Tuesday 8 October 2013

INCREDIBLE tool for jobseekers

Last night, one of those rare moments of campaigning joy popped up on my timeline. A guy sanctioned onto a work programme scheme was asked to give a presentation. And BOY does he do us proud!!!

This is the most simple, easy to understand accessible report into just how it feels to be unemployed in this current, toxic climate. I've never read anything so helpful or empowering or which busts the governmnets dreadful myths so clearly.

Copied across from http://virtualgherkin.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/jsa-lambasted-by-this-govt.html?m=1 who as so often was first with the news, read this story, be astounded and CLICK IN THE LINK! Be amazed, then share it with absolutely EVERYONE you know who is searching for work or helping others to.

"Theres a massive focus on tiny sections of expenditure by this govt.

And then this happens......

A fella on JSA goes to Jobcentre
Is put on a course.
The course says "Research a subject, and do a presentation to the people on the course"
Now this sounds all fair. However the presentation chosen by Benjamin here was RESEARCH on JSA and Jobcentres. Ironic. No. Brilliant? Yes.

The following I got from Benjamin:
(Dear Jules, Via email )
In June I was forced to go on a course by the Jobcentre as I'd been unemployed for six months. I say forced because if I hadn't gone on the course, they would have sanctioned my benefits. The course wasn't as painful, embarrassing, and demeaning as I expected it to be.. A constituent part of the course was that I had to do a presentation. I decided, given the resources and audience that I'd research the true impact of Job Seekers allowance on society. It busted myths and made people feel a lot better about their situation. When questions pop up, ask yourself those questions. Share it, and ask and show others. The presentation makes a compelling case.

I was happy to keep the presentation to myself and put it away having only shown it to the group. That changed though. The myths need busting, and I'll tell you why. Every time I hear about a bedroom tax suicide, I realise as many people as possible need to see this, to debunk myths. Every time I hear about yet another person dying after being found "fit for work" I realise it needs to be seen. We need to be heard, that's why I need people to see it.

Did I tell you also he showed me MSM emails not wanting to particularly extract info from slides 40ish onward? No? Ah. Thats what they did.they didnt wanna show anyone.

The presentation is in powerpoint.I've hyperlinked it to microsoft on line. There should be no compatibility / viewing problems.

< Click here to see the presentation >

A bit of myth busting eh?

Nice one Benjamin."

Please, share this with all of your networks, MPs, work providers, benefit advisors. You can use the buttons below to RT and share on Facebook or Google. 


  1. What I've seen looks very good thought there is an error. The unemployed account for 7.7% of the active population, not the entire population. As a percentage of the entire population, it's more like 4%.

    1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24045546 either they are lying or he is wrong/right but government will use any trick to rip us all off while letting us all fight like a dog for the bones they throw us people need to wake up they are tricking the lot of us look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70eggmTzg9Q

  2. An excellent presentation which aptly debunks a lot of the media led myths about JSA - however, one thing you may want to correct so that you do not get called out for inaccuracies. You state that the unemployed are 7.7% of the population but only receive 0.7% of the GNP - you receive a lot more than this because although unemployed you still benefit from NHS, police, roads etc etc whihc is part of GDP. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you on everthing else but this mistake may mean that others will call the whole presentation as incorrect

  3. According to his JSAg he has to use Universal Jobmatch 15 times a week!

    If you logged on in the morning and kept it open, periodically refreshing it, that would only count for 7 times a week, yet it's a more efficient process (if you are able to have computer access).

    That's on top of going to shops and offices and begging for a job as well, which never works.

  4. brilliant and he should send this to a national newspaper that is willing to print it

  5. he only used JSA but mentioned incapacity benefit as well. which accounts for much more spending..

  6. Interesting presentation with many problems. Including, as mentioned above, that people on JSA benefit from public spending on NHS, police, etc. exactly as much as everyone else.

    I'm not saying he is wrong about the inadequacy of JSA, I think the below inflation increase is ridiculous. But to imply that 28 hours work a week consisting of visiting 15 webpages, writing two letters, making two phone calls, reading two newspapers and visiting two potential workplaces is more onerous than what "most people" do for their job is patronising and likely to make people dislike you.

    As an example I work a standard 35 hour week, plus 7.5 hours commute a week, plus overtime which can easily stretch to 5 or more hours a week and is unpaid. I'm well paid and I love my job so I'm not complaining in any way, but telling me I don't work hard is not likely to win my sympathy.

    Also, if you think that "Voters" are a discreet group in society that is separate to you, then you need to start voting (and maybe campaigning) for parties and candidates whose views align with your own. You have the power to do that - as mentioned people like Tony Benn have and do stand for what is right!

  7. What a strange argument about the NHS and the police. You cannot count these I'm afraid.

    Jobseekers have to manage on very little money. They are not benefiting from any transport discounts, food discounts, clothing and shoe discounts, rent discounts etc etc.

    It that NHS/police argument were not so strange it would be funny. Grasping at straws. Living the high life on jobseekers because they can access the NHS and call the police when needed???

    1. Totally agree with you f5dfd9fa-1ab6-11e2-b238-000bcdcb8a73, the people using this argument seem to have forgotten that a large proportion of the unemployed have been employed for many years and have contributed massively with NI and tax. 'Clutching at straws' covers it politely.

  8. Inspiring story, never be afraid to ask questions and if you dont get answers go find them yourself!

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