Thursday 5 December 2013

The Autumn Statement in 2 Sentences

There are only two things that really need to be said about Osborne's Autumn Statement.

By 2015, the deficit will still be £79 Billion. This from the chancellor - and party - that entirely nearly won an election by promising to "eliminate the deficit".

Debt, which the chancellor promised would be falling by the election, will be £198 Billion more than Osborne planned in 2010. It will be 80% of GDP by the election. It was 52% when Osborne took over

On absolutely every measure that is an abject failure that's caused untold suffering up and down the country.

The Red Cross are distributing food in the UK, the cost of living has risen while wages have consistently fallen.

Many things surprised and dismay me about politics, but the way we've ignored the total and utter failure of Conservatives through the ages to control debt and deficits whilst claiming Labour can't run an economy when ALL the evidence says exactly the opposite over decades totally mystifies me. 

**If any Conservatives take exception to this, spend a few minutes here :


  1. there will be no let up sue that's for sure i think George has made that pretty clear to all

  2. Hmmm, predictably rubbish comes to mind. Conservative ( coalition? ) politicians are beginning to lack imagination. Soon they will have to find better excuses for their financial policies. Then we will know how much they are lying ( if we don't already! ).

  3. They are lying scum, how can these people clain to represent the people, because they do not, and never will.

  4. Because rich people own newspapers and banks and corporations and the Tories represent the rich. Simple answer.

    The Tories have been in power for nearly 4 years now and yet some are still blaming Gordon Brown!!! Goodness gracious, who actually votes for the Tories??? Not the sharpest tools in the box are they, especially the poorer little Englander types, the wannabe toffs in their blue blazers and Right wing attitudes in their sad little Conservative clubs up and down the country. The ones who get nothing out of it but still vote for them must be lacking somewhere.

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