Thursday 26 July 2012

Dear Britain - This is not a Joke

Dear Britain,

This government is incompetent. They are unable to do the job.

The problem is, you've believed all politicians to be incompetent for so long, you don't realise this is different.

Oh, sure, politicians screwed up all the time. The papers and the news loved nothing more than hanging some hopeless or hapless minister out to dry. It's happened for so long that it's just become white noise. "Fiddling expenses, blah blah blah, cash for questions, cash for honours, blah blah, caught with his pants down on Hampstead Heath........" No-one hears it any more.

But oh how dangerous it turns out to be. When a government take power who are so totally incapable of doing the job, there are no adjectives left. No hyperbole we haven't heard before.

GDP fell by 0.7% last quarter. This is disastrous. It's the third fall in a row. This government staked everything - absolutely everything - on fixing the economy.

They said they would pay off the deficit - They will not do this. In fact, they will pay off less than Labour or the LibDems proposed. 

They said they would reduce the welfare bill. - It is rising alarmingly as Osborne and the gang push people like you into unemployment

They said they would control our debt - Debt will be over £150 Billion higher

They said they would protect our NHS - They are selling it to Virgin and Serco before your very eyes. 

They said they would protect the vulnerable - They are inflicting the greatest pain on the sick and disabled. They are bearing the brunt of Osborne's failing plan.

They said they would lead on the world stage - Instead, they are a laughing stock, isolated in Europe, rejected by the US. 

They said they would root out corruption - But we have seen as never before, they ARE the corruption. Minister after minister disgraced, cheating, incompetent, yet they stay.

They said they would make business work for Britain.  But business works for itself, posting record profits while you get poorer. Dazzling bonuses, fraudulent CEOs, criminal bankers.....

This isn't situation normal. This is not OK. We have to act, but we've forgotten that we can. We have to get rid of this government before the whole house of cards collapses. We have to withdraw our mandate. We've got to put down the remote for just a second and stir ourselves. We have to think about politics for a bit.

We are the government. They represent us. We elect them and the power to remove them is ours alone. We can demand an election, we can force change.

But first we have to realise - and realise it quick - this is not just how things are. This government is not just like any other. They are out of control, incompetent, inexperienced, incapable, out-of-touch and driven by belief, not proof.

They have no solutions, no ideas, no answers, no ability, no credibility and nothing at all to offer.

We need an election now and a national government of talents. We need experts running health, experts running education and most of all, we dearly need experts running the economy. Cameron's political experiment has failed, and it's failed spectacularly.

It's failing you - your families, your children, your jobs, your futures. We have to stop it. Now. 


  1. Agree with everything you say bar a National Government. It would just be another coalition full of competing interests. However, I think that the next Labour Govt should co-opt people with real experience as senior advisers/implementers

  2. What's the alternative? The most gormless Miliband brother and thuggish Ed Balls?

    I'm in favour of slashing State spending and ultimately reducing the tax burden that all workers pay. Taxation has got horrendous out of hand in this country. The Tories don't go far enough in this direction, IMO, but there's no other party in the running.

    1. Yes, petal, of course you are. And a pound to a shilling, you're also resident outside the UK for tax purposes...

    2. What a great idea, let's reduce growth even further and create even more unemployment as we spiral down into oblivion........

    3. anonymous, george frogspawn, is totally inept and out of his depth .he has no previous experience in finance. he did not study finance and this now shows .unlike edd balls, who graduated from harvard .the only thing frogspawn knows about money is how much he is worth when he reenters his aristocratic life and is reinstated as an hereditary baron . it isjust another job for the boys for being one of ca morons mates . tho how on earth any one could have a mate in i.d.s insipid donkey shit or chris greedland is beyond me .steve

    4. The scary thing is what IS the alternative? Labour doing a bit less a bit kinder?

      I wonder if Miliband needs to hit us with a series of policies that blow the whole thing sky high? Is he the man to do this? I think it COULD be a mistake to underestimate him, but I'm by no means sure. We need huge solutions to this, more tinkering will be a disaster.

    5. Dear fellow Anonymite - actually I'm resident in the UK, in full-time employment and pay all my taxes. Income tax, tax on my meagre savings, VAT, council tax, road tax, fuel tax, National Insurance - all the many and various nefarious ways the State devises to screw money out of workers and spend it on crap like Trident, unnecessary foreign wars, overseas aid, bank bail-outs, UN pig-outs, and all the rest of it. You may be content with forking out for that. I'm not.

    6. The alternative, currently working well and being hidden by the media is Iceland. Throw out current Govt, scrap Party system, prosecute the bankers, nationalise banks and all utilities, write a new constitution.

    7. This is all beginning to sound very familiar Sue. I'd go along with scrapping the party system too, and nationalising the vital services, but I've also been reading this:
      And as I say, it all seems very familiar!

      Incidentally, I don't have the quote to hand, but Adam Smith himself, in Wealth of Nations, gave a two page warning on not to trust banks and businesses ~'whose interests are not the same as those of the nation and are often in direct opposition to them' You could no doubt find the exact wording on Gutenberg, but that's the gist of it. Oddly enough 'free market' economists tend not to remember that bit...

      As for GDP measurements, I'd take them with large pinches of salt. There is however a consultation on sustainability indicators out at the moment, which would be encouraging if the majority suggested as examples weren't still economic.

  3. I couldn't agree more! Well done Sue you are inspiring!

  4. It's only failed if you assume they want to improve things for the common man. If they wanted to return the country to a time when there were no middle classes (who are a recent phenomonon, we should remember), instead just a legion of peasants there to do the bidding of a handfull of the super-rich (a time one imagines Cameron and chums look back on with some nostalgia), well, if they want to take us back to that, they're doing fine, aren't they? We're losing access to everything that means life-support, health-care, energy, food, housing... it's all becoming unaffordable. I remember watching a farming show on tv. They were shooting perfectly healthy young foals because they were simply superfluous to requirements. The 1% regard us as farmed (frankly, so do I), indeed we've heard Freud referring to us as stock in the House before now. It doesn't take a great stretch of the imagination to see why they'd have no interest at all in maintaining the disabled and little or no interest in maintaining life-support for the mass of the people, most of whom, in this automated age, aren't really needed from their point of view. So they're getting rid of us, not all at once and obviously, which would alert the majority and cause outcry, but slowly, carefully, by stealth. I don't think thisd is incompetence at all, I think it's malevolence on a scale that's to most people unimaginable.

    1. Remember Grey's Law: "Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice."

      We're beyond the point where we can adequately determine whether this government is acting as malevolently as you say it is, or whether it's just not remotely up to the job - in which case, insisting on staying put is a form of malice in itself. Ultimately, it doesn't make any difference to the solution required.

    2. Where is Grey's Law from? Sounds spot on?

  5. I am afraid I have to say the same thing I've been saying before here (which is going to make me sound like a gloomy guts) - but "Stop the"

    How exactly are we going to do that? Write another petition they can utterly ignore without debating? - we remember what happened with the NHS petition, right? With the other petitions being signed or submitted, right? It never saw the chambers. They were never debated. They were ignored - a direct breach of our rights, and what did people do? Sigh and...make more petitions.

    So, what do we do? March? A tonne of people have been doing that, actually - a huge march of disabled people which didn't even hit the press. Marches which aren't even remotely reported. Direct actions which only become inconveniences and never reach the papers; and if they do, the British public is convinced we're just trying to protect our scrounger-benefits anyway.

    So...what do we do? Wait two years till we can vote again? For who? The damage is done - there won't be any way to re-establish what we have lost as we will be too used to the lesser state of things that anything remotely sensible will be considered an extravagance. And what party is going to bother to sort it out rather than chase votes? There isn't a one that cares to speak out about the NHS, about the disabled, about the reforms or the bankers. They're too afraid to lose their standing, protecting their positions rather than doing the right thing. And so it goes.

    So, what exactly do we do? Basically, I think the only thing we can do is something British people would be horrified to contemplate. No one wants to be one of "those" people in black. We tremble at the mere words "anti-social" even while we applaud Spain, Greece, Iceland, and Egypt, and gasp in horror at Syria. We'll never do what needs doing because, quite simply, British people don't have the guts.

    So I guess...we wait.

    1. The government is creating a class of people who have no means of sustaining their own lives. Recent history has demonstrated how dangerously irresponsible that is.

      We might not have to wait very much longer.

    2. But, we have the Games! Yay Games! Right? I mean, we've got surface to air sodding missiles and police walking around with guns and no one can dare speak out against branding....but yay Games! Can't believe how docile people are about that stuff, but they are. Le-sigh.

      I am waiting...but I won't be holding my breath as well.

    3. I think it's the Lib Dems. I have another post I have to write about them. But this is a national emergency and they hold the balance.

      I'm less worried about what follows than getting this lot out.

    4. It's been shown time and again that the only thing which gets change in this country is damage to property, or clear willingness to damage property.

      This means people being willing to go to prison, be injured or worse. Look at the history of the Suffragette movement; look at when we got a national health service - when the ruling classes were depleted and most of the population had been trained to use weapons.

      Frankly, at the moment people are both too comfortable and too afraid to take these types of actions, because it's been made very clear what will happen if they do. Most people still have too much to lose. But if this lot carry on much longer, probably that will change.

    5. "British People don't have the guts" - Don't judge us by your standards. We have far more than our American counterparts. If you don't like our ways then there are other choices you can make!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I don't actually believe any government - even a Tory one - can be THAT incompetent. I think it's deliberate policy, designed to put us all on the edge financially so we are forced to work like slaves at the beck and call of our employers. Small businesses will either go under or be bought up by big businesses. The clock is being turned back to 1890 when unless you were part of the privileged few you had to work till you dropped dead or beg for a living, no matter what your age or physical state of health.

    The Westminster government and the monetary system are corrupt. They are not acting in our interest. I'm not advocating violence or revolution. People need to link together in mutual support networks and co-operatives and exchange groups.

  7. agree with much except your conclusion- no to government of 'technocrats' - they tried/are trying that in Greece/Italy - undemocratic and no more competent - and they would pursue yet more neoliberal economic policies, not social democatic, let alone socialist, ones.
    Also - are they really that incompetent? - they're making a pretty good job of destroying the welfare state and making massive profits for their mates (aka their class)...

  8. time George Osborne was replaced he is useless need to replace him as Chancellor with someone who isn't an MP and who has a background in successful business/finance this is the only way to turn things around. no ifs no buts Osborne needs to go

  9. Ok, I agree with you, but please tell me HOW...
    What do I do?

  10. Once again a brilliant piece Sue. I think the Goverment hopes that people will die from worry, lack of care and food. I see no future for myself at all. This Goverment are truly terrifying.

  11. We have all been asleep over the last 30 years whilst a Coup d'eta in slow-motion has occurred. Our government has been brought by the lobbyists of global corporations and the financial elite of the city of London. The government, ALL governments, have been doing the bidding of the global corporations....their lobbyists all have offices in the houses of parliament, they dictate the government policies and even write our laws. The Social Reform bill that privatised the NHS being a case in point. This law was written by private health and insurance companies...and then bulldozed through by a government of people with vested interests. The government no longer listens to the people...we have lost our democracy...those that facilitate or allow a Coup d'etat to occur are actually guilty of treason. All is not well in these green and pleasant lands.
    We need to get very political, we cannot allow this to continue....we need to seek legal redress to root out corruption. We are beginning to see this with banking practices coming under legal scrutiny (ireland) & Activist groups like UKuncut taking HMRC to court. Things are beginning to is not the time to despair or to say peaceful activism does not work...we have to keep at it, step it up. We need to keep spreading the word, talking to people, getting them to wake up to the idea that we have a sham of a democracy and that we must change it. Start a local political discussion & activism group in your local town or city. Peaceful revolution is what we need...we should try similar tactics to Iceland and Canada. Icelandic people took to the streets outside their parliament with pots and pans, and banged and shouted and did not go home, & kept coming back the government resigned and the people reclaimed their parliament, sent bankers to jail and did not bail banks out. Thousands of Canadians march on a nightly basis with their pots and pans...campaigning against tuition fees amongst other things, every one not just students are on the streets. Government are scared they have brought out an emergency law to ban street protests, but this enraged everyone and the protests got bigger. The universities in Canada have been shut down for over 100 days. NONE OF THIS GETS REPORTED ON MAIN STREAM NEWS because THEY ARE WORRIED and dont want it to spread.

    1. To Anonymous 26th July - "Willingness to destoy property" - Why not go the whole hog, as they do in America, and gun people down if you don't like their views!!!! You are advocating and inciting violence. History has shown that, in the long term, it achieves nothing!!!!

  12. So what can us reserved Brits do to change things in the way Iceland did. I believe we can overcome the present morass if we keep talking about this stuff, keep raising awareness. Educate yourselves as much as you can about all the problems .......find out about & join in with other groups that are concerned and fighting against the same stuff. For instance UK UNCUT, OCCUPY LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE, COALITION AGAINST CUTS, TUC, POSITIVE MONEY, ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT and of course DPAC & BLACK TRIANGLE. Get informed, broaden you perspective. I think understanding the full extent and control of the global corporations is KEY we need to all understand that they are a threat to democracy, human rights, working conditions, trade unions, peace, ecosystems and indigenous peoples. WATCH the film THE CORPORATION, this will help things to become clear (is on youtube in instalments).
    We don't just need a new government we need to RECLAIM OUR DEMOCRACY, we need to change the political system in a major way, we need to change the monetary system in a major way. This is not going to happen quickly....we are going to have to keep at this for some time, we will have to be strong, we have to be resourceful, we must keep talking to each other, acting together, supporting one another......we must always remember that we are not alone there are many sections of society that are not happy with the way the financial elite are behaving, many professional bodies speaking out against the government policies that are targeting the vulnerable, this is pretty unusual for Britain. We must not let ourselves be deterred by the corporate owned media ........they are propaganda tools ......of course they wont want to publicise or televise the revolution. Don't bother with main stream news...use the internet, you tube...there are many political blogs & fb pages out there, watch independent news like Democracy Now. get your news from lots of different sources to get the full picture.
    So please, don't give up.... a revolutions is already is a peaceful revolution, a revolution of hearts and minds, it is exciting, the greatest cause there is because it will truly make another world, a better world, possible. We need to be the change we wish to see in the world...get out there, keep fighting, we have history to make. :)

  13. the tory government loved tony blair, just like ca moron ,loves this political marriage .egotistical suited careerists . their is not a lot of difference between any of them. most all of the party manifestos of this condom party have been ripped up ,and we have voted this government in on an election based on lies. it greaves me that labour, brought this policy in, and contracted atos, it is every thing i am against, to oppress the sick and the weak .i need reassurance from edd milliband ,that he will put a stop to this ?the deaths of 11hundred people last year as a direct result of thees heartless policies .very little is being said and labour as to do more to give the disabled a little bit of hope .whilst i read on hear that a person can not keep his medication down as he is sick with worry, or people are attempting and actually taking there lives through pure desperation, whilst this latest banker, has cost the bank hundreds of millions in the latest fraud and deception on a scale that beggars belief only to walk away with 8 million in a pay deal and share options that will total to over 40 million. i dont feel like we are all in this together. steve

  14. I have to say I agree with Joan Twelves

    "no to government of 'technocrats' - they tried/are trying that in Greece/Italy - undemocratic and no more competent - and they would pursue yet more neoliberal economic policies, not social democatic, let alone socialist, ones.
    Also - are they really that incompetent? - they're making a pretty good job of destroying the welfare state and making massive profits for their mates (aka their class)..."

    We need to regulate the financial elite not put them in charge. It would be like putting the psychopath in charge of the mad house ....their agenda is very different to most good people in society. They wish to privatise the state entirely, they want to commodify everything so we have to pay for everything..if they could charge us for breathing, make us pay for the air, they would. It was a financial technocrat who said, "if you want to make a lot of money, buy whilst blood is running on the streets".

    Did you not see the guy from the stock exchange who said "Governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs does & Goldman Sachs does not care." & "every night I go to bed dreaming of a recession"

  15. Remember Guy Fawlkes,I am not advocating what he did.But when you get huge divides in society,often people turn to otherwise unthinkable measures.

    The Revolution in France was caused through massive inequality.

    These Posh Boys don't seem to realise how much it would cost to repair this country if and when the shit hits the fan.It would cost a darn site more than they think they are saving.

    Then there is the moral aspect.Every time you look at things in Pounds,Shillings and Pence.You dehumanise people.You make the unthinkable possible.Just like the Nazi's did when they dehumanised people.

  16. In Thatcher's day, the poll-tax was the final straw for people. Could we see the same soon when the effects of the dire council-tax benefit "reform" comes to its dire fruition?
    From an article by Polly Toynbee:

    "In myriad ways David Cameron's government is intent on reprising the Thatcher revolution by slashing the state and privatising the public realm. But you might think there was one lesson from her history that he would strenuously avoid repeating – the poll tax. Amazingly, here it comes again."

    One way or another, this crew of callous incompetents has to go. They are too dangerous.

  17. I resent the implication that being a gay MP is AS BAD AS being a fraudulent MP.

    Fraud is a CHOICE. Being gay is not.

  18. Roger McCarthy26 July 2012 at 15:32

    Unfortunately the only national govt possible would have to include all the Lib Dems, the Nats and either some Ulster unionists or a few stray Tories.

    So it can be no more than a rhetorical device - yes we would participate in an emergency govt but that cannot plausibly include any members of the current govt.

    And I really can't see anything short of a massive popular uprising - which our masters rightly fear so little that they are remarkably cutting even the forces of repression - terminating this coalition before 2015.

    I am obscurely reminded of the account of the Ape takeover in Monkey Planet (the much more satirical original novel which spawned Planet of the Apes)where the gorillas show their utter contempt for their human masters by carrying only whips - our masters rightly despise us so much that they are proclaiming that they don't even need whips to keep us in line.

    So all we can do is rage impotently against the dying of the light and hope that if not our children our grandchildren might one day have the strength to start the struggle all over again.

  19. Strange you see how terrible this Government, but not the previous two.

    Noggin the Nog

  20. We it is clear we are not at that magical Tipping Point yet and we may never be.One thing any govt of any political hue knows is the power of only have to look at nazi germany to see how effective that is.
    No govt department or minister puts out a statement or gives an interview without carefull consideration as to the impact thats why they are so very much media trained.I fully belief that we are now in the grip of a corporate coup de stealth almost done in such a way as they hope we dont notice but yet we do and yet we do NOTHING and thats what they want.Thats what they pray we continue to do and when it is too late and we have no rights left then right then and there we are back to a modern day fuedal system.Remember that system was only broken down by one thing.NOT protest but the made it possible for people to actually escape the yoke of that system by depopulation and the people left(well ran away when thier masters died)the land for the citys in huge numbers.They had for the most part to change thier identities to escape from thier oppressors as they were trapped in a system that made them property of the landowner and they had no rights to travel without permission and no other rights to speak of so when the chance came they took it and it changed society but make no mistake it was not any political solution it was purely the whim of nature and a plague carried by fleas on the backs of animals all the way from the russian steppes .
    Today we in reality still do not have many rights...we cant sack a govt...we cant even sack an mp and we certainly cant do a bloody thing about tax avoidance...corporate greed or industrialised bank in essence we have only one thing and that is NUMBERS.....power in numbers to actually rise up and get down to the big house and say right you lot get yer bags yer sacked BUT we are not at that tipping point yet...we already have another modern day plague though and we put them in power and we let them put in place legislation that enables the corporate monsters to rule us and its is a plague that must be stopped because it is a plague that is much more dangerous than the black death or the spanish flu its is one of coporate greed and political corruption and if we dont stop it we are back in that fuedal system of slavery forever..but as long as we have the bloody x factor...the olympics and ...well you get the picture.... bread and circus....NO we are not at the tipping point yet...

  21. I'm afraid I reluctantly agree with the poster above; things ARE terrible, possibly worse than in living memory for anyone under 50, but I cannot see what will change. Social media is great for campaigning and networking but it has its limitations; the sense of urgency is ultimately dissipated and people turn away from the screen to go and make a cup of tea. Real change can only come from being properly engaged in the real world and most people, as history has shown, prefer someone else to do the politics for them. Having said that, one compromise (and it would be a hell of a compromise) would be a vote of no confidence and for Clegg to form a Coalition with Labour and a variety of other MPs as someone already said. Frankly, I think Labour would be fools to accept him and I can't see it happening. So..impasse.

  22. "An activist from the Occupy movement is standing in a City of London byelection on Thursday in a direct electoral challenge to the way the City is governed."

    A welcome bit of news...a start, perhaps..

  23. First they came for the communists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Pastor Martin Niemoller

    You can substitute any group in here the sentiment is the same - We must do what we can to protect and help others in the face of so much inhumanity. I cannot pretend that I have even an inclining of what the answers are, but I do believe we have to get back some of what supposedly makes us human, that is is care for our fellow humans. We need a just and caring society, where bankers, politicians and the media are held accountable in everything they do.

  24. It's to late the likes of myself are no longer in politics had i been in politics instead of the bank of england i guess i would have sided with Michael foot although i would have been seen to come across like Tony benn which you have to remember the public didn't like much

    You need to be forceful in politics with a very clear message that you are on the side of the vulnerable at all times and remove anyone who comes along from outside with a different view point as far as the vulnerable are concerned

    As i say we no longer have anyone like myself in politics believe me this is a fact my own mp will tell you end of story we are where we are that age group of David Cameron and his type of thinking caught us all of guard and we now have to pay the price whilst the likes of himself and type of person can do as they please

    If there is any blame then sure I'll put my hand up as i saw very late in the day that we had a problem with emerging mp's David Cameron/tony blair why back in 1997 and failed to do anything

    Tony brought in the tax credits and for a few years made some headway but i could see that things were getting way out of hand both on the economy and the Iraq war and the way the usa was heading that being as always a country full of spin and never any different

    All of my friends from America will tell you that the usa is and has always been the country of exploitation with extreme mental violence as the side effect of having to live in such a dreadful country

    i have been many times years go and even then you could small trouble brewing on every day of the week and you certainly couldn't just go out for a walk and that's still true today in most parts of Florida and my friends in all parts of the USA say the same where they live

    Sue is as always spot on but with regret their is no longer a future in the uk for some groups of people like the sick and disabled but there are also other groups like just being slow or not focussed that group also is going to find the future bleak as are the pensioners

    Yes it is a very large group of people overall and has a strong voice but without someone like myself to lead it comes to nothing and with much regret that is how this country will stay as for the life of me i cant see a way out as you must have someone like myself on board to make sure that the fundamentals of life like care and justice are implemented at all times and as i say their is no mp or lord with my mindset and at the end of the day we are in the lap of the gods

    1. Agree with you on the increasing polarisation of the country. The 'have's' have never had it so good. The gap between rich/powerful/in control and the rest is expanding. It's like there are two very distinct worlds - the difference has been less clear until the last couple of years - now there is definitel an US and THEM. i cannot see this changing in my lifetime. rather see it cementing itself in our culture. No democracy even if in words. US and THEM until radical change happens. The Unions aren't interested. The labour party aren't interested. There is, literally, nowher to go.

  25. one thing we have to remember is that david cameron was not voted in by the people as prime minster he could only rule because of the backing of the libeals and at the next electhion we will have to see if the people of the uk will vote for him again

    His own constituency will no doubt vote for him as they share his values but will the country follow personally i dont think so as his values on life as a whole are very doubtful and the public will be looking for a much better mentally balanced individual

    E'd milliband thou is very similar to David in that he tries to say words that are appealing to the public but in reality his experiences are not there and just goes through the motions but are devoid from any sincerity and thus not a way forward and here lies the problem as without anyone in the wings that could lead we will have to face the next general election as of the last and have another government devoid of care not only for the sick and disabled but for everyone

    politicians say they go into politics to care and protect the public but the reality is very different and the next election will be no different

    what can the public do well not much as they have only ever known a bad government and apart from not voting at all were going to be stuck for a good few years yet at least until the current mp's and lords have retired

  26. We need to stop thinking in terms of political makes no difference which party is in power, they are mere puppets....the same people are in charge and control policy and legislature regardless. It is the 1%, the corporate and banking elite who call the shots. The politicians just do their bidding so that they can be assured of a lucrative future through directorships, or 'advisory' roles with the industries and companies they favoured whilst int office.
    Stop thinking in terms of left and right, OUR SO CALLED DEMOCRACY IS A SHAM.
    We need to be talking & thinking about creating a true Democracy.

  27. Many of the posters are reluctant to accept just one thing - there is not a bottomless pit of money. I would be willing to bet that many (not all) of the posters on here do not pay tax and have been dependent on benefits for many years. It is a simple fact that many (again not all) are defrauding the benefit system.

    I am a senior citizen and I remember when poverty was really poverty. I remember my father dying when I was young, leaving my mother with 4 children, I also remember her crying because she didn't know where the next penny was coming from. She cleaned offices, my sisters ran errands for people and helped my brothers with their paper rounds - we managed! We all had a strong work ethic and that helped. No this is not a rags to riches story! We all had ordinary jobs (no fat pensions) and paid our way. I would not like to see poverty as it was when I was young, but poverty today seem to mean not having the latest gadgets!!!!
    I have only my state pension and a small (£30 per week) pension from work but I am better off than my mother and can live comfortably (within my means) My children inherited my strong work ethic and are getting on with their lives. Stop expecting handouts and start to live within YOUR means, you may find that you feel happier for it!

    And NO I am not a Tory I have voted labour all of my life!

    1. Bet you watch the olympics too!! You know what's wrong with your argument? EVERYTHING - I'm not even going to debate the points you make because I have no wish to waste my time or energy any longer. FFS what is wrong with the world??????

    2. Bet you are screwing the system too!! Not going to debate the points" - Because you can't!!!!!!

  28. Then Labour should be ashamed of the bigoted scum they're attracting.

    1. "Bigoted scum" like elderly tax payers? So the ideal labour voters should only be be benefit dependents.

      Those who are genuinely too ill to work have a right to benefits those who are not genuine do not "Simples"

  29. This isn't a drill.

    This isn't a test.

    This is your government, for real.

    And they are utterly incompetent and totally corrupt.

    Until this country wakes up and gets off it's knees, nothing will change. No wonder the reaction to last year's riots was so disproportionate.