Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ask Ed - So we did. Again.

Calm. Reasoneded. #Spoonies strike again. This time, although his answer is vague, Ed at least managed to get the name right and knows what's going on with the disability policy. It's progress Ed, but not as we know it......

The wonderful Steve Sumpter (latentexistence ) reminds Ed we haven't gone anywhere....And we want to KEEP DLA


  1. Honest answer " yes there is a problem" at least he admits it HOWEVER nothing about repealing, changing or ammending, so reprot says " can and shpuld do better, must try harder Ed

  2. If I was Ed Miliband would I give support to keeping DLA? No, not if I wanted to get elected. I would avoid it like the plague. But does that mean he will be as cruel as Cameron if he becomes PM? No, I doubt anyone can be that cruel. Unfortunately his back seems to be against the wall with welfare, its just too popular with the Public. But he can help sway the Public, but only in small doses at the moment.

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  3. The Nazis tested the gas chambers on disabled people; no-one noticed and no-one cared.

  4. Well this is something that people need to get aware of. Similar of how important to learn and take PMP Certification.

  5. Excellent appearance on the news Sue, I agree entirely - the government are wrong to trumpet the 55% as a success - and they certainly shouldn't present as being a surprise when the new 'medical' is designed to stitch up as many people as possible. (I share your suspicions of these figures - I'm beginning to wonder if the government just makes them up).

    You mentioned in the interview you were getting DLA - does this mean your appeal was successful? :)