Sunday 29 May 2011

Cameron's on holiday AGAIN??

Seems our laid-back leader is abroad again!!

In Ibiza this time, of all places.

One might point out the disasters surrounding him at home wherever he turns - the NHS, tuition fees, education, the economy, defence, justice - hardly a department is running along smoothly. Does it reassure anyone to see that despite looking like the most incompetent PM of all time, he sees no reason to stay at home and try to sort out the mess?

Having just returned from a trip to Spain last month, he's now ravin' with Sam as though he doesn't have a care in the world.

Shirt sleeves Dave, good old man of the people, flying Easy Jet and Ryan Air. All in it together.

I can't remember the last time we had a family holiday Dave. This year, we can't even afford to take the kids camping. Next year, you're going to take away every penny I rely on to survive. All £4661 of my Incapacity Benefit, the only money I receive as an independent person is to be sacrificed on the altar of deficit reduction.

I really don't care if you fly easy jet or private jet, go to Benidorm or Bermuda. I'd much rather you stayed at home, made some effort to sort out the horrible, horrible mess you've created and gave the little jaunts a miss.

We're not all in this together. You don't even know what we're "in".

Well, I'll give you a clue Dave, it smells and it's sticky and it's not going to go away however often you jet off for a bit of R&R.


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  2. Straight to the point, Sue - one rule for the Tory rich and another for everyone else. At least while the idiot's on holiday he can't cause any more mayhem at home I guess.

  3. Easyjet... well yes, the poor man had to economise a bit after all he's spent more than £680,000 of public money renovating Downing Street in the year that his government has inflicted the biggest ever spending cuts across the public sector.

    Records reveal nine bills for the refurbishment of Downing Street including £30,000 for work he and his wife, Samantha, carried out on the No 11 flat last summer.

    Leave the mess behind Dave, leave your mate Lansley to take all the flack, before you sack him, just you go ahead and enjoy yourself while we all fear for our lives.


  4. My fellow Britains,

    Having a wonderfull time in Ibiza weather good.
    We will be hitting the town tonight and then sampling the nightlife.
    As for all the people i am trying to stuff back home don't despair i am in constant touch with Nick,Andrew and of course IDS.

    Will be meeting up with the spanish, greek and irish ministers tomorrow to find out how to manage the economy.

    All the best

  5. I thought that myself when I heard it on the news, see how quickly got over the lets holiday in the UK farce. Well said.

  6. I know a couple who have sold their gold to pay this month's mortgage, next month they are selling their car, what the hell comes after that I do not know. He is an out of work builder and she is struggling on a low paid job after losing her public sector job, but don't worry about them Dave, you have a nice time.

    Well said Sue.

  7. Conservatism - Survival of the fittest, for other people's children.

  8. well said sue :)
    If i lose my Incapacity Benefit,next year I'll be around £6000 a year worse off
    I just hope that like others i get to go in the support group to keep it but you can never tell
    It's anyone's guess as to who will come out of these changes in tact and mentally sane

    I had someone round at our house again last week from the DWP as i have had a £5500 overpayment on my incapacity benefit when it should have been paid to my wife on her carers allowance but they mucked that up two years ago and now i have to pay the £5500 back so am appealing as it was there error it's a long long story and i'm not in to writing books but if i could write a book on the DWP it would certainly be a big book of thousands of pages

    I know more about the DWP then they know themselves so I'm told who would have thought that after 30 years of being in the system

    The amount of times that they come to my house anyone would think we were the best of mates such is their strong hold on me

  9. Dear Mr Cameron I hope you are having a great time and do not spoil your holiday thinking about all the benifit cheats who are thinking of killing themselves because of you harsh cut backs
    On the plus side if everyone on IB kill themselves you will have no one else to blame for the state of our once great country

  10. [QUOTE]Anonymous said...

    Dear Mr Cameron I hope you are having a great time and do not spoil your holiday thinking about all the benefit cheats who are thinking of killing themselves because of you harsh cut backs
    On the plus side if everyone on IBO kill themselves you will have no one else to blame for the state of our once great country[/QUOTE]

    Regretfully David Cameron wouldn't even give us any thought i have been in the company of people like him all my life and they are a very odd group of people that you could ever wish to meet

    They just are devoid of any compassion as they had virtually no loving contact with there parents when growing up which is very normal for rich conservatives

  11. I wonder why Labour aren't raising DC's use of taxpayers' money as much as they could. The £20k + p.a. housing benefit he received by way of mortgage interest payments pre the rule changes is an open goal presumably deliberately eschewed.

    Good opportunity re Downing St refurb. - was it necessary to spend so much because it was left in such a terrible state by the previous Govt?

    Clegg is playing a blinder for DC. As a liberal elitist, he'd be happy to see University places reduced (in his ideal, by abolishing fees and paying for that by closing courses and access thereto) The same goal is achieved by raising fees but it sounds unfair to an idealist.

    Likewise, he'd have agreed with Lansley if he could have sold it to his party. He can't, so he's trying to sell "country dissent" to Cameron because he can't think of an argument of his own against the market-isation of health

    Unpalatable explanations for the fact that the Tories haven't lost any suppoort from last May's election (on the face of it ie 37%) are as follows:

    Offering the Aspirational masses the equivalent of 5p off the price of a lottery ticket as a way of joining the elite actually seems to work.

    Offering the general taxpayer the prospect of welfare cuts (without explaining them accurately) seems to work.

    Labour should start by developing rapport with the persuadable electorate, then explain how the elite hang on to money and power, then explain how their new policies might transfer better opportunities for enjoying the nation's wealth from those few who inherit them to those many whose efforts are stymied by the efforts of the elite to stymie them.

    All the best with your struggle Sue, and congratulations on offering a site that seeks to shed light on the results of Govt actions.

    John TT (probably won't remember me - it's been a while!)

  12. `Labour should.... explain how the elite hang on to money and power'.

    Well they're not going to do that are they? With the young Millibands stitching up a nice trust fund deal on their very large inheritance to avoid inheritance tax, it would be a bit embarrassing to make a fuss.

  13. It is particularly ironic given that in August last year Dave was giving us all a lecture about the importance of holidaying in Britain.

    The tourist trade needed us, he said. I suppose it was part of the now-failed big society.

    So, true to his word, he took his holiday in Kernow that year, but you can't help thinking that that may have been because Mrs C was 9 months pregnant (always a good thing to have an obviously pregnant wife when you are going into an election).

    Since them he's been off to Spain twice. Now he's a very very rich man and she is a very very rich woman, so there is no reason why they shouldn't go abroad on holiday, but it might have been a good idea to have thought in advance that Mrs C likes abroad, before preaching at us about holidays in the wind and rain.

    I thought I despised Gordon Brown.... If only I'd known.

  14. I saw that SamCam had been to some kind of rave. I rather hoped the police would find her off her head on ecstasy ... that didn't happen. Pity. She could have hugged a lot of hoodies, and a lot of policemen, and then her husband might have stepped down.

  15. Typical tory. Out of touch. I thoughtwe were in it together dave. I have news for you dave a lotlot of us can no longer afford the essentials let alone bugger off on holidays. Still i reckon it is easy when your spending other peoples money, the taxpayers getting taxed till they squeeal, disabled people having their lives ruined by your cavalier way to disabilities and disabled people. You should feel ashamed of yourself