Thursday 14 March 2013

The Smoking Gun that shows the Tories lied about ALL of their Welfare intentions

And that's how it goes folks. Being me these days. Suddenly, out of the blue, someone sends me something so perfect, so shocking, so undeniable that my heart starts to beat faster.

So in an innocent little tweet from someone called Stephe Meloy sent me this wonderful, oh-so-detailed smoking gun. 

Entitled "A Contract for Equalities" with (oh delicious irony) a foreword by Theresa May (Yes that's right, she IS the now Home Secretary who wants to abolish Human Rights) it is a detailed pre-election plan of what the Conservatives will and will not do if they win power in the 2010 election.

Best of all, as @mrsblogs points out on Twitter a link to launch the document urges "if we fail to make progress in these areas & do not deliver on our side of the bargain, then vote us out in five years time"

Theresa May assures us in her intro that
"Just as we are determined to fight poverty, so we are determined to fight prejudice and discrimination wherever it exists
No group, no minority, will be left behind on the road to a better future."

Which gives you the tone of pure fantasy of the rest of the document.

Initially, we are told, no-one too ill to work should be forced to. 

"Central to our plans is a clear distinction between people who can’t work and those who can. of course, there are some people who due the nature of their disability or illness will not be able to work. These people who cannot work because of a disability or illness should never be forced   to work."
So far, 22,620 Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants in the 
WRAG  (Work Related Activity Group  - people found to be severely sick or disabled and unfit for immediate work) have been sanctioned - some onto the government's work programme - under threat of losing their income between 1st June 2010 and 31st May 2012 

"We are very much focused on
helping all who are capable of work, not just
those who are nearest to the job market."
Recent evidence to parliament's Work & Pensions committee shows providers ARE favouring those easiest to help

Here's where it get's really interesting. They WON'T be scrapping Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
"As disabled people themselves are best placed to judge how to meet their care needs, we will preserve Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance as cash benefits, which can be used to support family care and costs arising from their disability. "
Disability Living Allowance Mobility Component for blind people the current rules for people claiming the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance mean that it is only available to people who are physically unable to walk. This is unfair to visually impaired people as they too face mobility difficulties. While the law has now been altered to enable these rules to be changed, it is still not a reality for people with no useful sight for orientation purposes. We will implement this change to help support people with visual impairments to live more independently"

Expressing the desire to EXTEND a benefit, would certainly imply you had no intention of abolishing it the moment you came to power. The Conservatives announced a new benefit to replace it just weeks later

They go on to say they will "simplify the assessment process for accessing services" for disabled children,

they say they will "increase the number of health visitors by 4,200" and that they won't abolish Child Trust Funds or the top up payments for disabled children.

But here's the real killer punch at the end :

Under a section entitled Changing attitudes towards disabled people :
"A Conservative government will tackle the stigma and prejudice that still persists towards disabled people, particularly those with mental ill-health."
In fact, a misleading scrounger rhetoric, knowingly engineered and sustained by this government, has left millions of disabled people living in fear and allowed the single greatest attacks on disabled people in living memory. Note the HUGE spike in negative language about welfare claimants and the disabled from 2010 when this government came to power.

There are literally countless lies here, and I've only focussed on the very narrow subject of welfare reform and adult disability. Other groups are infinitely better qualified than me to discuss the many many other sections to this document. I'm sure they will want to when they see this utter fabrication from our current government.



  1. Just staggering...

    "A Conservative government will use every lever to tear down the barriers that are holding too
    many people back. We will make Britain a fairer society for all."

    Great find, and great blog post.

  2. All disabled people must share this. Thanks Sue I will post a link in my blog

  3. i read it as if nothing has changed with the proof of the pudding in the eating
    i know the likes of IDS very well and he will not change track even if he says so and that's the bottom line

    the conservatives are not to trusted on anything and if anyone thinks any different their a fool

    listening or reading a conservative policy could never be trusted any any circumstances as they are not noted for their honesty and integrity

  4. I'm sending this to my local Tory MP. She's one of the better sort of Tories, seems to actually possess a beating heart but I wonder what her response will bw?

  5. Brilliant find as as ever, brilliant account Sue.

    “A Conservative Government is organised hypocrisy” – Benjamin Disraeli.

    Tories have never been big on human rights, historically. Look at every single period of time when poverty and suffering has increased and become more widespread, and you will see a Tory Government in power.

    I had some discussion with Anne McGuire last year about this, which I've posted .

    The Coalition is not a Government that recognises the intrinsic value and worth of life. It is not a Government that recognises human potential, or values personal growth and development. It is not a Government that values social evolution and progress. Trying to explain these fundamental concepts to a Tory is like pondering how best to describe a rainbow and shooting stars to a blind man with no imagination. Or soul.

  6. Great work; the ConDems are gambling on apathy, resentment, & selfishness from most of the population, but you can feel cop-on spreading.

  7. I don't think I fully realised how much hate there is in this country - how many people despise their fellow man - how the fight for the freedoms and rights of us all, could be eroded so quickly!
    Yet, the present government is attacking all and sundry, unless you are one of the lucky few born into wealth......most of which has been gained over someone's dead body!
    I despair.........and then Sue comes along and throws spanners into their dirty work. Perhaps the great unwashed Will wake up before it's too late! GO SUE:-)

  8. MW - My Dad fought all through the second WW. We lived in a road built in a circle with a green in the middle. He used to point his finger around the green and say

    "See them all in their homes? Every last one of them would stab you for bread if they had to. Civilization is a veneer - it would go in seconds if need be."

    1. "....Civilisation is a veneer". How terrifyingly true that is. We have seen how the rights and dignity of sick and disabled people have so quickly been stripped away. All of those hard earned rights almost gone, certainly circumvented when it comes to Tory-led policy making

  9. I just wrote a blog piece about IDS and his fake moralising regarding welfare and the bedroom tax: IDS: More Catholic than the Pope?

  10. IDSIOT is a truly evil creature... Not human or humane... There is a special place for things like him and it's worse than hell... I do not hold hate or condone it but that thing has been plotting away since losing his party leadership to become even worse than the Thatcher monster...

    Lynda Phillips

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  12. I think this is the first time I've ever read a post of your's and my stomach has literally turned over! The sheer mendacity of this is beyond belief - Stunned

  13. at last the first journalist in print to say what we are all thinking

    This is not wartime Nazi Germany and Cameron's attacks on the vulnerable and needy must be stopped

    Read more:

  14. shocking!! I will be sharing!

  15. The last quote was the one that hit me and dropped my jaw.

    "A Conservative government will tackle the stigma and prejudice that still persists towards disabled people, particularly those with mental ill-health."

    So what party did the MP that called us Scroungers belong to? Which party was it that has had to make a few U-Turns to patch the Swiss Cheese policies to help the Mentally Ill?

    How CAN these people be part of the human race?

  16. I came across this speech from Cameron in 2009.

    "How we can make life better for disabled people"

    The speech was to families with autistic children but he covers the assessment process in general.

    Here's how he ends the speech:

    "I do believe that you judge a society by the way it treats its most vulnerable - and it's my hope and belief that if we win the next election then together with great campaigning and research organisations like yours, and the voluntary sector and an army of families and carers, and the millions who practice compassion in this country in their daily lives, that together we can create a society we are all truly proud of. "

  17. No Gruop or Minority will be left behind on the road to a better future... But WHO'S FUTURE are we talking about here? If we are talking The New WORLD Order, than what it means is..We will get ALL of you sooner or later! We are coming, to take away ALL of your "fredoms", . Already they are saying that access to water is NOT a human right, that the very air that we breath is owned by the elite and therefore NOT a human right. COME ON PEOPLE! WAKE UP and learn to read between the lines. What they say at a cursory glance is NOT what they are really saying.


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