Wednesday 13 October 2010

Latest YouGov Poll...

... has Con 41, Lab40, Lib 11. Perhaps most tellingly , government approval has fallen to minus 7, 38 approve, 45 disapprove, the lowest level since the coalition was formed. Crucially, the government have been scoring less well in the polls, but holding on to overall approval ratings, suggesting the public might not like their agenda, but broadly supported it.

Former Lib leader, Ming Campbell tonight says he will vote against a rise in tuition fees, "My credibility would be shot to pieces if I did anything other than to stick to the promise I made," he told the BBC.

At least Ming still cares about his credibility. Wonder what the other Libs are going to do with their's?

"Nick Clegg had warned of the burdens of debt on young people and made a plea to student voters to "[u]se your vote to block those unfair tuition fees and get them scrapped once and for all."

The NUS say:

"You campaigned with a clear and welcome manifesto pledge to support students and reduce their burden of debt. Your MPs signed a pledge, a pact between candidates and their constituents, to vote against a rise in tuition fees and to press the government for a fairer alternative. 

If the Libs hit 10% or below, they enter the squeaky-bum-zone. Without a swift move to support what was, possibly, their fiercest manifesto commitment, a good proportion of the mere 50% of the General Election support they still retain could give up altogether.

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