Wednesday 15 June 2011

Ed Miliband 100% right at PMQs

Ed Miliband is 100% right to say at PMQs that 7000 cancer patients will be affected by the time limit on ESA.

The real scandal is that 700,000 other people with serious conditions, found not fully fit for work will also be affected and lose all of their contributory ESA after 1 year.

I don't care how unpopular this might sound today, this is the single biggest issue at stake in today's vote on the Welfare Reform Bill.

Great to see passion and all questions devoted to this issue.


  1. Good post, its a start from Ed at least. Now all he has to do is admit that the whole ESA process is flawed and that Labour want to put it right

  2. This is pure politics. He's cherry-picking illnesses he thinks will resonate with the public's sympathies and ignoring the rest. This isn't the start of anything, this is it, his whole strategy.

  3. The trouble with the conservative government is they don't think things properly.

    When my Conservative mp come to see me at my home i went though all of the small detail with him in implementing a through overhaul which to my credit included children which look after disabled and sick parents. He was only at my house max for one hour and was very impressed that just by a causal chat that we had not only covered my own problem in which he came round to see me but also had overhauled the whole overhaul of the benefit system

    The reason i find it simple is because it is simple and you dont need to keep flogging like they do as now a dead horse every day and having to keep talking about us so that we cant even watch the TV even if we were able

    All that is needed to overhaul the benefit system is common sense that coupled with a genuine compassion for people whose life is very difficult brought about by sickness and disability very basic things you would have learned if you had attended church when growing up

    So the message here is if i can overhaul the benefit system in one hour with my mp i would expect those with a far greater education then me to do likewise for the benefit of all of the sick and disabled

    My front door is always open BTW ?

  4. Just watched PMQ on telegraph, wow Ed ripped into him bigtime telling Mr C about how he doesn't know his own policies and that it would be voted on tonight worh a look

  5. Not been a good week for Cameron, has it. Chucked out of a hospital yesterday and humiliated, and shown up as a hard hearted bastard today for calling a not unreasonable question from Miliband "a smokescreen", so and humiliated. He wouldn't think it was a smokescreen if he had cancer.

  6. Then you people must be seeing something else then, I watched it and it was cringe making, I've had cancer, and it was luck that my GP noticed a mole on my arm the size of a pin head, I had a lump the size of a tennis ball removed from my arm, I was told because i was already disabled they state special rules had been put in place, two years later doctors stated i was in remission I get seen now every six months, next year it will go to a year.

    What you all forget is that the problems with cancer which Cameron stated was put in place by labour, yes I know the one year rule was put in place by the Tories, but Labour wanted it to be two years, one year two years, it's ridiculous this is about cutting benefits.

    Miliband does not care a shit about cancer winning points after his bloody horrendous speech this week when he spoke for an hour on welfare, and a few minutes on Bankers, he was ridiculed by a number of MP's for mentioning welfare in the same speech as bankers showing it was welfare in part that caused the banking crises, yes by all means speak about welfare, but how dare he then speak about bankers for a minutes, knowing that the media would return with the same crap about scroungers.

    What Miliband and Cameron forgot yesterday was cancer comes under special rules under the ESA the same as it did under IB, but having cancer does not mean you will die, people do recover, although I've been informed because of the size of my cancer it is highly likely it may return and I was examine my self once a week, you have to get on with life.