Tuesday 3 July 2012

In a Fix

I am in a fix. I am in a fix so fixy it has been stuck with superglue and nailed for good measure.

It is a fix with no immediate unfix. Basically I'm screwed (fixy pun intended.)

I am sitting with a cup of tea, deflated with the fixiness. I am - as most sick and disabled people have to learn to be - an Empress of fix-solving. I have fixed fixes that seemed unfixable. I have urged, begged, manoeuvred, cajoled and outwitted my way through many a fix. I have a PHD in fixes. But this fix was designed by Mr Rubix himself.

Yet who am I? I watch my timeline absent mindedly and a succession of mega-fixes flow by.

Bankers who ought to be in prison that have so much seedy backroom influence, our politicians would rather pay homage than  allow them to be arrested.

Corrupt media moguls and police departments with their sticky little fingers still dripping from the honey jar, arguing that they "do not recall" ever eating any honey in their lives.

Government ministers lying with a frequency so shocking it has actually ceased to shock.

Desperate, abandoned citizens setting themselves on fire outside benefit offices, just a joke for Guido and his pals. "Oh how we laughed at the burning man!"

A world economy sucking hope and dreams down the plughole for the want of a bit of imagination and a lot of work.

It is the last days of Rome, literally, fiddling while claimants burn.

I have no idea what's going on with my country any more. If we cut out the corruption would there actually be anything left? It seems we must totally rebuild our economy, our banking system, our media, our democracy, our society and our communities.

Daunting really.

Yet we are offered public enquiries that will conclude nothing, legal cases where no-one will be found guilty, Lords reform that almost certainly won't happen, expenses investigations that let the culprits keep the money they stole and cheating ministers allowed to keep their jobs.

Can we fix these fixes? Does anyone actually want to any more?


  1. I feel sick everyday and it's not always my illness, the lack of morality and the lessons of greed and self interest are nauseating

  2. time the Queen stepped in and sorted this mess out

  3. It is up to us to fix things. (sorry I know the current audience may not be my intended one but...) We need to join together as people to fix things. We need to fix from the bottom up. Join a Credit Union. Move your bank account to a mutual such as Nationwide or Co-op Bank. Attend local meetings - doesn't matter what, just become known. Help people. Offer. It doesn't matter what, just help. Maybe offer skills for barter - ironing for cake, that sort of things. Even if you can't get out the house, maybe you can blog or tweet or pray... we will need prayer, or good energy, or good thoughts over the coming months and years. We need to reconnect with each other.

  4. Explains why we have so many addicts on benefits it a cheap fix for government instead of offering rehabilitation with light at the end of the tunnel with complete support, but NO that does not happen and should. so right our country needs rebuilding it is hopeless and will get a lot worse, confidence is nil and MP's seem void.

  5. That is so how I feel - despairing and desperate. Even the Olympic games which used to be so honourable are tainted. McDonalds and banks with their advertising - Atos actually unbelievably involved with the paralympics - "they can run - why can't you?". Was always proud to be british- not now.

  6. "If we cut out the corruption would there actually be anything left?"

    Oh yes. There would be the true, the fair, the honest, the kind, the good. That is what we must put all energy into - building that. Strengthening that. And finding the stamina to last it out.

    “The old order changeth, yielding place to new,
    and god fulfills himself in many ways...

    ...more things are wrought by prayer
    than this world dreams of. "

    from Alfred Lord Tennyson

    1. I agree. And I think there are a lot of people who are angry without really being able to articulate what they're angry about. More are figuring it out as time goes on, though it's too slow for some.

    2. By "some", I mean the people who have died.

  7. There is much to be proud of in this country. Our literature our nhs and the many good people in all walks of life. Dont let the bad get you down or the incompetent or a temporary government. They are a chapter not the whole book

  8. And the final nail in our reputation's coffin: the Bankers' Hospitality Fest formerly known as 'The 2012 London Olympics'!

    We need to remind ourselves that ConDems are a nasty government who won the last election with a minority... three more long years and we can vote them out.

    All that is needed for good to triumph is gor good men and women to block them in their tracks at every move they make. We are doing just that... just hear them barking!

  9. The powerful have always used sport from bread and circus in Rome to 1936 olympics and beyond and they always will. The reason the marathon is 26 miles 385 yards is because extra 385 yards was added in 1908 London games so it could finish In front of royal box

  10. Remember - there are ways to do a Rubik's cube which don't involve peeling off the little squares and sticking them on again. This stuff will take longer, but that does not mean it is unfixable!

  11. The wonderful MP John McDonnell is a ray of hope in this bleakest of times:


    An new EDM to debate ATOS and all the related deaths after people have done the WCA

  12. Ahhh yes that Guido eh what a poor excuse for a human being when he invites,and gets,comments like he has.Just who is Guido? Dont be a coward son come show yourself otherwise stfu...Just read today in private eye about Maxim.Yet another wonderfull company now involved in workfare but wait all is not what it seems in maximland.....look em up and ask your mp why OUR money is being spent on this pile of horsedung.
    Nothing is unfixable but sometimes with guido and maxim and a4e and camclegg and its beast friend idsagrayling you have to bloody wonder.

  13. Guido is a repulsive little twunt called Paul Staines. No secret.

  14. Sorry, should have said last remark was in reply to 'anonymous' 16;34; wasn't just airing private homicidal fantasies.