Friday 5 August 2011

A Song for Danny Alexander

Did you ever see Danny Alexander defending the sick and disabled against ESA? Did you see how he knew the details, was aware how many decisions were incorrect? He's never mentioned it again since he became a minister. The link to him opposing ESA is here (just the first minute).

When you've seen it, perhaps you'd like to click on the next link and read the lyrics below it at the same time? My Ode to Danny, "Oh Danny boy, the jags, the jags are calling....."

Oh Danny Boy!
The jags and jags are calling.
From No.10 and from the Treasury.
The passion’s gone and ESA forgotten.
T’was you t'was you, but now you’ve turned away.
So come ye back! Remember how we need you
Disabled, sick and vulnerable in need.
We’re all still here, forgotten in the shadows.
Oh Danny Boy! Oh Danny Boy, we need you so.

And if one day, you think again of ESA
And I am dead, as dead I may well be
Will you recall, the times you said you’d help us?
Or hide away? Pretend you cannot see?

We have no friends, no politicians caring
No-one to save our fragile dignity.
Will you come back and fight for what your heart knows?
Your time has come to be the man you ought to be. 


  1. All of the ministers were of the same opinion when in opposition and all took the view of Danny Alexander and all of them have since distanced themselves since getting elected

    None of these politicians are in anyway Honourable and are a utter disgrace to a fair society in which i personally believe in and always have done

  2. the liberal party article in the guardian is saying they are going to debate ESA as apparently many of them are unhappy with it?! it went up about half an hour ago - so finger crossed!!

  3. I'm disappointed Sue. I thought we were going to be treated to another example of your singing. :P Oh well, maybe another time. Enjoy your holiday! And stop posting for a few days for god's sake.

  4. Anonymous - I know, it's our very own George Potter!!!

    Isn't he doing brilliantly?

  5. Am I the only one who ended up in tears? I really cannot understand how people can move so far away from what the Lib Dems have traditionally believed - that those in need deserve support and help not bullying. Thanks, George, but you could have warned me to buy extra tissues.

  6. Perhaps we can ask harry Potter to pass a few swipes of his wand over the Labour party and Tories, to see the light.

  7. Hi Sue or anyone...
    please can you pass this address round... I'm afraid i don't know how to do links... the subject is 'no immunity from prosecution for CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER by ATOS & DWP'...
    try or DEATH COUNT
    I think this may be very important...
    best wishes...

  8. Thanks for that link that is indeed a very important lead in which every sick and disabled person should have reference to it in case you may be a victim either of now or in the future

  9. The link should look like this