecture and patronise, but they can't help it - it's all they know.

If all else fails tune out and laugh at their sill haircuts or impossibly unfortunate faces or horrific ties. It works for me.


  1. Brilliant! I'm getting the whisky and tramadol out right now!!

  2. Just about everything prepared and ready here but... Anyone know of an Emergency Toblerone Delivery Service?


  3. Absolutely can't bear to watch it. I've tried in the past and just ended up utterly boggled that people think this is an appropriate and sensible way to run a country by allowing a roomful of adults to shout and jeer at each other in a way we would reprimand children about in a classroom.


  4. I cannot bear to watch it - This fear and stress has totally taken over my life and if they take away my DLA they are taking away my life - I cannot bear to watch it :'(

  5. Liam Byrne has just said that yes the government should reform the DLA bill as has many lobby groups, but they should not abolish it and not cut it by £1bn.

    I look forward to reading this in Hansard where we can read and scrutinise it properly. Byrne seems to be doing a fair job. He has also talked about ESA.

    Hopefully, this is where Labour start taking these reforms seriously.

    What is this government implying? that because people have not been seen by "a" doctor since 1992 they are suddenly cured? I doubt if there are many disabled people that have not seen their doctors since 1992 about their disability.

    Drawn up long list of amendments to this bill and if they are not heeded then Labour will have no alternative but to vote against it.

  6. I agree with you Gracie although my wife has banned me from watching the TV for today as to not get upset by whats going on. Your doing a grand job and from the bottom of my heart thank you same goes to you sue

  7. "What is this government implying? that because people have not been seen by "a" doctor since 1992 they are suddenly cured?"

    There's a Big Lie in there, Gracie. Many of those mythical creatures caught up in the ESA rollout who haven't seen a doctor since 1992 still won't have seen a doctor after their WCA. That's because ATOS are not using doctors - let alone specialists - to conduct WCAs in the majority of cases, in direct contravention of the requirements of their contract and the law; and DMs are using the lousy evidence so gathered in preference to writing to named specialists & consultants for decent information. Of course, it gets kicked out at appeal, but with waiting times well over a year now, that still leaves people struggling to live on 3/4 of the income to which they are entitled for far longer than anyone could cope with.

    There is a judicial review here waiting to happen; the mystery is why it hasn't yet.

  8. I didnt see my specialist on my il;lness for five years - why? - Because he had nothing to offer me in way of help! I wouldgo - He would fill out a form basically saying i was the same - and i would leave - Thus an entire day of stress and even more fatigue and in 99% of respects i was no different - I still havent seen him, tho I did ask to. I guess i might see him in a year or so - an emergency appt in the NHS takes alot longer than normal emergencies

    So just because a disabled person doesnt see their Dr - doesnt mean a thing - If nothing changes then why waste time and a whole days energy to get there and back and achieve nothing?

  9. And it looks like hardly anybody has turned up to this thing - Which shows what wastes of times our MPs are - They dont care for us!


  10. Thank you for this, much needed.