Tuesday 16 August 2011

Update - A Genuine Success!

Regular readers might remember this post some time ago about the disappearance of a vital Bowel Disease helpline at Addenbrookes Hospital.

I explained how just two specialist nurses had made the difference to thousands of IBD patients, saving the NHS millions in the process. The helpline had had to close due to lack of funding and increased demand.

Having sent my article to the CEO, Gareth Goodier, the PCT and the hospital trust, I urged you to do the same. Mr Goodier replied kindly, acknowledging how important the service was and many of you contacted me to say you'd written in too, also receiving encouraging replies.

Well, the excellent news is that the bowel nurses assure me a trial of the service will recommence in September with a view to reviewing funding from the PCT. All being well, the helpline will be officially back up and running in November!!

This is truly wonderful news and will be a great comfort to the thousands of patients who rely on this lifeline. At the same time, I'm sure it will continue to provide outstanding value for money, relieving pressure on other departments and consultants.


  1. A bit of success is good to hear, as everything is so miserable these days for sick and disabled people! Well done; maybe there are still some sensible people out there...

  2. Well done Sue and everybody!

  3. Congratulations! Glad you had some good news to come home to and a big well done to everyone who wrote and helped make it happen.

  4. Great stuff Sue, your campaigning is an inspiration!
    Love it