Wednesday 18 July 2012


There is a tipping point.

We think we achieve nothing, but never see the effects of even the smallest things we do. A kind word in the street to a stranger that saves a life, changing a few minds about something important. Who go and change a few more.

When you are at your darkest point, when you can go no lower, when darkness surrounds you entirely, there are just tiny acts, tiny fleeting moments of pure joy. A drip of water onto parched lips, so sweet, it tastes like honey. A cool hand on your skin, a warm, summer, breeze through the window. That is all there is. The only signs amongst the horror and the hopelessness and the bleeps that life is there, waiting.

The smallest act never seems wasted again.

I have often read that great women and men, on their deathbeds regret that they didn't change the world. They died, poor and cold and obscure. Often ridiculed or imprisoned or killed.

But what kind of world would we live in today if they hadn't bothered to try? If only they could look back and see what their little acts did.

It's the ones who never give up that change the world. But one tiny act can be enough. Just changing a few minds about something important. Who go and change a few more.

Until the world changes.


  1. As promised John C Dyer's letter to the politically discouraged which is very relevant to your post :)

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  3. It's completely true. You never know when someone's on their last legs, and most of the time you don't find out when your smile or act of consideration was the one thing that made them think that they could try getting through the next day too. If you can do nothing else, these things can help people who can do other things to keep going.

  4. People like them know one thing...that ALL systems fail in the end and though they may not be there to see it that is why they do what they do.
    One person can make a difference but more to the point one person can make ALL the difference which is why no political system likes a critic.Such a beast has a mind of its own and follows no one.They fear such a beast as one can become many and many can become all and together they can end any system....THEY just have to find the will,to reach the tipping point, and act....

  5. Thank you - these are words that I needed to read this morning .

  6. Yeah! Cheered me up this did. Will read it every time I feel like stopping campaigning x

  7. even the smallest thing such as sending a letter to the local MP can make a big difference and give them a view on a subject that they didn't have before and its a great feeling to think you helped make that change.

  8. The Way To Make Campaigning Effective.

    Why not bring ALL the different charities, disability groups, organisations, clubs and concerned/interested parties together as one and speak with one voice.

    The only way to bring about the rights of the most vulnerable in society and to stop this draconian brutalization of the sick and disabled is to mobilize/group together and speak with one voice. This way you can also raise money in many ways through donations and charity events to get good legal advice that will look into all the legalities of what the sick and disabled people have been subjected to with the view of taking further legal action. It s only when you do this the Tories will sit up and listen.

    You must group together and become that force for good that will prevail, until then you will just be listened to in short measures going backwards and forwards.

    Unite and fight this evil to deliver these people from this evil and get the ball rolling now because this is the only way forwards.

    If you disagree on taking this approach you will not be taken seriously by the Tories that have inflicted this misery that is outright wrong and in my opinion A Breach Of Human Rights Against The Most Vulnerable In British Society.

    I would be happy to hear what peoples views are on this idea ?

    Lastly those with the contacts and time should get/push this idea into reality and get the ball rolling and now.

    Thank You.

    1. well i have been banging on about doing jusst that for what seems ages now and i have repeatedly said lets organise a meeting somewhere.Invite all who we think might want to join and see where it takes us....remember one person can make a difference but more to the point one person can make ALL the difference so think what lots of us could achieve.WE have nothing to lose now anyway as we know the tory agenda (yes i know the argument that it isnt just them but they are the ones w ehave to deal with now)so why not.....

  9. Yes, all come together as one to become a force to be listened too so that you can powerfully speak, petition as one, raise money collectively to bring these Tories to account.

    Expose what is happening and the reality.

    Make sense.

  10. I wonder if the next step could be to set up a sort of central control group that speaks with one voice? One that consists of all the main protagonists in disability groups, blogs, campaigners. So that all the known groups and lead fighters could have a (virtual?) meeting to discuss tactics?
    Eg John McCardle of BT plus Suey of course and Bendy and DPAC and Miss Ben E Fit , Paul of Atos victims, spoonydoc, Samuel, Spartacus,latent existence, ouch2 etc etc.

    Maybe there could be one site that links to blogs, news items, action days etc all in one place - with easy ability for the secret spartaci to comment and offer their piece of expertise to contribute.

    Maybe we could sset up an appeal fund to pay for it. Maybe some "healthies" ( family members, partners, friends) could help with organisation and running.

    There are disabled people out there with all sorts of skills, but only able to do a little. One site that draws all together in one giant movement. It would be easier to plan coordinated actions, arrange smaller actions for the secret army. like mass commenting on newspaper articles to contradict all the rabid scum in government and the public blaming the disabled for everything. - with facts and figures. It is hard to do it alone but organised, we are legion. Easy for the press too, to contact one overarching group and then the appropriate person could comment.

    The " we are not gonna take this shit anymore" group or something slightly more appropriate. An army, made up of all the guerilla fighers, lone rebels and those who don't think they can achieve anything alone.

  11. This website would be a good starting point to start this campaign to bring all together and speak with one voice but of course that would have to be decided and agreed upon between all the different groups along with how to go about this idea of all uniting and fighting as one.

  12. Right in response to my own above comments...well lest do it then but lets not think we can put it all on to it for ourselves TOGETHER....whats next then...

  13. No one was suggesting Sue Marsh takes this on as it is obvious that she is unwell and this taske would be beyond her.

    Spartacus would be a good place to kick this of and they have the appropriate name. Diaries of a benefit scrounger would be the wrong name to head this idea.

    I have written to them already and made a post on one of their comment areas. I would recommend that everyone writes to Spartacus to see what their thoughts are on this idea.

    Spartacus if they are interested would be an excellent choice to head an enormous campaign with the ability to easily set up a fund raising scheme to finance legasl advice.

    For now lets all write to Spartacus and report back here to get a fill of what they think and to see who else is interested.

  14. This is a point that I have written a bit about on my blog, which I've also shared on the spartacus board. I'm a disabled person and a parent of disabled children and i work for disabled people's campaigning organisation and I really believe that the future is to try and find a way of drawing the various elements together. I was going to waffle more, but probably better to put the rest of my thoughts on the spartacus site.
    Take care of yourself Sue and try to remember you have done more than your bit to change the world.