Friday 13 May 2011

My local area Protest against Social Care Cuts

Greatly proud of local protesters here in Sussex who forced a debate at the County Council today by raising over 20,000 signatures on a petition opposing Social Care cuts. We had the petition on our Labour street stall and the Worthing Solidarity Network also supported the protest by holding street stalls and local meetings.

I'm also delighted to see that three local Bishops joined the protest today saying that they were "standing up to be counted". This is an affluent area and it is very heartening indeed to see the car park of County Hall in Chichester packed with disabled people, their carers, concerned citizens and charity and religious leaders all standing together to support the vulnerable.

It gives me strength to know that not everyone buys the "scrounger" rhetoric.

Sadly, it made no difference to the planned cuts and the Conservative council did not agree to pause the proposals until more work had been done.

Nonetheless this was an impressive campaign and a very well attended protest. Well done Sussex - keep it up. You are obviously winning hearts and minds from all sectors of our community and if you can do it here, communities can do it anywhere.


  1. Yeah, Sue, we had a campaign like that in Kingston (I think I said in another comment). You can read about our campaign, its failure and the application for Judicial Review in the High Court on my website at which I've been updating today. A tip - read our solicitor's Letter before Claim and consider whether your council has complied with the law in relation to promoting equality!


  3. Its my local area.Saddened though that despite the valiant effort I fear it will make no difference to cuts to people I know. One more judicial review to go which I hope may make a difference because we have to hope. Perhaps if the salaries of those who 'sit pretty'at the top considered a few cuts to their ridiculous salaries.... oh wake me up I am dreaming.

    Its too late already for may in West Susssex. moderate. One service user whose needs have been deemed moderate (he has dementian)who until last week attended a day centre 3 days a week has had their needs cut so drastically it is inhumane. Having a lot of difficulty understanding why he is no longer allowed to attend at all. The things put into action instead whilst well intentioned are run by volunteers for example a lunch club, how will they have the training to know that he has a urinary infection, that toe nails require a chiropodist,etc. That he replies he is very well thank you regardless of personal circumstances. No family involvement. How long before his needs become substantial rather than moderate where the existing plan would maintain his needs at moderate for some time yet. His needs will probably become substantial very very soon, without the support and professionalism that until last week been allowed to access. I just hope the detioration is not so rapid that his needs will subsequently be met in a critial setting, which could subsequently lead to the very worst. West Sussex is suffering nearly 6% in cuts in elderly care. Contrary to the misguided figures regarding the north south divide on the main news last night. Its obvious that cuts need to be made but when these cuts will inevitably create greater expense in the long run its all nonsensical. The saddest thing is that the most vulnerable in our society, are the victims. Dementia is very cruel already, I am not sure that the result of these cuts on this particular group will not prove to be the very cruelist of all.

  4. hi anonymous. it is to be hoped that the carers, friends or relatives of the service user you refer to will get in touch with the don't cut us out campaign. it will only be through the telling of these stories through the media that the impact will really be made on the decision-makers - either resulting in personal contrition and reversal of long-held positions, or decisions being made at the ballot box by electors who do have the power to hold these people to account but who often don't know the detail of what is being done in their name. please contact the campaign in confidence through:

  5. I agree, North/South divide research seems dubious. Kingston is experiencing cuts of about 24%. That's nearly a quarter of their budget - sounds pretty drastic to me!

  6. Hey Sue… Sussex. Don't think I ever told you .. My Mom died at Worthing hospital! Plus my sister Janet has been active in opposition to closure of Sussex hospitals, so we have a link.

    Hope you are well, and sorry I have not been in touch.. Yu must know how brilliant you are.In the paper, on the radio… Must take up a whole canteen of spoons. Keep going, and take care. X