Saturday 20 September 2014

So How do we Fix the NHS

If you want change, make sure this post goes viral and don't allow vested interests to stop you. The time for talking is over. The time to save the NHS is now. Don't close this post without being the change YOU need.

Following my post earlier on the disastrous understaffing of the NHS at the moment, many people have said to me "But what can we DO?"

Did you know anyone can walk into parliament and demand to see their MP? Whatever debate he or she is sitting in, they must be bought to you?

I would organize as many people as you possibly can in every constituency to turn up at your next MPs surgery and refuse to leave. Thousands of you. With every MP in the country under lock down, the issue would have to be solved and solved immediately.

Anyone who's MP doesn't even hold a local surgery, get up to Parliament (or ask a proxy to go in your place if you're housebound or find traveling impossible), call your MP to the lobby and do the same.

Organisations with good networks like unions, charities, voluntary groups and governing bodies could organize this within a week, the NHS could be safe within 2.

But I can't do everything. If you want this, do it, it's as simple as that. If you really want to save your NHS, get off the sofa and save it.

If you want this enough, send this post viral. RT it, share it, email it - even hand it out at your local supermarket - whatever it takes to spread the word.

All it takes is unity and will.

As dear old Nye said "The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the will to fight for it."


  1. I am not convinced that the NHS is fixable without razing it to the ground and starting again.

    Too many vested interests who will not give up their tenure easily. How many of the Administration class will either give up their jobs for front line staff, or take a salary cut in order to provide more front line staff.

    If I thought that by raising an extra 1p in taxation would change the way the NHS is run I would be there voting for it. I do not believe the NHS as it is has a chance of being anything other than it is now - patients are not at the centre of its being.

    I want to see a truly social NHS one that cares for all - not this monstrosity that we now have.

    Helga :(

  2. Any MP who has a vested interest in the private healthcare system should NOT be able to vote in Parliament on anything to do with it - They are in it to fill their pockets - They have a tainted view only out for themselves so they cannot be trusted to vote.

    The NHS needs to KNOW thet THEY hold the power when buying things. Like - The NHS pay god knows what for one light bulb, when you could get them cheaper elsewhere! Same with titanium implants - They hold the strings when they are the ones buying so many of them - They need to use their power.

    They are makin the NHS fail -= Because they know if it goes private - They will be richer than rich - Forever - THAT is why they are MAKING IT FAIL.

    Too many fat cats and too few small people - The nurses need more money - There are so many things that need changing - But the fact is they have to WANT to change it - And untilt hey do - They will continue to make it fail to end with private health care

    the NHS - USED to be somethign every country was in awe of - We need to make that happen again - AND STOP TREATING HEALTH TOURISTS. You dont pay IN to he system when you are in UK - You cannot just get on a plane and come here and get treated! Same with many other things - They need to plan better and stop letting people use the UK.

    1. "You cannot just get on a plant and get treated!" You're right, you can't. The whole 'health tourist' thing is a myth which, sadly people have bought into.

      Stop sending foreign aid! That aid isn't free: in many cases it is only in exchange for other services, like natural gas from Nigeria for example - natural gas which has turned some villages into death traps. Or in exchange to send our nuclear waste. Don't think for a moment foreign aid is given out of the goodness of political hearts: it comes at a price.

      This call posted above snt a call for debate, not a call to shout out what "the real problem is" or say "something must be done". It's a call to step up and get doing. Long overdue, it's the only way as it's clear we can debate and march till we are blue in the face. If each of us can't step up -not wait for someone else to get the job done -but EACH OF US get moving, we are going to lose our health service.

      If we can't be bothered/think it's too hard/only agree to do so as long as those foreigners/single mums/Muslims/people we don't like don't benefit......well, then I guess we get what we deserve.

      No one us going to save us. We need to save ourselves

  3. Having spent time on two separate occasions in the hospital this summer in the NW, I became aware very quickly that they were desperately short of specialist on down to the cleaning staff and everything in between and dangerously so. While there needs to be structural change the NHS needs money and lots of it to get it back on it's feet for now and into the future. We have that money for the NHS, we have the money to care for the sick and disabled and support people while they look for work. While not everyone may agree with me I find it appalling that billions go to other countries and no I don't begrudge helping anyone, but charity begins at home! I agree completely with a comment from anonymous above "Any MP who has a vested interest in the private healthcare system should NOT be able to vote in Parliament on anything to do with it" the Political System needs overhauling with laws put into place that would not allow this s**t, the disgraceful treatment of our own citizens and every in between. Another thing while I'm bitching, this is the 21st century it's time the class system was put out of its misery.

  4. The fundamental problem isn't the NHS it is the government (and thier chums who accept lots of money to make as big a mess as they can manage).

    I think the solution there is Nuke from orbit - then salt the ground and have it exorcised. then Nuke again (cockroaches have been known to survice one nuclear blast). It really is the only way to be sure.


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