Wednesday 2 October 2013

ARE YOU 18-25

ARE YOU 18-25?

This Government have really stuffed you.
They've tripled tuition fees.
Nearly a million of you can't find work.
Now, if this government get back in, you won't get jobseekers allowance or housing benefit until you're 25.


Because they can.
Because you don't vote.
Just 12% of you in the last election.


If you all voted, you would totally change the face of British politics


  1. Too true. Even a spoiled ballot is better than a no vote (lots of people I know who don't vote say it's because they don't want any of the above)

  2. I think if Tories get in with next general election. Then there will be more and more people smashing government buildings up. We are fast becoming exactly like America. Many riots will become more and more increasing. The young need to get out and vote this vile evil scum out forever. Never let them get back in again. They are very clever and conniving at being able to deceive the general public. Don't let their sweet promises deceive you all. They know that their time is now short-lived. Either vote UKIP or Labour. Or even The Green Party.

  3. Just to bang my usual drum for a moment:

    Getting Housing Benefit can be the difference between life and death for someone with an abusive home life. I am over 25 but these measures would have condemned me. Remember that the next time the Conservatives claim to care about crime. "Paedophiles...wah wah...broken families...wah wah...shocking...wah wah... Oh what's that? The victims? Nah, we should leave them to die."

  4. you need to vote you guys not for sues sake but you need to vote for your very survival and here's why
    the government have taken a sledge hammer to your age group with no protection for anyone who may become ill whilst job searching as if you don't turn up for your 35 hours a week you wont get any benefit

    secondly how are you going mange if you live in a village and you need to get to the job centre every day how are you going to manage that who is going to pay for the bus/taxi every day?

    thirdly and most important of all of which the government would never understand in that sending young people to a job centre every day 5 days a week to look for work although sounds reasonable in some parts of the country especially if you live close by to a job centre and where there's work always on offer' but sending people long distances to a job centre where there is normally no work on offer you will end up after a period of time with these young people at best going down with mental problems and at worst they will end up committing suicide and that's the danger and has always been the danger with conservative policies they invariably are so badly thought out they end up killing people

    As sue says if you were to vote you could change things around once and for all in politics and get back a political system they looked out for everyone and not as now just a few

    As to who to vote for well that's easy you just go for the personalities of like sue someone open and transparent someone who takes time out to help others there are many decent people to chose from if you look hard enough because at the end of the day only your mp can help you no one else can so whoever is good in your area make sure you vote for only the very best that's on offer with qualities like mine at the four fount of honesty and integrity

    Get it right and your life will look much brighter from the start but get it wrong your life wont even be worth living but whatever you do never vote for a conservative as they are the main burden to all countries of the world that continually keep their lower working classes enslaved to poverty and slavery of which that throughout history has always been the case and will always continue to be the case

  5. I truly hope that the British public has learned their lesson and get off their erses and vote this time. We have to let the youngsters know about voting, how vital it is. I was never told about voting, I was never told who to vote for, I knew nothing about it. I turned 18 and we had a General Election the year later and I didn't know what to do. Luckily for me, my fiance was able to advise me but not coerce me into who to vote for.
    I truly believe that the youngsters need help with politics and with the election.

  6. where i live in the south east my 16 year old son will tell you you stay at collage and learn and then off to uni knowing full well that there is no job waiting for you so if at the end of it all you may have to live abroad and fully understands and excepts that view

    as for going to the job centre to claim job seekers allowance neither he or his friends would ever do that so he says they would take whatever work what was on offer either at home or abroad

    my view point is that where there are no jobs in parts of the country young people will just end up mental and kill themselves as David Cameron has no emergency back up plan at this time

    thousands of sick and disabled people have already died prematurely by this government so we all know first hand that this government will kill you by whatever means and at best destroy your family and the lives of the very young children that live within it if necessary

    the bottom line is from IDS is very clear go to work or die and in reality it’s as simple as that

  7. I'm waiting for the announcement of concentration camps for the poor, the unemployed and the disabled. It is now an ideological attack on the poor, nothing more nothing less.

  8. Brixton riots, miners strike, poll tax riots, and the recent ones a few years ago up and down the country ALL happened under the Tories watch. In recent times any major civil unrest has been caused by the Tories and their heartless policies. Blame Labour for the feckless out there seems to be the party line. These so called feckless people raising feckless children ALL grew up under the Tories, the epitome of the me, me, me culture. Labour has it's faults but I don't remember such a massive increase in the need for food banks or people committing suicide because they can't even afford the basics while they were in power. Bad times are here and they are only going to get worse under the most vicious government I think this country has ever seen.

  9. that's a spot on analyses Lisa and it doesn't get any better then that

  10. Well said - my sister is 21 and her general worries about life are SO different to when I was that age (13 years ago), her outlook so bleak, and it is in large part because of the Tories.
    Doing things like abolishing Housing Benefit for under 25s is extremely cruel in the message it sends out. Especially for the many, many young adults (ADULTS, Tories, not CHILDREN!) who don't have parents to fall back on. Our mother is dead and father is out of the picture, and it breaks my heart to see the effect policies like this have my sister's sense of herself. Life's hard enough, when her friends have the unconditional support and love she has to cope without. (I do my best but I'm not her mother...) And now the government rubs it in by telling her that effectively she's still a child - there is no safety net. She's 'lucky' in that she's got me and will always have a home wth me, but if I still had to rely entirely on benefits I wouldn't have space for her (bedroom tax etc!) - I just happen to be lucky that I've married into a house (sort of!).

    You've made me think that I'm far more likely to comfort her about all this than actually encouraging her enough to vote. You're absolutely right, she and her generation must - I will start persuasion campaign! Though in our area, it's Lib Dems or Tories, which makes it difficult...

    Thanks Sue, hope you're recovering from the SS stuff...

  11. I think government would like people to feel helpless and disenfranchised, so they can carry on as they have been doing. You do have a choice, it might not seem much of one so if there's no-one you would positively vote for, vote for the party you dislike the least! But do get off your bum and do it. Lecture alert - people have died for you to have the right to vote -

    At least give them a bit of respect for what they did for you, by getting yourself to the ballot box, or if you have mobility problems, get a postal vote (I do, it's dead easy, just Google Postal Voting)

  12. I am not in the age group this is aimed at, so forgive me if I put in my two-penneth. I can fully understand why young people cannot see the point in voting, as I feel this way myself! I am disabled and on benefits but have worked and paid taxes for 20 years. I feel that no party and no kne in politics stands up for people like me, so why should I waste my vote on any of them! People say vote labour, and then out come labour banging on about how welfare is bad and needs to be reformed. I agree the current system is costing lives, but every reform moves the goal posts and causes anxiety and insecurity forvthe sick and disabled. I willbnot vote labour as the are perpetuating this view which supports the condems. Until one party stands up and consistently gives support for the sick, disabled and unemployed, my vote will stay in its envelope.

  13. Sara is indeed correct

    democracy in which people fought and died for was that they believed in those in power or came to power in the running of their country had integrity this has not been the case and so therefore democracy is just a word that politicians use to further their causes as their is no democracy in lies and deception from the government of the day so any form of voting is a complete waste of time as all you do is swap one set of deception with another that is not democracy and certainly not what those who lost their lives and fought for

    1. Politics is largely the preserve of the Middle classes now, and that is something else that needs to be addressed, like it or not. Most of the social institutions in the UK are hierarchy based in fact, well bred types at the top, Middle class in the Middle and the Working class at the bottom. Yes of course there are exceptions to this and it is simplified way of looking at things, but essentially it is true. And may I add, that power, wealth, and many other things are centred on London and the South East; it is not just the Scots who resent being ruled from London, by a government they never voted for and by a country that many feel never really has any time for them. Devolution of power, politics and the ability for councils and regions to have more say over how they run things and how they use their taxes and so on is also something we should be talking about as well. Of the Tory Party, all I see is largely Upper Middle class white men, over privileged, aloof and completely out of touch running the UK like the aristocracy did in the 18th century. And the Labour Party run by the wine bar Middle class London metropolitan classes who live in the Westminster bubble also. Few of them have any real experience of what it is like to be on minimum wage, or be long term unemployed or have parents who really struggled in bad housing or went without food. The whole system needs looking at quite frankly. I've heard better solutions to most of the problems we have standing in bus queues and in pubs, than most of the platitudes coming out Planet Politics in London. If we want democracy, we have to think about all these things.

  14. Democracy means we elect people to make our lives better and represent us. There has never been a time that I can remember where the disconnect has been so great. They are devastating this country.

  15. Just wanted to add to my earlier post. I have discussed with my husband (who is also disabled) what we wiuld do if conservatives get in again in 2015. We have decided if this happens we will look to leave the UK. We do not want to live in a country which will become more fascist under the conservatives.

  16. It always amazing me how few people vote, including many of my friends! I think more people should be taught about spoiling their votes, I have been brought up to exercise my right to vote and I think more people should.

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