Thursday 18 September 2014

Yes or NO? Scotland Decides

As the Scots go to the polling stations today to make the most important UK constitutional decision for centuries, I shall stay right out of the frenzy.

However, i'm not sure if I came up with the following idea myself or am plagiarising it unintentionally, but it seems to me, that in fact, we should just insist on independence for Westminster.

Why on earth don't we just cut them adrift to govern no-one but themselves? It's what we all seem to want after all. Scotland insists they have nothing against the English, Welsh and Irish, but everyone agrees that governance from Westminster is bad for them. Scotland, Wales, the North, Cornwall - even the Isle of Wight.

Westminster appears to be able to perform the impressive trick of being unable to govern effectively or fairly for anyone at all. Except perhaps the metropolitan elite of Chelsea or Kensington.

Can we not just leave them to it, devolve greed, incompetence and feudal servitude to them, so that the rest of us can get on with deciding our own futures?


  1. The mess the uk is in is all down to David Cameron and soon to be Boris Johnson' and it's no wonder that Scotland wants independence from the madhouse in Westminster

    There is no doubt in my mind that Scotland will be much better off under their own control just with things like the bedroom tax gone the sick and disabled free from persecution and as we have all to often seen their deaths that have run into thousands over the past few years

    Just these alone will be worth it and no doubt that the yes for independence will get rid of David Camron and fast

    Having said that his successor Boris satire Johnson is far from ideal and certainly not the right person like David Cameron is not to be dealing with all the bloodshed and death in the Middle East

  2. I voted Yes today and am so proud to have done so and to be a part of this huge change no matter what way we vote.
    I am soooo looking forward to seeing Cameron being kicked out of No.10 and I hope his cabinet go with him, especially IDS and Osbourne.

  3. I voted yes too.. Hope to get rid of the Tory bastards soon x

  4. If the Scottish people want independence, let them. Scotland will be fine, it won't implode or self destruct, it'll just survive and build for a future for its people. I'm sure over the years Scotland will build its own army and airforce, navy etc.

  5. Well Scotland voted to stay with the rest of the UK. Westminster needs to be reminded that England is more than the rich burghes in London & selective parts of the home counties but the food banks in Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle & Liverpool.
    I think a lot of Scots didn't want to leave the poor of England to the fate of UKIP & the tories.
    I dislike the tories but Scots have to remember that they returned 21 tories to westminster in the 70's, then came Maggie (nuff said)
    I know the Yes campaigners are disappointed but we all must work together to better Scotland & I hope folk do that, to the No Campaign don't you dare crow about the result - a divided Scotland is not something to aspire to.

  6. they did very well in general they are a much better class of person then the rest of the uk they would never have voted the likes of David Cameron as pm or Boris Johnson who will replace him in the first place

    What this country needs to do more then anything is to get rid once and for all the conservatives because if they do hang around you can be assured of more welfare cuts and NHS cuts leading to many more deaths that you can be assured of

    Also at this time we need to be electing a leader as pm that will bring a great much needed piece in the middle east someone the rest of the world can call a solid independent friend

    yes that may seam an impossibility at this time but with care at the next general election and who we vote for we may start to get on a better footing with our dealings with not only the EU but with everyone else also in the world

  7. Roll on a clear Tory majority in 2015!

    1. You will never, ever get that and you know it. The tories are going to be kicked out so hard that its going to be a good while before they get back into power. Even if they stand with Ukip ('scuse me for laughing), they still won't have enough to get back into parliament.
      I cannot stand Milliband and see him as such a weak leader, as well as a liar, but he's got to be far better than the alternative, which is practically none!