Saturday 5 March 2011

Weekly Roundup

"It won't be cuts that bring this government down, it will be incompetence" Me, since June 2010

I may have mentioned this once or twice before ;) Last week I concluded that they couldn't organise a sell off in a forest and this week things got worse.

Poor Mr Clegg, trying to enjoy a nice skiing holiday, got called back over the inconvenient little spat taking place in Libya. He had apparently "forgotten" he was in charge of the country.

Sipping from a mug marked “Deputy Prime Minister,” he said: “Yeah, I suppose I am. I forgot about that.

Meanwhile, though Nick had no trouble getting to his snowy retreat, Wee-Willie Hague had awful trouble getting a few people on a plane or boat himself. Stranded UK citizens were allegedly amongst the last to get out of Libya. Last out of recession,  last out of Libya, seems to be a pattern emerging. Things got so bad, "Honest Dave" Cameron had to apologise. Rumour has it special voice coaches were required to overcome his natural  inability to show humility. 

Count Gideon Von Osborne wasn't skiing this week, but appeared to "lose" a speech. He was due to claim that : 

"everyone earning £35,000 a year or less will have a lower personal tax bill as a result of next month's budget"

Begging the question "Did our chancellor get the sums wrong? Obviously he's got them startlingly wrong on growth so far, so it's possible.

Despite promising that no active service personnel would be made redundant, the coalition decided that, erm, they all might be and told all 10,000 serving in Afghanistan that they may lose their jobs. Some by email which was awfully sensitive. Perhaps it was an attempt to be modern? "M8, U face chop. Best, Dave. Lol"
Ultimately it seems 17,000 or 1 in 10 jobs will be lost in the armed forces - a fact which seems not to be deterring Dave from rattling his sabre loudest over possible intervention in Libya. We won't have any aircraft to fly or pilots to fly them, but they're just details it seems. 

As solutions to our problems, Conservatives around the country have suggested banning people from feeding the homeless and selling off the National Blood Service. Coming soon : Sterilising the poor and harvesting organs. 

So, that was this week's roundup. I may not be able to do one next week as typing with my head in my hands is getting increasingly difficult. 


  1. Have you seen that 38 degrees are now running a survey on what their next campaign will be. DLA is one of the options

  2. Hi sue :)
    I'm not sure your right with your view about the government being brought down. Whatever happens in the future from any political party the fact remains they are all of a Conservative tone and that all venerable people like the sick and disabled will be doomed

    You would need a government of understanding and logic to be of any good to the sick and that is years away if ever
    It only takes one man or woman to make a difference in power but for the life of me that isn't going to happen

    We will have to accept defeat at some point as to continue fighting would lead to many untimely deaths through stress
    Stress as we know is a killer i myself have lost half a stone in the last 3 months and am now at eight and half stone at 6 feet two tall and look like i have just come out of a Japanese prisoner of war camp so i know only too well how stress affects people i don't feel stressed but it ultimately is what is going on in your mind that will bring you down

    The government know that only too well and are using it very effectually in dealing with the sick and disabled and will continue to do so until as many have been destroyed as possible and as for the MP’S we are not hearing much from them in the way of support and i doubt never will

    We have to face the facts the government and society can’t afford us anymore and our days of feeling secure and comfortable are over

  3. Blimey, fourbanks. Sorry, but I have zero intention of keeling over and dying just yet. I'll do that when I'm jolly well good and ready. If we have nothing to look forward to and we're doomed anyway, then quite honestly we also have nothing to lose. And that is when things happen...because people are no longer afraid of what you'll potentially take away from them. It's why people march toward loaded guns and keep marching...and that's what scares the crap out of most governments.

    Be fatalistic if you want, but don't expect me to pack it in without a fight.

  4. I understand your point Oya which is well made but i myself am not well enough to fight any longer so must give up if i am to continue to live and be with my family

    My Conservative mp is good but struggles with the whole topic of the sick and is taking up 75 per cent of his time so he to must give up helping others otherwise he might just as well work for the citizens advice

    David Cameron is not for turning believe me and if you think he and IDS are you are well mistaken my mp told me that so let me make that clear there is no going back the only place the sick will be going is to work or stay like me at home virtually housebound and to think on any other line is complete madness

  5. May as well just take the pills then, eh?

    Sod that.

    I don't think they're going to turn; it's why I leave the political discussions alone because politics is bollocks IMO...but when a bunch of people start marching on the street and occupying Parliament, then suddenly the "let them eat cake" phrase they just used becomes rather ill advised. Gaddafi is having that going on right now - because the people realise they have nothing to lose now. It's either face the music or curl up and let them steamroll over them; it never ceases to amaze me that people here can cheer for Egypt or Libya or whatever and yet do absolutely BOG ALL of that here, but I don't think that will be true for much longer the rate things are going. There's unrest happening all over the world. Eventually England is going to have to take the kettle off the stove and do it's own marching. The current version of "let them eat cake" is extremely ill advised.

    Like I said, you can lie down and expire where you stand if you want- but don't expect ME to. Come whatever end.

  6. There is a big difference between here and Egypt etc ours is a democracy and all parties are against us hence the sick cant win to have a chance you would need support from a political party of which we don't have it's a very big difference and by marching etc you will just give them the excuse if they can get out to protest and march they can go to work because that is how the DWP will see it and in turn you will be stuck the police on one hand and the DWP on the other

    If any protest did take place how many people would be there hardly any you would need thousands and that isn't going to happen trust me

  7. Mark my words Fourbanks, I will drag my party, kicking and screaming if I must to the right side of this argument.

  8. I sincerely wish you well sue but i don't hold out any hope as i said in a previous thread of yours i have just lost £54 a week from my benefit with further loss to come later in the year

    At least my mp has tried to do something and failed so as he says take it on the chin and get to like your bread and cheese

  9. So i said to him i don't like a lot of cheese so he said that's the way it's going to be so had better get used to it and has for going out don't even try because the DWP will find out and then you'll get nothing
    Well at least he told me in a way i could understand

    The DWP when they called round as i had been reported for going out also made it crystal clear that i need to be very careful as to go out at will unaccompanied can be grounds for being fit to work and wont tolerate me going out in a way that could be seen as being fit

    As for being on the Internet they have restricted my use to one hour a day as they know my screen name and have means to know if i change it so in a nutshell I'm stuffed

  10. One thing further i forgot to add from my meeting of my mp who came to see me

    The medicals undertaken by atos should be undertaken in the persons home so that there care worker/doctor can be there for guidance as to what is wrong with the patient
    This way the patient is kept in there comfort zone and are not stressed by the event
    my mp thinks it's a good move in fact the best idea yet to come forward