Tuesday 3 July 2012

This Man is Worth 331 Sick or Disabled People

May I present Thierry Breton, Head of Atos, the firm charged with "assessing" whether or not sick and disabled people can work.

With his £830,000 salary and recent £1 million bonus, he is now officially "worth" 331 of the people his company are charged to assess. 331 lots of annual ESA stripped away from people with nothing else to rely on.

With 38% of decisions going to appeal and nearly 40% of those decisions found to be wrong, thousands of people are added to the list of suffering every month - 3,100 cases in May alone. Some may question why he got a bonus at all.

Well, clearly it's because he's worth it. His going rate is the livelihoods of 331 sick or disabled people. That's how important he is. 331 times more important than people like me.


  1. Clearly he doesn't spend that dosh on his personal grooming lol

  2. What next, I wonder...it can't get worse than this, can it?

  3. Hello Sue,
    Let's not forget that this man was put in charge of France Telecom when it was still a public company, to reduce its deficit. He devised 3 restructuring plans, TOP, NExT et ACT, which were implemented after his departure for Atos, and which led to 60 suicides in 3 years. Although the suicide rates in France Telecom was slightly higher than the national average, they mostly happened on the workplace and the notes left attributed clearly the suicides to the stress generated by the "lean" management style of Breton. They led to the resignation of several managers, but by this time Thierry Breton had already moved on. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/France_T%C3%A9l%C3%A9com#Staff_suicides
    A Bellows

  4. His pay is linked to how many scroungers he finds and if he cant find any then his company will hound people to braking point and he only has the job as he has no concern whatsoever on any suffering caused

  5. So, just want to make sure I have the facts straight; that French guy is being paid by the British taxpayer to hound to death sick and disabled fellow British citizens? Don't they know? Don't they care?

  6. Breton is clearly a true seagull. S***ts on you then flies off.

  7. He and the Government may think he's worth 331 sick / disabled people. The rest of us would surely beg to differ!!!

  8. (@micomight) I daresay he is considered cheaper than 332 people in need of income support. It is disgusting. These sorts of functions should not be outsourced to corporations in the first place. I'm from Australia & it's going the same way.

    I complained of harassment at work when managers regularly counselled me for having more sick days than others (crohn's disease & complications). In response they sent me for psychiatric assessment - fitness for duty - to a rehabilitation consultant who charged AUS$800 for 2 hours - & she didn't consult my treating doctors & she fell asleep during the session. I reported it but they didn't seem to care.
    We can only keep raising our voices.

  9. I did not realise that he was the one responsible for the France telecom suicides. He is 'Grande Ecole', = Eton, Oxford, Cambridge club in the uk. nasty man.

  10. I'd really like to add something insightful here but I can't. After all, how can you make sense of an inherently inhumane process? Except it does make an awful kind of sense if you accept successive governments' view on disability which I think is best summed up by this poem I came across recently:

    How to kill a living thing:

    Neglect it
    Criticize it to its face
    Say how it kills the light
    Traps all the rubbish
    Bores you with its green

    Harden your heart
    Cut it down close
    To the root as possible

    Forget it
    For a week or a  month
    Return with an axe
    Split it with one blow
    Insert a stone

    To keep the wound wide open.

    Eibhlin Nic Eochaidh

    1. a poem that i found like a night club in the morning your the bitter end, like a disinfected shit house you are clean round the bend, you give me the horrors to bad to be true, all of my tomorrows are lousy coz of you, you put the shat in shatter you put the pain in spain your germs are splattered your face is just a stain . your certainly not a raver commonly known as a drag do us all a favour hear wear this polythene bag . your like a dose of scabies ive got you under my skin you make life a fairy tale. grim .people mention murder the moment you arrive , i would consider killing you if i thought you were alive. you got this slippery quality it makes me think of phlegm , and a duel personality i hate both of them. your bad breath vamps disease destruction and decay , please please please please take your self away. like a death at a birthday party you ruin all the fun , like a sucked and spat out smartie your no use to any one. like the shadow of the guillotine on a dead consumptive face ,speaking as an out sider what do you think of the human race? you went to a progressive psychiatrist he recommended suicide , before scratching your bad name off his list and pointing to the way out side. you hear laughter breaking it makes you want to fart your heading for a breakdown better pull you self apart. your dirty name gets past about when something goes amiss, your attitudes are platitudes just make me want to piss. what sort of creature bore you was it some kind of bat? they cant find a good word for you i can TWAT steve

  11. I won my DLA appeal despite the atos dr report! Ecstatically happy and still burning to get something done about ATOS.

  12. He is NOT "worth" 331 sick or disabled people. Rather, he is paid as much as 331 sick or disabled people. there is a HUGE difference!

  13. Is it 38% of all decisions, good or bad, going to appeal, or 38% of refusals going for appeal? i.e. are 62% of the refused just giving up; or are 62% of all decisions accepted whether they are good or bad? What percentage of ATOS clients are being refused benefit? It's a bit confusing at the mo.

  14. I think his hair is Disabled. I hope he uses his £1million bonus to get a hair cut.

  15. Breton - worst CEO of 2011