Wednesday 11 May 2011

The Hardest Hit March - We have a Dream

Today, sick and disabled people take their protest to parliament. Like others before us it is an unpopular protest, opposed with prejudice and division. But we have a dream. This is our dream......

Please watch our video and remember that all civil liberties were won, not gifted.

Share this far and wide - help us to tell everyone what we're marching for today.


  1. Similar persecutions of sick and disabled people can be noticed in all Europe where "there is no money left" but all the European governments squander money for banks , big companies and for wars ?
    The italian minister of the economy Giulio Tremonti affirmed that " this is a Country that has 2.700.000 disabled and 2,7 million of disabled people raise the question if this Country thus can be still competitive ” .
    Many european governments make prestablished calculations in order to cut a predifined pergentage of benefits and therefore to save a prestablished sum of money and then label the sick and the disabled people as fraudsters and fit to work .
    The same barbarities are known in many European States . The italian government of mr. Berlusconi and italian ignorant doctors cut and leaves without benefits persons sick of cancer , persons with severe maniac-depressive psychosis , people with spastic paraparesis of the lower limbs , disabled people with 100% of disability , disabled people on a a wheelchair , disabled people in a vegetative state , persons with thalassemia , dystrophics , cripple persons , etc .
    In Italy , in the medical re-examinations , doctors that breach the medical ethics pretend that the blind people remove the prosthesis in order to prove the truth of their disability and ask tetraplegic women to try to stand up .

  2. Mi dispiace.

    E la storia della Monda in questo tempo.

    Forse, possiamo lavoro insieme per la forza? Forse, insieme, e possibile che loro qui controllare nostre vite va sentire?

    (Mi scusi per le errore!)

  3. And i thought Hitler was dead but thanks to Anonymous it seams he's not just having a rest

    There are still many living politicians like Hitler around the skill here is to flush them out and i believe over the next two years or so they will be caught out by making a private comment as is so often the case which in the past has been their downfall

    The odd off comment here the odd off comment there and then finally bingo they show their true colours

  4. The you tube video clip is very good but am unsure about the background noise I'm hearing ?
    Personally i think it should be in keeping with the speech or silent ?