Wednesday, 23 October 2013

John Major cusses IDS

Bet you never guessed it'd be John Major riding one of those white chargers towards us eh?

"Iain Duncan Smith is trying to reform benefits. I truly wish him well. But it is enormously complicated and unless he is very lucky, which he may not be, or a genius, which the last time I looked wasunproven, he may get some of it wrong. I hope Iain is wise enough to listen to a wide range of opinion because some of his critics will be right. If he listens only to the bean-counters and to cheerleaders concerned only with abuse of the system then he will fail."

More in this Telegraph article, but I had to share that quote with you all. 

I especially love the bit about IDS being a genius being "unproven". What a delicately crafted jibe. 


  1. If Cameron filled his cabinet with intelligent, caring people he would soon be out of a job. I reckon he surrounds himself with twits like Osborne & failed leaders like Hague & IDS is that they are no threat to his own leadership. We on the other hand are the ones who are paying for this vanity/power trip.

  2. Well, I have to admit, when I first saw this going around yesterday, I nearly dropped my fork full of peas. But then again, this has been so needed (and I'd almost forgotten that John Major had once been PM and had once dealt with the pigheaded IBS before). Revenge, if but for the want of a better way of putting it, is best served cold. The only way to cure the rot at the top is to hope it all crumbles from within the party - and that has now the chance to do that.

  3. Never thought I'd say this about him but.......Go John!

  4. John Major used the phrase 'bean counters'?

    I call shenninagans

  5. Has he still got Edwina's phone number?

    1. I don't know to be honest, but I don't think anybody else has to be honest!!!

    2. Ha ha, i would guess 'How do you like your eggs in the morning, with salmonella?' isn't such a great turn on after all!

  6. i know John major well and his downfall was he was never liked and had no true friends sad as he was a decent guy

    he was just a likeable guy like me and went on to do better then what his qualifications would suggest

    his downfall was women and with regret that and not being liked by his party as he was on the left could only bring one term in power