Sunday 3 April 2011

A little hint for Lansley and Cameron...

Oh yes! After my NHS post this morning, you can see the Whitehall Mandarins have started a full on charm offensive to "sell" Andrew Lansley's health reforms to us silly, uncomprehending fools. We just don't "get it" you see. If we understood, we wouldn't mind, according to the finest Tory minds. (Well Cameron actually)

I just read this article in the Guardian that explains how Andrew Lansley had a stroke in 1992 and experienced dreadful care in the NHS, the stroke wrongly diagnosed as an ear infection, and an impenetrable wall of NHS bureaucracy kept him from treatment.

It was this apparently, that led him to devote his career to reforming the Health Service.

Without a trace of irony, the article then goes on to flash forward to 2009 and Cameron's appreciation of the wonderful job the NHS had done in caring for his severely disabled son Ivan. It notes how badly Cameron needed to detoxify the Tory brand by claiming that there would be "no more top down reorganisation of the NHS"

So, let me get this straight.
Lansley had terrible care in 1992 (after 13 years of Tory cost cutting) and decided the NHS was rubbish.
Cameron had amazing care right up until 2009 (after 12 years of Labour investment) and decided the NHS was wonderful.
Yet still they can't work out what could possibly have made the difference.
And these people are running the country?


  1. But of course they can't, even with both of their brain cells working together they are still sadly lacking!

  2. Sometimes, I REALLY, REALLY wish they would read some of my posts.

  3. She i have used the NHS a lot since 1975 and when i went private paid for by my employer at the bank of england all was well. However once i retired and had no excess to the private part of the NHS thing-started to go downhill

    There are 3 types of health service in the UK which some may not be aware of and they are free and general / BUPA/ fully private non BUPA used by the royals and those in the know and very expensive

    Lansley's life was saved by the NHS so cant see why he should say it was bad unless he was talking about the food

    As for David Cameron of course he found it wonderful as he had a disabled son going to a top hospital on a regular basis for ongoing treatment if i was in his position i to would have found it excellent

    As it stands now the NHS is a bad experience for me but a darn sight better then this government that's for sure who would only makes things overall worse

  4. LOL... they are quite quite amazing in their stupidity.

    They certainly don't do joined up thinking... I'm not certain that they actually do ANY thinking.

    Let's be honest, the backside has fallen out of this, as it has with most of their plans. They just have to find a way of backtracking without it looking like they are backtracking.

  5. This explains their end game over disability benefits- scary

  6. Shows you what kind of person David Cameron is, that he would use the memory of his dead disabled son to deceive people.