Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hospital Logic Part 2 : Smoking

1. Ban smoking from all buildings. Because it's bad for you.

2. Ban smoking outside the hospital or anywhere in the grounds. Because it's bad for you.

3. Assue they will give up smoking during one of the most stressful times of their life.

4. Ensure already weak patients with dubious immunity have to walk as far as possible, leave the safety of the security staff and are exposed to all weathers and germ-ridden public. Because clearly, that is much better for them.


  1. What would you think about NRT being allowed - patches or gum or even e-cigarettes? There might be a middle way between banning smoking and freely allowing the thing that put many of those patients there in the first place.

  2. Nicotine Replacement Therapies work for dulling cravings, not satisfying them. They don't deliver nicotine quickly enough to give the actual buzz. E-cigarettes may be an exception, though likely once medicine and healthcare regulators get done with them they'll regulate the concentration down to the point where you don't get nicotine any quicker than from gum.

    It's a silly rule, predicated on the idea that you should discourage people from doing anything bad for them. A designated smoking area - outdoors - would not force anyone to walk through a cloud of smoke, and would not necessarily inconvenience anyone. At my local hospital, they just put all the signs up, but don't bother enforcing them 90% of the time. If you listen to the signs, though, you have to completely leave the whole area. Not even the car park is okay. Though I'm dubious of their power to prohibit smoking on the public highway that passes between the hospital and the car park.

  3. I have never smoked but I agree, a stressful time is never the best time to insist on folk taking on a major change by stopping a comforting habit.

  4. I am pleased about this actually. I have no idea how anyone smokes a complete cigarette and lives...just a small exposure from someone else's second hand smoke makes me very very ill indeed.

  5. Hospitals have to protect their staff and non-smoking patients from second hand smoke. I hate walking out of a building into a cloud of smoke, as I have had to do when allowed off the ward on occasions. There should be a dedicated smoking area so that non smokers do not have to breathe in the smoke, as well as smokers having somewhere to go. It's a hard one.


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