Saturday 13 September 2014

Fund Page for Plea for Help

You know, when I published my post, "Plea for Help" this morning (full text below), I ummed and ahhhhed over setting up a fund page. I have never, ever asked others for cash unless it was to save someone's life or keep myself campaigning.

On balance, I think we probably DO need to save a life and so have set up this page XXXX

Promise me that if you can't afford to donate, you won't. Sharing the link or offering other kinds of support is just as valuable if not more so. But people are often frustrated they don't live in the area to physically help and want other ways of showing support.

But the cold hard fact is she needs money. To save her home, improve her diet and offer her a little security, some breathing space for a while. She admitted that her biggest fears were financial.

You can   DONATE HERE by clicking on the bold text. 

Full text of original post : 

"Plea for Help

As most of you will know I'm in hospital. To be honest, I'm not really much different in hospital than I am at home, except my pain is better managed and I watch more reality TV.

But I can't do everything I can do at home.

A fierce welfare warrior and Spartaci in Wiltshire has hit rock bottom. She is dear to me and has been a kind of "wing-man" to me from day one. She chose the role of defender and has done it below the line both here and elsewhere for years. Wherever my writing is met with ignorance and especially when it is met with aggression she is there.

But now she needs to be defended. Her health has deteriorated to the point of being virtually totally housebound, she has no diagnosis and her home and family are under threat. I fear she is giving up. She may lose her income, her transport and even her son.

I need good people in Wiltshire to step up and take care of her for me. In almost every way. I need :

- A good social worker to help her get the care she needs
- A good welfare advocate to get her the support she needs
- A good caring, supportive GP
- A good friend or two to give her the love she needs.
- Even a good gardner to give her back her garden, one of the few things that gives her some joy.

If I physically could, I'd be in the car myself right now, but I can't and I have no idea when I might be able to.

I need people who will say "You know, I'd like to actually do something to help." I need people who will see her through this like I would. I need people who will be her strength and her hope and not let her down until she's safe. I need people who will practically help her and be there for her and lift her up. A number or two she can call won't fix this, she's too low.

If you have the time, will and skills she needs, please email me on

Believe me, if you're one of the many people out there worrying about me and sending so much goodwill and support, know that you can help me by doing this. I'm incredibly frustrated I can't do it myself and worried for her. You can lift that burden for me by lifting hers."


  1. Raymond Rosales how do you have the gall/temerity and sheer ignorance to post this stupid stuff on a page/blog that has clearly nothing to do with you? Do you really believe people in the UK are stupid enough to fall for it???

    Sue, a question/comment to you, I may be being incredibly dim here and my memory/processing of info is pretty bad now, but who is the person you've set up the fund page for? I'd like some more details before I make a decision as I'm sure you understand that like many, see many pleas for funds, and am very wary/cynical!!! I wish I wasn't but there you are. Many thanks.

  2. I agree with anonymous. I think I may know who the plea is for, but to ask for help without any details is rather naïve.

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