Monday 9 December 2013

Urgent Request from Scope

Something really important has come up.

It’s about social care, the vital support many disabled people need to get up, dressed, out of the house and live independently. Angela explains well how important it is: "I'm 28, I'm disabled but I want to enjoy life the way any other young woman can. Thanks to social care I have two volunteer jobs, I can go shopping, see my friends."

But more than 100,000 disabled people like Angela could be denied care altogether. Will you speak out right now for social care?

Here’s why it’s urgent.

MPs are about to debate the Care Bill, a once-in-a-generation law that will decide the future of social care. They are meant to represent us, so will you ask your MP to speak out about disabled people being denied care?

Now is a big chance.

All you need to do is tell us why you feel it’s important everyone who needs care can get it. As simple as that. We’ll deliver your message to your MP on a big speech bubble so they hear your voice.

If you get care, know someone who does or simply believe that everyone should have freedom and dignity – please speak out about social care.

Time is running out, so please fill out your speech bubble and submit it by this Monday 9 December. We’ll print them and make sure they get to MPs in time for the Care Bill debate on 16 December.

Thank you so much


  1. Social care is a very important part of the fabric of life. Without social care thousands of people would be left alone and would not be able to survive. To deprive someone of social care is no better than turning off someones life support machine because you didn't want to pay for the electricity. Social care is giving dignity and respect to people who deserve to enjoy the simple pleasures in life that most people take for granted. social care is a support system that makes life much much more enjoyable and worthwhile for people who cannot do some things for themselves in life. Social care is a necessity in a society where everybody gets an equal chance to live as happy and rewarding life as possible.

    1. Sorry, posted my reply on this site before i saw the link and posted in a bubble on the scope website, doh!

  2. I am so sorry that I missed this - Social Care is important - all human beings deserve the very best care that they can get- without it we are condeming many people to the fringes of our society - without care Professor Stephen Dawkin would not be able to do the great work he does - so many would be denied being meaningfully engaged with society. Sorry that I have left it too late. Could say very much more.

  3. Hi Sue! I was reading up on few of your posts and had quick question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks!