Monday 20 June 2011

M'Luds Won't you help me with welfare reform?

As the Welfare Reform Bill moves from Parliament to The Lords, I sing (yes sing!!) Janis Joplin-With-Flu version of "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedez Benz"
Did you ever see a singing rights campaigner with hair this bad?


M'luds won't you help me, with Welfare Reform?
The sick need protection, their facing a storm,
Worked Hard all our lifetimes,
Paid tax since we're born
M'luds won't you help me with Welfare Reform?

M'luds won't you help me, to make people see?
The wall built around us by distant MPs?
We're tryin to help them, but will they help me
M'luds won't you help me to make people see?

M'luds won't you help me to keep people safe?
To live home and free with means to escape
The four walls that bind them
May keep them in chains.
M'luds won't you help me to keep people safe?

M'luds would you see them pushed onto the streets?
No hope of redemption, No way to compete?
No more hope of working
With nothing to eat.
M'luds would you see them pushed onto the streets?

M'luds are we worthy of all you hold dear?
Free speech, human rights and a voice you can hear?
The sick and the poor Lords,
Are living in fear.
M'luds are we worthy, of all you hold dear?

Written, sung and produced by Sue Marsh,


  1. WOW!!! Sue, such a passionate and beautiful voice!! That is amazing! A powerful message, let us pray they listen. Plans to send it to them??

    Brilliant. xx

  2. Utterly brilliant !

    Well done Sue

    Mo x

  3. I've just banged an e-mail off to a mate of mine who's an independent record producer, I think this should be made into a single :)

    Will let you know what she says when she gets back to me Sue, it's a brilliant war anthem for the disabled.

  4. The clip is not opening for me unfortunately but I can see words as powerful. It is so wrong that we have to argue to our governments for basic human rights, while govt. freely negotiate with rich corporations in the hope they well pay for just some of the damage they do to the environment, (raping and pillaging, depleting natural resources, disadvantaging other inhabitants of the country or township, wipe out natural flora and fauna etc). Why can't women and children escaping violence become safe? why can't governments legislate to do so? why are the elderly the sick left with limited access to the resources they need, while others mine potentially deadly chemicals for profit - particularly tobacco, mining and smelting industries? Why can't people who truly love and respect each other marry on the basis of their attraction to the same sex, while others can marry based on gender? And why do some who legally marry treat their partner and children so poorly????

  5. What powerful creativity in challenging the threats to equality and welfare rights. I seriously hope someone is sending this to national tv and radio stations and every single MP in the country?

  6. Wow, You Rock Girl a great song and one that refects our plight.
    Just been reading about Greece and how the see the govt fat bastards were some choice words coming out. maybe we could say the same thing about the people who put us in this mess

  7. I very much doubt it celticchickadee. We're all sick and need others to get tweeting, facebooking and posting!!

  8. Excellent Sue, I had tears welling in my eyes half-way into verse two.
    The moving lyrics are first class, and the vocal sounded just like JJ herself, it was pitch perfect. Congratulations on your artistry.

  9. Can it be transferred to YouTube so we can all promote it. I would like to make it viral if poss.

  10. So powerful Sue I do hope this is spread far and wide great voice,wonderful words and so terrible that you have to write such a thing to attempt to have your voice and all the other voices heard by our money grabbing politiciansl

  11. Don't be sorry john - viral sounds good to me, I don't mind how

  12. Lol! Awesome. Well done Sue. You sound excellent. Will do what I can to spread this. And you're hair looks fine. Rock stars are meant to look dishevelled.

  13. Well done sue that was excellent and if the house of lords get to see so much the better

  14. Awww, Stephen, it so doesn't but thanks. Add chipmunk steroid cheeks and I can't believe I let it out in public. Oh well.

  15. Nonsense. A definite Blondie vibe going on here. Without a doubt. :P

  16. This is great Sue, I have sent a copy of this to my MP. I truly wish someone would take notice of us.

  17. Sue Marsh sings with passion and committment on behalf of the most vunerable at threat from Cameron ,Osborne, and Clegg's 'Cut's', sorry 'Welfare Reform'!

  18. Just sent a tweet about this. Its brilliant.

  19. This is fabulous, Sue! I've posted it on Fb and will plug it again in 'daytime' :) Love your voice!


  20. thank you for this ive shared it on face book


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