Thursday 5 December 2013

"Ian Duncan Smith - In Deep sh....ambles" - YOU CAN HELP!

Here are the DWP headlines that came to my attention yesterday. IN ONE DAY.

"Suppressed report: welfare reform link to Homelessness and food bank use" Patrick Butler, Guardian

Doube "Cover Up" Over Work Choice Allegations John Pring

Disabled Worcester Mum says Bedroom Tax Move has left her £900 out of Pocket James Connell, Worcester News

Unemployed Gravesend man hanged himself after sickness benefits were cut Khaleeda Rahman, News Shopper

One day.

Today we hear that despite insisting to the Work and Pension Committee, the National Audit Office and everyone in between, Iain Duncan Smith had to finally admit today that it's likely his flagship benefit reform.  Universal Credit will NOT be fully rolled out by 2017. 700,000 people could still be waiting to be transferred. He tried to sneak it out just before the Autumn Statment, but it didn't work. Andrew Sparrow tweeted "IDS wins a special Jo Moore burying bad news award"

As I posted a few days ago, WOW Petition achieved the 100,000 signatures required to trigger a parliamentary debate on the issues it raises.  As you can see above, they are legion.

Every citizen with any compassion can only read the stories above and demand that parliament - on all sides of the house - are held to account to explain themselves. A genuine debate, not a partisan bun fight.

So please, even if you never have before, write to your MP and ask them to call for, and attend, a debate. You can email them here in just a few moments. It doesn't have to be long or clever. It just has to ask for a debate and say that it matters to you.

My instinct is the government don't want this debate at all. And though WOW worked tirelessly for a year to get the required signatures, the government don't HAVE to grant one.

You can make sure they must.

Please contact your MP here


  1. Does this help? > from 2nd December .

  2. Done it. I asked Joan Ruddock to call for debate in main chambers. Trouble is they'll say they already had the ODD on cumulative impact assessment back in July, right?

  3. All politicians are out of touch, because they are in a small building in London somewhere and the rest of us are elsewhere. The whole system needs changing and making fairer. Power, wealth and the BBC and so on needs devolving so we are not constantly run from London and the rest of us can have a say in how we run our lives. The present government are petrified of Scotland and Wales breaking away; do you know why? Because the party or government that breaks away has to appeal to a majority of people and that means left of centre governments. When they do break away, we English may ask for a government that is more representative of us, and not just the posh rich privileged folk in the wealthy parts of London.

  4. Emailed mine, 'James Duddridge' - conservative MP for Rochford and Southeast, it took minutes via the link above :)

  5. As i have always stated it's most unlikely any proper debate will ever take place

    sure there will be a few mp's have a chat mainly labour but that's about it

    As for IDS the complete opposite of the likes of nelson Mandela he in probability will never speak as we already know his views and he's not the sort of person that likes repeating himself so will in all reality will stay away