Wednesday 20 October 2010

Tories to Encourage Divorce

As it is now clear from my previous posts,

that Incapacity benefit  or ESA will stop for all claimants with a working partner after a year, there will simply be no choice for many than to divorce. (If the stress doesn't lead to divorce in the first place)
Either that or the partner will have to give up work to become a full time carer and all income will then come from benefits.

This is madness and MUST change.


  1. £5,120 is nearly THREE TIMES as much as a family on over 44k will lose in child benefit for three children.

  2. Absolutely, how about a letter to the Guardian?

  3. Yes please Pam - I've already tweeted them, a print back up would be great.

    My hits are now through the roof so thanks for making this an issue people are finding out about right now.

  4. .. typed up, to post tomorrow,
    Dear Sirs,
    I am writing in support of Sue Marsh, a young woman who for many years has been suffering from the crippling effects of living with a rare form of Chrohns’s Disease.
    She worked and contributed taxes and contributions until her illness became so severe that this became impossible, and her husband working is now overtime to support them both and two children.
    May I draw your attention to her blog which describes their struggle.
    Their struggle is inspirational, however they can continue no longer. The latest spending review has resulted in withdrawal of benefits after a year if married.

    This does seem incongruous, as we have been led to believe that the Coalition government support marriage, yet couples like this may be forced to separate.
    Please could you bring this issue to the attention of your readers?

  5. Will also contact a friend of mine, writer if that's OK?

  6. Pam, you're a warrior! Thank you so much.
    Perhaps this is my "job".

  7. I think so, and you are so good at it.

  8. Hi Sue

    I discovered your blog from a guardian article comments

    Your blog is great. Please keep it up. Sorry to hear about your condition. My Mum has a condition which means the NHS are paying huge costs also. I thank God that we currently live in a society that has enabled her to live some kind of life. Its important that we don't lose this care and evry person is valued. It could be anyone of us that is struck down by illness, so we should all want to know that we will be cared for.

    I am worried about these new cuts and much of what David Cameron has implementated since he took over. It all seems to be very hasty without a great deal of thought

    Much of what your blog or your commentators say about the NHS resonates with me. I cannot trust the NHS with David Cameron

    In some ways, the public was very short sighted to get rid of gordon just because he was a scape goat for a multitude of woes including not having a personality. Was it worth the brief satisfaction of a protest vote? People; learn from this!

    I would urge everyone to register their disquiet by commenting on blogs or blogging, by writing to their MP, local newspaper or demonstrating.

    With best wishes


  9. Thanks for the comment Bel.

    I have updated the information on ESA this morning. It seems it is not QUITE as bad as originally reported in the Guardian, though still tough.

    It is however a very frightening and vulnerable time for the sick and no-one really knows what will happen to them over the next few months.

    I'm glad you like the site.