Wednesday 27 June 2012

Help Make Grayling Mad

This was posted on the quite excellent Benefits and Work site and then re-posted on Black Triangle, but it seems many can't view it on either. Here it is again if you're having trouble. 

Whilst making Grayling angry is one of my reasons for breathing, I thought the tone and sensitivity of he MoJ video was striking. It couldn't be more different to an experience with the DWP or Atos. If the latter are genuine about improving their customer interactions, this should be their guide in everything that they do!

Here’s an opportunity for you to help make a minister wish he hadn’t interfered.

Back in March we wrote about the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) employment and support allowance appeals video (external link) on Youtube.  The video was pulled after less than a week, on the orders of senior officials.
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Independent benefits expert Neil Bateman (external link), discovered that the video was taken down after employment minister Chris Grayling emailed the ministry complaining about, amongst other things, the fact that it told claimants:
  • that they are twice as likely to win their appeal if they appear in person rather than having a paper hearing;
  • that the DWP doesn’t normally send a representative to the hearing;
  • to send additional evidence to the tribunal, when Grayling wants it sent to the DWP.
Yesterday, three months later, the video reappeared and, to their credit, after their initial panic MoJ officials seem to have left it unaltered.  The video is actually reasonably informative and reassuring for people who have no previous experience of appeal tribunals.

Normally, however, MoJ videos get very little attention – one has had just two views and few of the 120 videos on the MoJ channel gets more than a few hundred views.

If Grayling hadn’t intervened this video would probably also have remained largely unseen.  Now, however, we’re askingBenefits and Work newsletter readers to make it the most popular video the MoJ has ever produced.  The current record holder has had 4,269 views and the ESA video currently stands at 1,063.

So, please, make Grayling mad by taking a look at the video and passing the link on to anyone you think might benefit:  (external link)

Members can read more and comment here.


  1. This wretched man has refused to discuss individual cases with MPs where people are experiencing problems with his benefits system. A woman signed off from work after having breast cancer has been twice been found fit for work. Refused ESA and unable to return to her job yet as she is signed off sick. Her MP approached Grayling and he just wasn't interested. This was his response,

    " is extremely important that we provide support for all cancer sufferers who can potentially return to work to do so at the earliest opportunity. That is much better for them than being stuck at home on benefits."

    The only support that I see him offering is to give us nothing to live on. Thanks very much!

    Welfare Payment Cuts, Chris Grayling Refused to Hear Case of Breast Cancer Sufferer

    I'm sure this woman, now in remission doesn't think that she's stuck at home on benefits. She's recovering from cancer. She's not 'festering' or idling around and scrounging money off the state. Not only is his persistent message that that anyone on ESA is 'stuck at home' and caught in the benefits trap incorrect, it's offensive. Hundreds of thousands of individuals are screaming at him, trying to get him to listen via their MPs, letter, email and media, and yet his cloth eared response is to repeat the same robotic rhetoric. He is hell bent on a flawed ideology, out of touch with reality, devoid of reason and logic and lacks even the most basic humanity. If this is how Tory ministers care I'd hate to see what it's like when they don't!

    He makes me sick!

  2. great video ,very informative and a great help for the sick and disabled in our society .what a gross disservice chris greedland taking away help of any kind from the most challenged. i hope someone cuts his tits off one day, medicates him with oral kimo meds and morphine and sends him to work and if he can not manage to get there ,stop his benefits. a cruel nasty sadist, whats next chris gas vans ,special selections? i am sure this piece of human detritus, has no birth certificate, just an apology note from durex..steve

    1. Satan kidnapped Grayling as a baby and took his place.

  3. Grayling's a c-u-n-t

  4. I think that it is people who have BT broadband who can't get Black Triangle as it is blocked. It could be a paranoid fantasy derived from experiences with this government but who knows. It could be BT not wanting to upset ATOS or an overzealous spam blocker run by BT Broadband....

  5. Grayling already IS mad

  6. The video is on 8,888 views now!! :-)

  7. Sue: this video has now gone "private"!

  8. I watched this video yesterday when the views were about 6700+..but today the video has been 'pulled' again! Disgusting goovernment..I truly hope all in the DWP become seriously ill one day, especially IDS and Grayling, and suffer a long, slow and painful illness and existence, giving them time to reflect on their OWN inhumanity right now. This is almost Nazi style Eugenics with their persecution.

    (Wonder if anyone managed to download the video privately from the site..and will upload it again and again as necessary? LOL)

  9. the video as gone private. was it not the intention for this video to help disabled people ?can any one put this back up ?seems the nazis, dont want to help there fellow man and would rather make the life of the weakest and most challenged harder. whilst bankers have just been caught with there greedy fingers in the till ripping off the whole nation of billions of pounds. this government is complicit in the deaths of the disabled, through a systematic hate driven campaign .spreading disinformation withholding information designed to help people .in a nut shell lying by omission designed to steal from the weak how disgusting can this condom party get? i am at least not quite lost for words. tho labour, may have some questions to answer about regulation ,but i also want to know what they are going to say on degradation? steve

  10. I just went on the video site and strangely or conveniently for Grayling it has been removed again.

    My grandfather helped get rid of the Nazis in the second world world in the name of freedom and freedom of speech. I am so glad he is not alive today to see the death of free speach and democracy in England.

    It seems anything that does not fit their political agenda is changed, swapped or deleted. I thought that behaviour only happened in China or dictator lands.

    We used to be a country of morals and somewhere to be proud to live. I am now so ashamed of the greed and capatalist society we have become. Where politicians destroy our country daily and get rich on the back of the vulnerable and poor of its society.

  11. Great video but still removed, what's the point of a government department making it then not showing? It was very helpful I'm sure I will have to do this soon, only sickly thing was it implies the case was not given ESA as didn't explain depression rather than just bad back. Implying this reason why refused, when we all know even serious physical disabilities are still assessed as fit for work.

  12. Did anyone get a rough copy of it and post it on to vimeo or something .. It is scandalous that it has been taken down.

  13. New petition just put on the MoJ website

    please share and voice your disapproval

  14. well well well... or should that read unwell, unwell, unwell?

    Luckily was able to pass the link on before it was removed again, to some who are awaiting an ESA appeal (one declared fit for work even tho no short term memory left and wholly dependent), hope that it at least helped ease some stress for a minute or two...

    REprevious post:signed and posted x

  15. Interesting - it's been removed from Youtube. There shall be much blogging tomorrow, I think. We need to keep the information in circulation.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Here it is again .. Someone has captured it ...

  18. I see the video Making an appeal to the social security nd child support which should say ESA Appeals has again been removed from You Tube but I have a copy of the video so you never know where it will appear.

  19. Is this a game of 'Hide and Seek?' No this is about having the right to be heard and I should have appealed years ago and would have won but I did nt have the confidence.....if I'd
    have seen that video I would have appealed a wrong decision.

  20. Only in a poor and unfair system would important information on how to appeal be hidden! It's a disgrace, most people need to see a tribunal before can imagine themselves going through it all . How many thousands of people a year have to do this? It's not a parking ticket we are talking about being able to eat and pay bills and to stop being put in a group with serious work conditions that you are too I'll to do, and face losing all benefit again.

  21. I'm trying to watch it but it says content removed by user. Anyone else getting this?

  22. They took it down but someone has put it back up at

  23. No Becca I can't view it either.Content removed by user! I will try the above link.

  24. Looks like Grayling got mad.

  25. Shared it Honey, as did about 10 people on my FB feed:-D


  26. I've put the video on my blog, 'Not Dead Yet!', on the following link: