Tuesday 16 August 2011

Total Politics 2011 Blog Vote


It seems I may have already had one or two votes for the Total Politics Favourite Blog of 2011 award.

It also seems that others are shamelessly pimping themselves out for votes, so I too will bashfully clasp my hands behind my back, kick one foot about whilst looking down at the ground and ask quietly that if you've liked my blog, you might spend the 10 minutes or so filling out the (pesky) form here :


The closing date for votes is, I believe, this Friday, 19th August

*sidles off*


  1. How long has this site been up and running ?

  2. Oh dear, since October 2010 - why?

  3. Best of luck Sue.

    To anyone else voting, please note that you need to name at least 5 sites/authors for your vote to count. (I nearly missed that vital piece of info)

  4. Voted! Good luck Sue!

  5. Possibly the most irritating form I've dealt with.
    Ensure you write 'blank' and select a political alignment for the fields you don't fill in. Hasn't the programmer heard about setting default values?

    But worth persisting with to give a deserved vote.

  6. It's easily the best blog I know-best of luck,my dear.

  7. Good luck sue it is indeed a very fine blog in which is both enlightening and very informative and most importantly accurate in how the sick and disabled are treated in society and how they spend their lives and that we can all relate to