Thursday 14 April 2011

My ESA submission

Sorry I can't share it with you. It's the rules.

Just wanted to say however, that I typed with hideous fury. I mocked their ludicrous policies, asked why someone like me should have to point out things that are so blindingly obvious, things that have been highlighted by report after report. I told them they should be ashamed.

I fear that they'll ignore me and the thousands of other submissions they receive. They totally ignored those made to the DLA enquiry, it was a whitewash. However, I wanted it on record that when everything I've been warning of happens, they had all the evidence in front of them .

They just chose time and time and time again to ignore it.


  1. Thank you, and well done to everyone who made one too. Now, isn't it the case that all submissions will be available to read through FOI once the inquiry is finished? Or have I got that wrong? That could be a good read.

  2. Hi Sue,

    The rules need changed.

    All submissions should be allowed to be made available once an individual/group has sent theirs in. Only that way do we see the truth of the concerns/worries/fears raised.

  3. I believe that's right Jan. Just reading those sent to me to format was enough to make any human being want to weep.

    It is shameful.

    I'm ashamed to be British today.

  4. Well done Sue, Dont be ashamed to be british though, be ashamed of the politicians, the lords and the media for totally killing off the disabled. All is not lost yet

  5. Seconded. I know how you feel, Sue; we must try to remember that WE are the British, and we say NO!

    On a positive note, it sounds like there's been a bit of fun at the protests today. This is the only link I can find as I've mainly had emails:

  6. Re DLA - It says on form -

    All information contained in your response may be subject to publication or disclosure if requested under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. By providing personal information for the purposes of the public consultation exercise, it is understood that you consent to its disclosure and publication. If this is not the case, you should limit any personal information provided, or remove it completely. If you want the information in your response to the consultation to be kept confidential, you should explain why as part of your response, although we
    cannot guarantee to do this.

    More information about the Freedom of Information Act can be found on the Ministry of Justice website:

  7. one thing i wonted to ask anyone who virws sue's blog
    There is a guy called Steve Donnison who is in charge of the Benefits and Work Publishing Ltd | PO Box 4352 | Warminster, Wilts BA12 2AF, United Kingdom

    is this guy genuine has he causes far to much stress in what is already a stressful situation always implying if you don't pay him £20 to learn how to write out your DSP forms correctly your fail the work assessment

    personally i think he is a con

  8. benefits and work is probably the best advice site available,Steve Donnison and his wife(who is a barrister)is dedicated to helping the many people struggling with ESA and DLA assessments there is a very active forum where members exchange views and advice,I can thoroughly recommend it,the best twenty pounds I ever spent

  9. @fourbanks - I do not know Mr Donnison personally at all, nor am I involved in any way with Benefits and Work; I only have a subscription to their service. I'm sorry to hear that you feel pressurised, obviously benefits are a very frightening and sensitive subject for all of us. I personally have found the information supplied by B&W to be very helpful and would judge it to be worth the money. *However* the application and decision process is always a bit of a lottery, and all this information should of course ideally be freely available through CAB. I like to have direct access to it because I prefer to do my own research rather than looking for examples of cases just like mine elsewhere. If you do not subscribe and fail your assessment, there's nothing to say you wouldn't have if you had subscribed.

    As far as I know most of the staff of B&W have health problems themselves, so I would judge the whole site to be on the level, yes.

    I hope that helps.

    Off-topic, sorry all.

  10. Not off topic at all. Very interesting, I'd wondered about the subscription myself.

  11. Thanks Alan and Jeff for your input :)
    The reason i asked is that the emails i get from him are always slightly more worrying than the last and as i don't fill in my forms my health worker does and as the forms are always ongoing you get to feel very threatened all round especially those like myself who are very restricted by the DWP on what you can and cant do whilst in receipt of benefits

    I'm not sure why i worry to much as i have been in receipt of benefits incapacity benefit and DLA only for 31 years so i shouldn't worry to much about things as i have seen it all but none the less even after all these years i still feel very threatened probably by the very ridged rules the DWP have placed upon me like how long i can stay out and just 1 hour of INTERNET usage per day that sort of thing

    I have to resign myself to the fact that I'll never be free from the constraints placed upon me by the DWP and i dare say others and just hope the good lord will continue to shine upon me

    When i do go out it's never for more then an hour max there is a church locally to me and I'm often seeking refuge on my own in there which is a blessing
    All i can say is that it must be hell for those that have to fend for themselves and it's no wonder some never make it through the minefield of the DWP

    What a hell of job that must be to day in day out punish people like myself if i had any inkling of doing that type of job when i started out in work my parents would have disowned me that i do no but more worryingly what sort of country have we now become and what is the master plan of the governments both now and in the future

  12. I have beeb using the WAB site for the last year and it has helped me with my claim for DLA, When you think how much CAB have on their hands at the moment its hearbreaking. I dont think it says you will fail if you do not subscribe just that you have a better chance. After all the DWP dont take any prisoners do they

  13. To make vasts sums of money out of the frail is in my eyes just as bad and wrong as the government is in persecuting people like myself over many years

    If he was genuine with all his money he would personally intervene on a one to one basis as to be really helpful

    All he is in reality is exploiting the vulnerable for his own greed nothing new there typical British
    Well i certainty wouldn't use him i would rather live with nothing

  14. I did one too. It was very strongly worded and to the best of my ability at the time, which could have been better but I did mention psychological warfare, pstd, stress being piled on people who get ill when stressed and something about people (Atos & DWP) who bully and abuse the disabled being in the same category as rapists and murderers...

  15. that last bit seeing as the post traumatic stress experience was no different after rape than after the procedure of humiliation and derision of forms, medical and waiting 9 months for tribunal...

  16. Well done Lainey, and I want to second your comparison there.

    For me too, honesty and trust being repaid with lies and suspicion felt *exactly* like being raped. I don't know whether it's just triggering for those of us who have experienced both, or if erroneously failing the WCA/PCA makes everyone feel that violated. I know the feeling of absolute powerlessness was exactly the same. The only two periods of self-harm I've gone through were when I had to share living space with a guy who was raping and psychologically abusing me and... after I failed my assessment. "Oh if they get it wrong you can just appeal". Great. If you live that long.

    Just ranting now, but I'm so fucking angry.

  17. Bless you is the absolute disregard for our autonomy, human rights and is the removal of our right to be treated as a human being with a decisions being made for us about what we want to or can do. It is the total lack of regard for our well being.

    if you are on facebook and want to connect up I am elainee3 I think!

  18. Thank you Lainey :) yes, it's being treated like a thing, an object. Yeuch, I hate it. I'd love to link up, but I'm not on FB at the moment; I like to hide :D I love your blog, I hope it's healing for you.

  19. smiles...and thank you...I was kind of giving up on it because I have had very little feedback, you never know these things I will keep on posting there from time to time...yes it has all been part of the healing...finding some old things I wrote a few years ago has been quite revealing as to how far I have come through...smiles