Monday 11 October 2010

Just time for one more quick and fascinating set of stats (blatantly stolen from CIF, lol)

Blatant lie No1 = How often have you heard "The numbers receiving diasability benefits doubled under Labour mainly to remove them from the unemployed statistics"

The number of people on Incapacity Benefit is the same now as in 1997.
Since Invalidity Benefit (later Incapacity Benefit) was introduced:
1985: 1 million claimants
1993: 2 million claimants
1997: 2.5 million claimants
2010: 2.6 million claimants

Not hard to see who pushed the incapacity numbers up there is it?


  1. Hi Sue, Nice blog. Keep going. I am willing to write short articles for your blog. Look for left-wing and disability facebook pages and get yourself some more traffic. I'll post your link to my FB page too.

  2. Sorry Heather, I only just saw this comment!
    The traffic certainly shot up last night after a few great recommendations.
    When I set up the blog, I really did it to get debate going on the comment threads. I used to post on a very prominent politics site and loved the interaction of comments from different people.
    I bit the bullet yesterday and posted the link to my blog on the site and lots and lots of them came and posted here!! I was delighted. Do please treat the comments thread as your own space and interact with everyone.