Tuesday 1 March 2011

Quick Campaign Request

Afternoon spoonie warriors!

The mighty 38 Degrees are asking for ideas on what their next campaign should be.

I have asked them to consider the cuts facing the sick and disabled. It is however, very difficult to get our point across with just a few words in a status. As ever, the brilliant Broken of Britain say it best - "Alone we whisper, together we shout"

Do add your own request. If ever a group of people needed a friend like 38 Degrees to fight with them, it's us.

The link is here on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/peoplepowerchange

or here on their website  http://www.38degrees.org.uk/what-next

The more of us try, the more chance we have. 

UPDATE : Here's a link to vote for this as an issue. PLEASE do vote xx 


  1. Disabled people are having their abilities to live independently systematically eroded by ill-conceived and unfair welfare 'reforms' and when I say reforms I of course mean cuts.

    In the meantime large corporations (not just banks) are being bailed out and are using loosely adhered to guidelines to avoid paying into the UK tax system.

    Essentially those at the bottom of the income stream are being used to bail out those at the top.

  2. Been talking to them about it for a few weeks - specifically about DLA. There is already a campaign idea for people to vote on here -


    you can vote (3 voted) and comment. Also put your suggestions/comments on the two links in Sue's blog above.

    if you haven't already voted there before it's easy to sign up here -


    If they take this up it really will help to raise awareness, which I think is one of the most important things. Remember they collected over half a million signatures for their Stop the Forest Sell Off campaign - and it worked.

    Go! Comment! Vote! : )

  3. Sue - seen this?


    "Our suggestions for Ed's inbox are limited by what we read - so if you've seen a blogpost that should be in Ed's inbox, let us know."

    thought I'd recommend your blog! Any particular post you'd like me to send to him?

  4. LabourList have used a few of my posts, they've been really supportive of the disability/sickness issues.
    My NHS post is what I'd MOST like Ed M to read and act on but it's a bit long probably.
    Thanks for thinking of me - I'm touched you thought of it.

  5. Sue, I sent your NHS post last night -

    got an email back today to say they already had it :-)


    maybe you could send him one about DLA? ESA? from somewhere?