Friday 15 June 2012


Just realised I hadn't put any links on my blog to any of the media from Spartacus Report. At the very least I felt I had to link to the Newsnight. You know, I did good, but HOW often did I have to slap Maitliss down, drag her onto the actual issues, correct her mistakes??

How much longer did she give Grayling than me to speak, and she even tried to shut me up when I did get to talk. I can see why you were all so annoyed looking back.

The best line surely has to be where she accuses us of demonising the Government. Pot, Kettle, Pillock, I say.

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  1. After watching that i find it shocking that they give more time to a guy with basically no understanding of disability over someone with years of experience, i can only put this down to them being scared of you as when you speak you speak with comfort, experience and understanding.

    Chris Grayling on the other hand can only speak from a pre written script that makes him sound like he is a typical Conservative Party member out of touch with the real world.

    all of this is my own opinion

  2. Me & my wife said this when we watch this Newsnight programme with you on it we thought it was so bias that complain to the BBC & they said you hadn't said anything about it

    1. yes my partner and I were shouting at the telly too, and I complained to the Beeb. Got just the same reply as you did....
      Sue did well just to survive that onslaught.

  3. Summary:
    a)Amendment removing the right of young people who have never paid NI contributions to receive ESA.
    Grayling: The support group has the same structure. All is fine.
    Sue: Er, this was about NI.
    Maitliss: How dare you demonise the government over this when nothing is changing.
    So either
    i) Grayling doesn't understand his own changes or
    ii) He lied and Maitliss let him get away with it

    b)Maitliss: Why don't you want any assessments?
    Sue: But no one said that.
    Maitliss: But it is wrong not to have assessments.
    Sue: I think we should have fair assessments.
    Maitliss: (*drat*, quick, shut her up and change subject)

    c) Sue: ESA will be time limited to 1 year whereas when it was designed people were expected to be on it with support for 2-5 years...
    Maitliss: *sounds reasonable*. quick, change subject, change subject

    d) Maitliss: Grayling, now you see why it was so difficult to change this, will you do it?
    Grayling: We WILL do this (teehee, we're going to use financial privilege)

  4. I was outraged when I first saw this interview - particularly with Maitlis. I emailed Newsnight to complain about her supine, pro-government bias, but needless to say heard nothing back. I don't often stay up to watch Newsnight as I need to be in bed, but from what I recall, this used to be a hard-hitting programme that challenged the politicians. It's utterly depressing when the BBC dare not step out of line - or is it just establishment cosiness? There seems to be more and more of this and bugger the rest of us!


  5. Grayling is a cunt

  6. I'm disabled and am in fear of what this government will do to us. Grayling likes to put the blame on 'the last labour government' or the austere cuts are necessary because of the economic climate. Really Chris what about the 40% increase between rich and poor in recent decades. Or the increase by the CEO'd of the FTSE 500 companies of 12% increase in salary and bonuses running into millions or the £120 billion unpaid tax? or

  7. Newsnight,equals BBC,equals Pravda,equals Propaganda.We only need Joseph Goebbels at tory HQ,oh sorry,he is already there.In spirit,anyway.

    No wonder we do not trust Politicians or what they call Democracy.

  8. It's a blessing that someone like yourself Sue can go into the BBC News Studio, remain composed, and manage to highlight the issues against the most Partisan News Corporation in Britain.

  9. Even in the DWP some people are trying to speak out about the onslaught on claimants, but they are silenced:

    From the Public and Commercial Services Union:

    See the posters the government tried to ban

    15 June 2012
    Managers in government call centres have been taking down union posters that expose the brutal way workers are told to treat people on benefits.

    Bosses in the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) said the notices were offensive and an incitement to take industrial action.

    The PCS posters were on union noticeboards and highlight the real experiences of workers in DWP call centres – including one who was told off for wishing an unemployed person "good luck".

    They also refer to the number of callers who threaten suicide because of cuts to disability benefits.

    1. Hi Findlow.

      Good find, but direct link doesn't work for some reason. I tried usong the direct link to the posters page and that won't work either.

      Try this one. Go the main site and click on 4th news item down on left hand side.

      The link to the posters the government has banned are shocking.

      Throws a whole new light on "them and us". Seems like the DWP workers are being bullied and stressed too.

      Click on the link at the bottom and you can see 7 posters. One quotes a worker who says s/he has had 12 people threaten to commit suicide on calls.
      They are pressurised to come in when sick. and under "huge pressure to cut corners and work faster than humanly possible." Seems also they have a "script" which they are not allowed to deviate from - how can that possible deal with the huge varitey of individual circumstances, especially when dealing with the sick and disabled?

  10. Those in the clips are taking out their backside the bbc know of my predicament and decided to give me a wide birth such is my profile in the inner circles of the establishment just to highlight just my case on it's it's own could bring down the government. All the rules I've had to follow over the years with you cant do this that or the other

    iv's heard and seen and done it all and with my crippled body I'll win the day every time in a court of law

    personally i will always do the right thing for the weakest in society irrespective if i were the richest or poorest person in the world the people who post to this blog are and always have been my highest priority and will remain so until my death

  11. what sue should have done in the clip is to have given first off a list of all those that have died to the presenter of the program and to grayling and said that needs addressing first and four most as that will lead the government to account at a later date in the courts
    At this point the program would have been cut but the point would have been made
    everything else is secondary

    So next time sue you know what to do first and good luck

  12. Having watched that for the first time, all I can say is: Sue, you rock! You were cogent, calm, persuasive, well briefed and made the others present look like rank amateurs. Thank you for giving Spartacus such a reasoned, powerful voice, and for taking no prisoners.


  13. Unbelievable when David Cameron himself didn't think there was anything wrong with claiming all the benefits/free help he could as a multi millionaire! The hypocrisy is mind blowing!

  14. yep and the atos boss gets a million quid bonus...

  15. this defamation of disabled people is a massive charade in its entirety, from the process of actually claiming for this benefit from the off set, through to media propaganda campaign initiative. ranging from the the reclassification from disabled to scrounger and other derogatory language inciting hate amongst the most challenged in society. the television programs that debate topical and currant affairs are practically non existent. all apart from the piece of rubbish that was spouted on the one show and this bias one sided geobleistic dross. i watch question time every week and every week there is not one mention of the biggest social crime that is happening in our country . maria miller, was a guest on this program ,not one word on atos, labour, or should we say new labour brought this vile policy in and contracted this french money motivated lying corrupt out fit. so when the condom party took office happy days. continue to smash the most challenged and if any objections are put forward, you can just see the condoms salivating at the mouth screaming at the tops of their voices it was your policy we are following. it is time for one of thees politicians to grow a pair and stand up for the disabled who ever is the shadow minister for disabled is deafening in his or her silence and is not fit for purpose. may be we should all email this apparition? and tell him or her to get off there £150.000 a year arse and start doing what they have been put in office for and start fighting our cause .you notice i say the shadow, as the dwp and disability minister are as one, corrupt .ids, ideological disability smasher, ca moron and dick smeg and his spineless gang will not help. the only time ca moron, took notice of the disabled benefit is when this hereditary multi million air claimed the pittance for his son. a million air scrounger. steve.

    1. Its certainly true about Question Time. We need to start asking them questions. They have in the recent past had Grayling and Ian Duncan Smith on twice and Maria Miller. Yet the whole time this government has been in power - not ONE question on the welfare reforms - even when they went through Parliament.

      There MUST have been audience members affected by this, even if only a member of their family? This is the biggest plank of what the government has done in the last 2 years yet the BBC never mentions it. Time to ask the BBC awkward questions or refuse the licence fee. Why should we have to PAY for propaganda that discriminates against us? If all the sick and disabled refused to pay the BBC would fall apart and they can't lock us all up!

  16. question time is all a con it's true the panel don't know the questions but to ask a question on the death of the sick and disabled through stress etc is forbidden unless their is a current court sitting in place and a minister has or is being charged at the time of the programme broadcast

    All questions to the panel are well edited first by the bbc and anything controversial will not be made public

  17. why then when this geobleistic show comes to town, compared by a sycophant who will never match robin day, why not give the editors job a busy one ?with a group of people shouting out their views . until there is a proper well balanced fair program .if i could get to a program i would shout until i was dragged out, thou i have not got the strength physically i applaud any one who could manage to put our case and expose atos all the best steve.

  18. RE: the posters from the PCS, this is very important and shows that some unions, 'get it' and are prepared to fight for basic decency and justice. However, Smith knows this and the new universal credit is to be largely administred from call centres in India, they will be working from scripts, etc and will be encouraged not to show sympathy, etc and of course there will be language, communication issues.

    This is another scandal/crisis waiting to happen, the man is a brute....