Saturday 30 November 2013


Thrilled to be able to say that WOW Petition just hit the 100K signature mark to qualify for a  debate in parliament.

It was in the Daily Mirror just moments later. I'll let them tell you......

100,000 sign War On Welfare petition asking for assessment of cuts to the sick and disabled

30 Nov 2013 20:35

The achievement means the issue must be considered for debate in the House of Commons

A hundred thousand people have signed a petition calling on the Department for Work and Pensions to look again at all cuts affecting sick and disabled people.

Led by comedian and campaigner Fracesca Martinez, the War On Welfare or WOW e-petition asks the government to carry out a Cumulative Impact Assessment looking at the overall effect of cuts to sick and disabled people, as well and their families and carers.

It also asks for MPs to be given a free vote on the repeal of the Welfare Reform Act.

Campaigners are demanding an end to the Work Capability Assessment, and an independent inquiry into issues including charges for care homes, ATOS, and the closure of Remploy factories.

They also want to put a stop to "forced work under threat of sanctions for people on disability benefits".

The petition has achieved its target of 100,000 signatures with 12 days to spare before it closed.

Celebrities including Stephen Fry, Russell Brand, Yoko Ono and Bianco Jagger have endorsed the campaign.

This means is now must be considered for a debate in the House of Commons.......

You can read the full article here

Please continue to sign Wow petition here :


  1. Well done!!! People power!!! If they ignore it somehow, then we know that our democracy is a complete sham.

  2. "Power to the people" let's give the 'Nasty Party' food for thought.

  3. It doesn't matter how hard we all work at getting rid of this vile government. The next one will be just as bad. Or even worse. We need a new government of The People for The People. It needs to be run much more efficiently and effectively. Until we all get this. The country will remain a right old mess. I am a realist. We are not going to sort it all out unless we remove these vile sadists. And we all need to imprison them before it all gets out of hand.

    1. Thing is, we've seen what happens when people attempt to make these types of changes, and many of us don't have the necessary bravery. I am, I regret to say, not willing to get beaten and imprisoned at this point.

      Our government is very careful not to drive the majority of the population to desperation and protest, and very careful to exact unpleasant punishment on the minority who do protest, whenever it starts looking powerful.

      As long as it's only a minority being dumped on, more gradual and political means of getting change are the only option.

  4. cherry you are indeed spot on only a balanced trusted group of people could make a difference not only to the UK but the wider world

    this is not likely to happen as people like myself are so few in numbers and in reality it will be for the younger generation to take up on this battle of balance and equality and not the old timers like myself

    There is no place in the world in which David Cameron and IDS could serve the public from their heart and in turn go out of their way to enrich peoples lives' that would never ever happen

    serving the public is a passion and a natural art it is not something you can learn or buy it's something buried deep only in certain individuals and can only come to fruition when they meet in life fellow like minded people and not before

  5. I can only say that I truly hope that this petition will make a difference, but it needs to be a big one. We know a lot of change is needed for the disabled and long term sick benefit payments, the way we are treated, the way we are assessed, the way we are expected to just blend into the background, the way we are continually discriminated against by this damned government!
    We have to stick together and keep making others see just what the likes of IDS is doing to us.
    We need a new party, one of common sense, but do we have enough people who could stand for such a party that would not be swayed by money? I don't know.
    One thing I really am sure about is that I will never, ever bow down and let this government, especially IDS, win!

    1. They have already 'won' but it is a hollow victory for them all.

      '36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?' (Mark 8:36 KJV)

      In other words, to make themselves powerful and wealthy and replete with worldly and material success, they have abandoned their consciences.

  6. this petition will only mean that a discussion will take place in the house of commons to a small minority of mp's

    it will however not change anything as IDS is not that sort of person

    for any change to take place we will have to wait until the next general election and then up to one year for any policy overhaul of which there is doubt if anything will change

    my own personal view is that very little will change apart from the scrapping of the bedroom tax

    should IDS still hold his position as mp and welfare minister there will be no changes at all so the public will need to bear that in mind and engage their brain before voting at the next election and not engage their brain after as they have often done in the past

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