Friday 5 August 2011

More Potter Magic!

I really am going on holiday, honest, but I couldn't go without sharing the latest exploits of George Potter, the Lib Dem who has tabled the motion at conference to oppose both the assessments and time limiting of ESA.

This article is causing quite a stir online and having spoken to George quite a lot lately, I get more impressed by the day! He wondered if any of you could share a short paragraph of your own experiences of ESA assessments or how the time limit will affect you? It would help to add the "personal story" to the debate of the motion. 

If so, please either leave your comment below or email me at

Let's hope no-one can break Mr Potter's spell :*


  1. Ok, this is a shorter version of what I've posted before.

    If the time limit goes through it will very probably prevent me being able to get married. This is because my illness is due to a history of rape and psychological torture starting at the age of three, perhaps earlier. If I recover to the point of being able to work, and then relapse, I will not recover within a year, and after that time I would cede all independence to my partner. To be completely practically and financially dependent on someone would cause such a relapse that I would be unable to recover without leaving the situation (ie moving out, perhaps ending the relationship). I am not alone, with 1 in 5 people suffering sexual assault/abuse at some stage of their live and at least two-thirds of those developing PTSD alone. 1 in 5 children of secondary school age have already suffered serious neglect and/or abuse (I believe this was shown by a recent Kidscape survey).

    This loss of independence also places all disabled people at much greater risk of domestic abuse. For example, disabled women are already twice as likely than non-disabled women to experience domestic abuse [1995 Crime Survey], and as abusers are predatory, they may well wait until financial independence is lost to begin their mistreatment. 2004 Home Office Statistics show 36% of the overall population report suffering domestic abuse at some point in their lives, so again, this is *extremely* common. I appreciate that no-one wants to think about this issue, but pretending that it is rare and only occurs in isolated aberrant cases is to ignore a massive problem.

    Incidentally, Walby (2004) found that domestic abuse costs health services £1.4billion a year, so there's a financial incentive to prevention, as well humanitarian (seeing as humanitarian isn't enough for some people outside present company ;))

    Thanks for all your help and interest, George.

  2. What we need to see from Mr potter is to speak in the tongue of Betty Boothroyd, Baroness Boothroyd, in which she defends the house of lords from those like nick clegg the deputy prime minister who wont to get rid of the house of lords in the same way the government wont to get rid of paying welfare benefits to the sick and disabled

    Because Betty Boothroyd,is such an elegant speaker nick clegg will be unable to make any headway with his reform on the house of lords where as we the sick and disabled have no such talented speaker fighting our corner so this persecution of the sick and disabled will continue for ever more

    You would have thought that with all of the so called skilled people in the uk that a elegant speaker would speak up for us but I'm afraid that's not been the case why?

    Because i don't believe this country has that type of skill as all people like Betty Boothroyd,would never give the likes of us the sick and disabled a thought in the first place why? because her type of people only ever look after their own and no one else which is tragically sad as i know her very well as she is not only very masterful in getting her own way she is also a very nice person and would have won our case the DWP reform hands down had she been of a mindset to do so and Sue's blogg would never even have existed in the first place.

    sadly she did not step up to the plate so good luck Mr potter you'll most certainly need it and more

  3. Are there any plans to start an e-petition on with regards to ESA, DLA, etc?

  4. @Anonymous

    To be honest, I don't see what good an e-petition would do. Even if it got the 100,000 signatures the government could still ignore it because they'd say that "this issue has already been debated in parliament recently". Sadly the only way things are going to change is if Labour makes an issue out of it or if the parliamentary Lib Dems kick up a fuss.

  5. George the liberals will need to kick up more than a fuss. Just the very idea that a sick or disabled person at this time is found to be a cheat and scrounger by the majority of the British people is in the same league as Hitler in the war told his people that the Jews are a people of robbers

    Yes George i am old enough and have studied the likes of Hitler/Winston Churchill/ Enoch Powell/ tony Benn/ Michael foot/ for the past 45 years and have seen and read every speech they have made

    Michael foot alone would have knocked this vendetta against the sick and disabled into touch on the day David Cameron opened his mouth with this garbage he was one of the very finest parliamentarians this country has ever known so was Churchill and Powell

    Even if i had been a mp would have been able to kick it in to touch as i to am a very fine orator with an excellent ability to cross reference the likes of David Cameron with other bad leaders from history like Idi Amin etc. the president of Uganda he was another one who killed off all of his sick and disabled people

    I wonder George as you look young what you have been taught at university about history. Well i have only studied the personalities of mp's and world leaders for for the past forty five years and what i am seeing from this conservative government is abhorrent and no different to all of the other sick dictators in history in which every single one of them had the same agenda and that was to either kill the sick and disabled either direct or kill them through poverty or just let them die in isolation

    And David Cameron is no different from the studies i have made on him so far. I will admit thou in his case and when his son Ivan was alive he had not shown this dislike of the sick and disabled but after his sons death he changed very rapidly and i at this time am still researching as to why his mind changed.

    The press however SUN/MAIL ETC always have shown their hatred of the sick and disabled even way back in the early fifties when i was born

  6. You can only be effective on a change of policy if you can stand up and deliver a speech which is captivating without notes and reference the policy in question with history and others who have had the same agenda and succeeded in destroying the sick and disabled and highlighting that the conservatives wish to do likewise today

    At this point providing you have remained strong on the delivery of the speech this policy will be kicked into touch and is then side lined

    As i say to be effective you need to fully outline the dictators of the past and how their aims were accomplished that is most important as you are telling a story and you don't wont to be seen either looking at notes or missing any key points

    Although David Cameron and Hitler are different as we all are the idea is to bring together what personality traits they share so in this case the personality traits of David Cameron may not have been that close to Hitler but may have been more aligned to say idi amin you also have to highlight that although the evilness of the past was carried as history dictates and here we are today with a government policy that still has an agenda to cause pain and anguish on the sick and disabled which is exactly the same as the dictators of the past have done and with good effect

    so all in all in summing up is that the policy's in which the conservative government wont to bring about on the sick and disabled is wicked and wrong and as history dictates it has been wrong it was wrong then and it's wrong today and at that point you should close the speech

    At this point most people in the UK won’t have studied politics or history so they won’t necessary give you a standing ovation as they won’t be able to relate to the people that i have mentioned above i could have mentioned many more evil people that i have studied over the years and as i say the bottom line is is to bring about pain and suffering on the sick and disabled just as in the past and that my friend is the bottom line

    Whatever the government’s policy is at the end of the day you all have to remember that it's your local DWP that have the last shout and not the government as it is at the local level that will dictate weather you are fit for work or not and it is they that will give you hell or not not the prime minister he will like all dictators of the past will have no knowledge whatsoever of your individual predicament and i from my own experiences can tell you your local DWP office can be hell on earth so much so if i could get to Switzerland for euthanasia i would have done so

  7. one last point when David Cameron goes and you then can get to meat him he'll tell you he never meant any harm and that he only had our best interests at heart and that it was just politics
    Just as all the other dictators who have had an agenda against the sick and disabled have done in the past

  8. Hi Sue

    I am emailing you my experiences



  9. Oh another thing George if your wondering why i am so against the conservatives and David Cameron is because they have left me through their persecution of me over the past 30 years looking like this

    so you can see sure it's been hell and whatever happens i am still the loser dont forget you cant change what has happened to me but you can fight to make sure it never happens to anyone like me again

    The mp's at the end of the day are just spineless even my own mp who is a Tory is shocked and cant understand the brutality towards me but that is what long term stress has caused

  10. Hi Sue and everyone,
    Have you seen this yet?
    An ex police officer preparing a case for prosecution of DWP over known suicides and deaths from the ESA medical. Any one know of any cases personally not in the media to send to add to the evidence? This is brilliant and I hope everyone will support in any way possible - and spread the link! There must be more cases as I have heard people so close to the edge and having to be sectioned on messageboards.

  11. Oh look, your bezzie mate Jody Mcintyre has been sacked? Who will barrage police lines in your name now? I guess its fine for him to agree with rioters and looters as he was getting his ESA back?


  12. V go do one you bloody troll.I dont care much about the person you mention or his views as i dont know him but whats esa got to do with his comments.You sound like a disability hater to me and we dont need you...

  13. @V - you're completely right. After all, every single sick and disabled person is exactly the same and has exactly the same views on anything.


    Now why don't you fuck off you troll and pick on someone your own size. Twat.

    P.S. my apologies to any non-trolls who are offended by my language.

  14. Well said George.This (apologies to anyone offended by the language but he does deserve it)time i wont be as polite as i was in the comment above you.But yep V you are most probably a sad wanker with no life so yep fuck off big style.Have you ever had to live a life in pain every day only to be labelled thieves and cheats ...nope didnt think so.Dont ever get sick or indeed become disabled V because your narrow mind would have to expand and i doubt your thick narrow minded skull could stand the pressure.TWAT...

  15. Hi...
    I do agree with the two posts above but please let's be careful & find better words than swear words... I'm not keen but not offended... I just think that when they look for quotes from you Biggles you will be wide open to trolls choosing these rather than your really clear answers with content which lead to debate... Don't get me wrong i've never heard my mind say 'wanker' so many times in my life but no one is going to care what I say...
    Afterall, according to my understanding of the term, we don't know if V is a twat or a prick but we do know s/he doesn't care!
    How about debating how David Cameron is stating that pockets of our society are 'sick'... does that mean they are entitled to ESA without ATOS assessment or WCA?... What does the word sick mean to him??...
    I sobbed as I watched a lad being helped & robbed at the same time but frankly feel this is what is being done to people like me by government with thousands weekly being 'helped' to have nothing despite being chronically 'ill' 'disabled' or 'sick'...
    Cameron has at last acknowledged 'genuine' illness in our society, it is diagnosed as mindless criminality & will be treated with heavy punishment!
    I have lived in Birmingham for 30 yrs & am on my knees with grief... Our language & meanings are constantly being insiduously changed & so much is at stake... we must be careful & not let them get away with it or draw us in...
    Best wishes... Nita

  16. Hi again..
    having said what I did above about using swear words I did have to laugh at the 1st line on Mr George Potter - 'what to do about the riots'... Nita

  17. indeed Nita David Cameron should be careful with the words he used i am sick and the people who rioted were not sick they are just hooligans if they were sick they would be mentally sick and their not

  18. Hi fourbanks...
    I think Cameron IS being careful with his words... he knows what he is doing ie setting people against each other & trying to fit us all in the same big cooking pot... I've noticed lots of changes in the use of language especially over the last year...
    If you have a good job this week but get laid off tomorrow you will now automatically become a member of the despicable sick of society... & what will happen in future at protests now... can just being present & having your photo taken lead lose to losing your Home!?! Nita

  19. I also think we have to be very careful about generalising about who is involved in the disorder & why... it isn't popular to want to know why but if we call the whole 'lot' of them hooligans we won't find enough information to protect ourselves... hooliganism is what they are doing but may not be what they all are...I can tell you it won't be long till that label is extended inappropriately to totally innocent people eg those who haven't found work or are 'sick'...
    I don't understand it all & certainly don't excuse it but it isn't one age, or race or reason & they aren't all unemployed although some may be amongst those losing their jobs now...
    I don't listen to a young woman who had to run from her home as it burned with her child in her arms without my heart breaking but I do suggest not calling it all hooliganism... we must look deeper... what will it be called when the EDL look for people of colour to harm under the guise of 'protecting'?..
    It's all so confusing... someone said 'you must be mad if you think they would be playing table tennis if the youth clubs were open'... No they would be tipping the pool table over & causing trouble in the club, as they do.. the youth workers have to police them as well as try to teach them & give diection & hope... they just keep them off the streets & away from the adults outside for a while... People ask why they didn't go to many rich areas.. I may be wrong but i grew up in a small town... Birmingham was only 8 miles away... i didn't know it even existed... some of these youth don't know anything beyond their own streets...
    I'm afraid of government, dwp, atos, children & never openly say i'm disabled anymore... Nita

  20. Hi...
    Take a look at this: ('moral decay as bad at the top as at the bottom') & this: ('DWP admits dodgy data use') & this: ('statistics authority steps in') Nita

  21. There were many types of rioting and some convicted were solid workers
    This being the case i feel that David Cameron should stand down as it could very well be in that society dosent like him for whatever reason

    I can understand thugs not liking him but to also have professional people not like him to the extent that they destroy where they live that is something entirely different this is a first for this country and is a very disturbing trend

    I don't like David Cameron that is true and the only reason i don't like him is because of the way he has brought pain and anguish to the sick and disabled which in my mind is a wicked thing to have done pure and simple

    It could be their are others who detest him for other reasons but only mine is valid as any true leader would always protect the vulnerable first and last against everything else irrespective of the cost

    Had he done this from day one of being prime minister he would without doubt be sitting pretty today and would continue to be prime minister for years to come as he would have shown to the world a uniqueness of caring which has never been seen before in any other world leader and as for the riots what riots there wouldn't have been any in the first place

  22. Hi fourbanks...
    I agree & in your different posts you put it better than me... I do believe people across the spectrum are angry & for much good reason... I feel very sad, disturbed & frightened that vulnerable people are being represented (& quite rightly) eg victims of hacking & riots etc but not us... where is the outrage or tears for the weakest of us?!?
    I believe many have validity but there is awareness of it... I too have been mistreated through my life but i'm also still here too... I am ,however, finding it very hard to keep going... Nita

  23. There are only a very few people in any country that can lead it to a personal fulfilment in others this does not mean wealth some of the very finest like the Maldivian people and many others that i have met along in my lifetime have been enriched with love and care for others they have also been very poor

    I remember in when i first met my wife back in the year 1980 from war torn and famine Ethiopia she arrived in the UK with nothing and couldn't speak any English but i remember in looking at her that she had uniqueness about her in which intrigued me so much i thought how could she possibly fall in love with me who wasn't even well

    Well as luck would have it i met her at a friend of hers birthday party and we both realized we had something special and apart from us being born on the same day we both have a love of other people and put others first this was something she admired in me greatly that and a person who would always do the right thing not only for his own family but to anyone who asked. She also liked in me my wonderful openness and honesty and integrity and likewise those are the endearing qualities i like in my wife

    Before we got married i converted to the Muslim faith to be like all of her friends and family back home as part of the conversion process i had to attend North London Central Mosque in where without any notes or knowledge of Islam delivered a remarkable speech on how i saw the world and it's people and apart from a standing ovation they then gave me my Muslim name al-Amin after the Prophet Muhammad and to this day i have lived my life in keeping with those old deep seated Muslim roots

    I had always been a christen beforehand attending church so i already knew how to be able to judge others and to look out for the needs of others so as you can see from the above seeing David Cameron in power causes me much anguish as he bears no resemblance to me whatsoever and there lies the overall problem in how this country can unite and go forward as one with him as prime minister will not be possible hence my recommendation to him to step down and to do the right thing

    The vast majority of the uk people did not vote for him at the last election and it is just maybe in that fact alone that people feel as they do full of loathing and hate for others that is not the way forward at all but with David Cameron as prime minister things overall could get worse as the people of the uk are not being able to see a different perspective to their lives

    Over the past 30 years all the people of the UK have seen is corruption selfishness and greed at the top and today with so many lives blighted it's time for a change to values and views that i hold so dear in which the strong look after the weak and not the weak looking after the strong that we see today that just isn't right and needs to change fast like now!!!

  24. Hi fourbanks...
    I believe there are more than a few people who can lead a country to fulfillment... I am happy to hear you & your wife found each other & totally understand what you mean when you speak of recognising love & goodness In anothers' eyes...
    It is wonderful that you appreciate yourself for your good qualities... I am a white woman who has a fair heart & soul & have sought strong but peaceful friends... I moved into a multicultural community 30 yrs ago because that was the only place i could find a range of opinion rather than extremes... I found this more comfortable but yes frightening at times...
    I was baptised catholic & through much pain & grief have chosen to reject most of it... I feel i have grown spiritually from sharing lots of perspectives but still miss my roots...
    I'm going to take a big risk now because the net is not anonymous or untraceable... maybe i am a fool & i will only do this once... I want to ask you something in all openness... I am a good person & loved by old friends & new... nothing on the outside of me to intrigue anyone... I could have great agreement with many groups until it comes to one point & it breaks me down... If you looked into my eyes i believe you would see the affinity you speak of & know i wish you the best life...
    I am Gay... I learned from a tiny age that i was condemned to the fires of hell so i never told anyone until i was in hospital at 18... my point is that i have been excluded across the spectrum... it is very strange watching all the nastiness in the world & groups fighting to take more away from each other & yet most of them would agree with each other that i am wrong to be me... I am much more a healing person than a destroyer but i have been punished & ruined... Any new 'acceptances' of my type are too late for me...
    I have a chance here to ask your view on this?... It may not seem the right thread but to me it relates to demonising groups to take what you want away from them for 'righteous' reasons, eg the poor & disabled, & they certainly want to take all from us!!... I feel excluded from all groups...
    Also i don't see getting rid of Cameron as the answer when there are many worse to step in his shoes... We can only keep stressing the faults as people suffer & die... We must hope that those who see clearly & care fight much harder for us than they are now... Let's be really clear about what is abhorrent or criminal... Nita

  25. Hi Nita
    It is indeed very unfortunate that your gayness has had a negative mark your life people should always be judged on the content of their character irrespective of who their are or where they live in the world. I myself have over the past 30 years been excluded from society because of my poor health but none the less i am very well received by all of my wife's friends from many nationalities. The only people that give me concern are my fellow British citizens who over the past couple of decades have adopted a materialistic approach to life

    This has never sat well with me as i am the complete opposite in one of care and respect for all others i could never have ever served the governor of the bank of england if i had the quality of greed or selfishness. In my very early life I had to be seen to be above all others otherwise i would not have been able to take over from my father on his retirement from the bank

    I grew up in lewisham in the fifties surrounded by mostly immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa but i also had close friends of other nationalities in which i thrived and despite my education was nothing special the school always regarded me as a natural leader with the head teacher saying that i would be successful in whatever i undertook which turned out to be true

    I had many Choices when i left school from working with the queen going in to politics or the bank i chose the bank as that was expected of me by both my family and the bank and was a solid foundation for security in bringing up a family

    My early retirement through ill health from the bank was a blow for all concerned as what was lost was someone who could see danger a mile off which is very rare as you can only deal with what information you have to hand and having someone highlight pitfalls looming made the job at the bank much easier for all concerned

    The government today as in the past have always lacked the ability to connect with the public which is and always will be a very serious flaw as everything in society revolves around the ability to communicate well at all levels and to see straight away on what is wrong the prime minister should know what is wrong in society like bad housing lack of affordable housing and all the other things that are not up to scratch that make up a united society

    David Cameron can only achieve things if he truly believes in a united and fair society but with much regret he does not he always sides with the wealthy on the very old idea of a trickle down approach which in reality has never worked that only works in a honourable society which is not us in the uk

    Nita you are like so many others i have met in my life a heart of gold but with everyone around blind to see but we must live in hope that one day our time will come where the younger generation will deliver i person like myself to show how it's done

    My daughter who is off to uni in September is studding international politics on her return all being well wonts to get to a level that will allow her to work in the united nations and get to properly deal with what is wrong on a global scale her fellow students are also of this belief

    i will leave you a link on how the younger generation will break through and it will be an end to the likes of David Cameron and co as his ways are so out of date and always have been