Wednesday 9 October 2013

John Pring's disability news roundup


  1. How are they going to deal with hundreds of unemployed people hanging around all day? What exactly are they going to be doing anyway? Waiting for hours to be seen to do a jobsearch? More ill thought out rubbish to appeal to the Right wing little Englanders.

    And if their intention is to get free labour for businesses through the back door so to speak, what happens when some of these businesses start laying off workers and then getting people to do the same job without paying them? That sounds like slavery to me? The workhouse. Plantations. Are we actually still in the real world here, or have we entered some surreal alternative reality? The sooner these people are voted out the better for the 85% of us who are suffering for the mistakes and cruel and brutal intentions of the rich.

    For those people with jobs now thinking of voting Tory, be careful you don't get what you wish for, and don't lose your job either. Then you'll experience reality.

  2. The trouble with the rich is they only see things through their own eyes, because they can afford to live a life that suits them, as money has a way of opening doors and presenting ideas that nothing else does. Take away their money and they would care about people 100% more, i am convinced of this fact, well most of them would care more anyway, there are always some idiots who don't see sense, but f**k them.

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