Sunday 31 October 2010

Bad day

Just because a blog about being ill wouldn't be of much use if I didn't mention when I was ill would it?

I've lost count of the number of times I've been to the toilet today. I am wondering if Crohn's can actually turn you inside out?

I feel so sick I can't speak and I'm stuck in Devon with two kids eager to go trick or treating, the in-laws and scones, clotted cream and jam on the dining table. (Devil scones, be gone! It is the work of Halloween)

I have a three hour trip back to Sussex later, so I don't dare take any medications or there will be a Halloween style massacre somewhere on the M27. They make me so "jangly," irritable and jumpy, I'd simply end up throwing myself out of the car by the 36th "Are we theeere yet?"

I had my fortnightly injections of immunosupressants yesterday and I'm shivery and sweaty, all at once.



  1. Hope you make it back safe and sound.

  2. Haha, must be careful with my new public persona, lol.
    Now more than just my Mum worrying that I get home safely xx
    (Am home safely by the way Mum x)

  3. I'm relieved to hear that too. Syzygy x

  4. Thanks Syzygy,

    I just found the link that you posted to my site on Kevin McGuire's Mirror article.
    Thank you so much for all the support Sue, I'm really touched. People like you are helping to make this a success all over the web. The initial response has been astounding. xxx

  5. How an earth did you find that!?

    I had to do something, so I posted wherever I thought there might be a sympathetic journalist ... don't know whether it actually made a difference but perhaps it added to the zeitgeist. I thought that your exchanges with Sunny Hundal were very effective. You write enviably well.

    Syzygy Sue x