Wednesday 15 June 2011

Today at 5pm - Clear your Diaries.... #AskEdM

Awww, that's nice, Ed Miliband wants to know what we thought of his speech!

He'll be hosting a web-chat 5.00pm today on Twitter! Using the hashtag #AskEdM

Wouldn't it be good if 1000's of people asked him why he chose to use a man on Incapacity Benefit to paint a picture of how society is irresponsible, going on to use this man as an example of "not showing responsibility" "shirking his duties" "abusing the system because he could work but didn't" "ripping off our society" he was not a "good citizen" he was "abusing the trust of his neighbours"......?

Why he supported a scrounger narrative that is already causing a rise in disability hate crime?
What he based his 2 minute Work Capability Assessment on?
Why he won't admit that ESA is a shambles

Remember, Mr Miliband has been consulting the country. Listening to the concerns of those who "work hard and do the right thing" He want's to know what Labour got wrong. He's heard from the Daily Mail loud and clear it seems. Today, we could make sure that he hears from us.

**It's nearly lunchtime now. For enough people to make an impact, we need to send this to every campaigner, supporter, friend and contact we can think of. OK. it won't change the world, but it might cause a stir. Pls RT, link and mail out. 


  1. I've known that New labour, newer labour Blue labour Purple labour have been thinking for years, I was at conference when this came up in 1966.

    The idea of getting everyone back to work was a labour Platform in 1997 when Blair came to power, of course then it was about just helping people, for example did you know that more people with disabilities went back to work under Thatcher then has under labour, yet labour spend billions trying to do something no employer wanted. Labour asked a number of companies including BT Tesco Asda B&Q to employ the disabled, but as my friend has said who worked in ASDA until he was sacked this year made redundant, he said look for the last five years all I've done is go to work, sit behind a desk and sleep because they gave me nothing to do, thats worse then sitting at home.

    Germany has this idea if you can work you will work, sadly most of the people on benefits are not working because employers who must employ a number of disabled people, employ the last disabled, the ones who have a severe disability are left nobody wants them.

    Anyone who gives me a job will be doing it because of compassion, because I'll not be able to make a wage or earn as living because I cannot do it, my disability is so severe my medication is to severe, without that medication I'd die, perhaps that what they are hoping.

    I have nothing at all to say to Miliband or the labour movement these days except heil Hitler.

  2. I don't know how to tweet but I'd like to Ask Ed why if Labour is so committed to the contributory principle as the basis of welfare they were the ones who abolished Incapacity Benefit, the LAST of the contributions-based benefits? Are they admitting this was wrong? Will they support putting a halt on enforced migration and 'grandfather' those of us who paid our National Insurance to demonstrate that the British Government honours its commitments?

  3. Can't help wondering if this will be like when Maria Miller did a 'live Q&A' on the Guardian website, and just spewed her existing rubbish back time and again, and answered a total of about 6 questions