Thursday 14 October 2010

Sick or Scrounger???

"Oooh, did you see her? She walked her kids to school"

"Huh, if she can type, she could work" (Nadine Dorries)

"18 kids at a birthday party? Even I couldn't do that and I'm healthy." (Have spent all day today sitting in chair cuddling baby and watching TV. No washing up, no cooking, no bills paid, I can barely move, but kids are kids and it's not their fault I'm sick. Mum came and tidied up in the morning, hubby came home at 11 to run the whole shebang, a kind Mum made the birthday cake, another did the school run this morning knowing I'd be nearly dead! Big Society Mr Cameron - it's alive and well and making sure I do more than just survive.)

"Bought a new TV? Didn't know they were giving those out on the state now (Husband's best friend, laughs at own hysterical joke)

"She never wanted to work, she just wanted a man to look after her" (Husband's best friend)

"You have to weigh up a bit of diarrhoea against the money you cost us" (Said by top consultant who obviously doesn't have a CLUE about my kind of bowel disease.)

"Well, she's not dying, I see no reason to run the test sooner" (Said by top consultant who blah blah blah..."

"Well, if she will eat curries, what does she expect?"

"Eat a f***ing donut you skinny cow" (Shouted in the street by two fat Mums)

"Why should I listen to a skinny f***ing Belsen refugee like you? (spat at me by a builder who parked in a disabled spot with no badge when I dared to suggest others might need it"

"What's disabled about you then? You look OK?" (Asked by a policemen questioning why I need a disabled parking badge)

"If you wanted to be well, you would be." (General statement from collective do-gooders, alternative therapists and self-helpers)

Shall I go on or do you get the drift?
What is that quote? "Judge no man til you have walked a mile in his moccasins"

I'll do a deal with you Ms Dorries, and all the others.
Live a day of my life.
Just a day.
Actually, make it a month.

If you don't double ESA at the end of it I'll eat my hat (except you'd report me to social services for claiming to have bowel disease whilst being able to eat fabrics)


  1. You make another good point here sue my carer wonts me to apply for a blue badge for parking but in the past where i have been told by the car park attendant to park in a disabled bay because of the car park being full i got abused by a couple of women saying "whats wrong with you" i also have a friend who's 85 who has a blue badge and he to gets abused now and then as he can walk but has a serious heart condition
    I wish that people just minded there own business when out and about and not just think day in day out bad about people in what must be there own sad lives

  2. I have only just found your blog after reading an old article on the daily mail. I must say that this is all too familiar to me, I am 28 and have fibromyalgia which started after the birth of my Daughter. I have had friends and family make comments and one even reported me for benefit fraud saying there was nothing wrong with me! I gave up a great career and my Husband gave up an even better one in order to be my carer. We lost our financial stability and our whole lives turned upside down, yet I am blamed of doing this for the benefits!!! Never mind that we were much better financially before I became ill.
    I have to use a wheelchair when we go out as I can stand for literally 2 minutes before the pain becomes so unbearable that I have to sit. I have a blue badge and when we use a disabled bay, we always get funny looks because we dont look like we need a disabled bay! It used to frustrate me so much but I have learnt to ignore it now! I wish people understood that they are disabled bays, not just over 60's bays!
    I am reading through your blog and wanted to say thank you for writing it, it is good to see someone telling people how it really is!