Tuesday 21 June 2011


Hey!! We started a wheelchair conga on twitter. Thought it was time to be a bit fun.

Hasn't it all been gloomy lately? if you use twitter, do the #wheelieconga with us using the hashtag at the end of any tweets and let's see how long our conga gets on twitter today!! Invite your friends ;)

**Update - Well THAT was a surprise success. We ended up with literally thousands and thousands joining in the wheelie conga. The Papworth Trust, WhizzKidz, Aspire and TargetMD all joined in. Big thanks to Jules Clarke on twitter for the virtual Lambrinis and hotdogs. It was such a good party, people without wheelies wanted to join in, so we adapted their office chairs!! One even dug out their roller skates. 

Dame Tanni Grey Thompson even joined us for a virtual Lambrini and this morning I got this lovely picture from Oz! http://www.tweetdeck.com/twitter/Spectronics/~EHPY6 
It seems our jokey bit of fun made it all around the world! 

There was a brief moment, where we were laughing and joking on twitter, people were offering about virtual food and more people were arriving all the time. Just for a second I remembered all those naff office parties I sat though when I could work. The day we played office-chair-relay, the curled up sandwiches and warm, cheap, wine and I felt part of something again. Part of the water-cooler generation, lol. 

I hope everyone felt the same. If a silly joke in the morning can lead to 10s of thousands of "wheelies" congaing their way around the world, then surely, no-one needs to feel isolated or lonely again?

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  1. not on twitter, but thought I'd add this -


    choo choo choo leave DLA alone now
    choo choo choo we need it to survive

    choo choo choo Miller is no good, no -
    choo choo choo, it's time for her to go

    choo choo choo Chris Grayling are you listening?
    choo choo choo stop stirring up the hate

    choo choo choo welfare reform is harmful
    choo choo choo stop messing IDS