Wednesday 20 October 2010

£5107.20 lost to disabled people living with a partner

Further to my last post,

cutting ESA for those with a working partner is equivalent to a cut of £5107.20 per year for the most vulnerable families in the UK. That has to be one of the highest burdens put on any group in the CSR.

This is disgraceful and MUST be opposed. What family could lose over £5000 a year???

Last year it cost my husband and I £9000 because I was sick. Lost work time for my husband as he took dependency leave to look after me and our two children, accommodation when he came to visit me in hospital 140 miles away, medications.

It will simply cripple families like mine.

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  1. £5,120 is nearly THREE TIMES as much as a family on over 44k will lose in child benefit for three children.